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Beelzebub 132

The king and I.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Nov 11, 2011 14:32 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 132

This is for Red Hawk's use only.

page 1

b1) It's the intruder!
b2) The intruder has made his way inside!!
left of panel) Unstoppable Oga!!
b3) Capt. Xobla!!
b4) Calm down.
b5) We've heard that he's beaten Naga, Graphel and Hecados by himself,
b6) so why is seeing this so surprising?
b7) It's Xobla's fault for not being more cautious.
title) The king and I.

page 2

b1) whoa... 5 pillars together,
b2) Sweet.
b3) Yeah, with this many, he'll...
b4) pfft,
b5) Did you hear that?
b6) his name is "Xobla"!
b7) aih
b8) What a stupid name.
b9) Hey Ass! Are you making fun of one of our pillars!!
b0) He's the eldest son of the Bla family, I'll have you know!!
b1) pffft-ahah! // Stop, you're making my sides hurt! He's "So blah!"
b2) AIH!
b3) From the looks of it,
b4) you're the one that...
b5) let their guard down.

page 3

b1) "Let my guard down"?
b2) When?
b3) Capt. Labed!!

page 4

b1) Super Milk Time.

page 7

b1) You little!

page 8

b1) I don't believe my eyes, 6 pillars, all...
b2) Damn, one of them scratched me.
b3) were taken out by one hit from a human!?
b3) Eek.
b4) R-run for it!!
b5) Or you be killed by the rampaging beast!

page 9

b1) None of you are...
b2) getting away.
box1) Due to his training,
box2) Super Milk Time can now be controlled up to 400cc's.
box3) Put simply, the amount of milk he now drink is only // 370cc's.
b4) 75+5+9=...
b5) It's 89.
b6) That was impressive.

page 10

b1) Taking out 6 of our pillars so easily...
b2) Coming alone wasn't a do or die decision.

page 11

b1) OHHH!!!
b3) A pillar head has come to stop the rampage!!
b4) There were still more out here?
b7) The fight hasn't started, and you're heckling my opponent?
b8) You don't dare call yourselves warriors after that.
b9) Forgive them,
b0) these are the men that Jabberwock brought, and they're not the most respectable.
b1) Jabberwock?
b2) Well, that's enough talk for now.

page 12

b1) In response to your coming here by yourself,
b2) I'll use my full might to kill you.
panel1) What the... // I
panel2) can't move!!

page 13

panel) Man cleaver!!
b1) hiih
b2) WHOA!
b3) You looked directly at my eyes, didn't you?
b4) That's the reason for your loss.
b5) Is that how it works?

page 14

b1) If I look at your eyes, I won't be able to move.
b2) With such a large body, you use some sneaky moves, you know that?
panel) What // IS GOING ON HERE!!?
b3) I'm not the only one who's powered up through // the use of Super Milk Time.

page 15

b1) All you idiots have been going on this entire time saying...
b2) I came alone. Are you guys blind?
b3) I did NOT come alone.
b4) ugh...
b5) The one that's fighting you right now,
b6) is your KING.

page 16

panel) Black tech: Zebul Emblem!

page 17

b1) Get that through your arrogant skulls.

page 18

b1) whoa.
b2) It seems the higher up we go, the less complete the building is.
b3) Is Hilda really being held up here?
b4) Yeah, I can clearly see her, so hurry up!
b5) Guah, yuck! A spider's nest!
b6) Adah
b7) Damn, he's gotten so powerful...

[page 19

b1) Now then,
b2) We have 3 pillar heads, and 8 pillars,
b3) 11 men altogether.
b4) Would you...
b5) still like to take us on?
b6) Damn right!
b7) Shut up!
b8) Just when I finally found a good place to sleep.
b9) What...
b0) You!
b1) hm?
panel) What on earth is he doing here?

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#1. by ontifex (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 11, 2011

Level [C] Translator

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