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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Beelzebub 136

General of the army.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Dec 8, 2011 22:27 | Go to Beelzebub

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This is for red hawk's us only.

page 1

b1) You guys...
panel1) The posse that came running!!
b2) Yo, Oga.
b3) What the hell do you think you're doing coming out here alone?
b4) You'll pay for that.
b5) Damn right.
b6) You're not the only one who's powered up here.
b7) Stop trying to look like you can do everything on your own!!
b8) Yeah, leave us...
b9) a little bit of the action too!!
b0) Wait right where you are, we heard everything from Himekawa.
b1) We'll beat...
b2) this silly game in a flash!!

page 2

b1) And that's the gist of it,
b2) so rest up where you are,
b3) we'll open up that door for you.
right of panel) How reassuring!!
b4) Tsk,
b5) you guys are all...
b6) complete fools.
title) General of the army.

page 3

panel sfx.1) ding
panel sfx.2) ding(x2)
b1) All green!!
b2) Are you serious!?
b3) That was quick!
b4) This can't be...

page 4

b1) IT'S OPEN!!
b3) Oga...
b4) Hey, thanks a lot!! // You guys won all your games, right?
b5) What's wrong?
b6) Nothing...
b7) Nothing you need to worry about, just keep going.

page 5

b1) Gen. Quetzal!!
b2) Aren't you going to go after them?
b3) No I'm not.
b4) ...You mean to tell me, you haven't noticed this energy yet?
b5) huh?
b6) Thi...
b7) Isn't this...?
b8) They've begun to move,
b9) Playtime...
b0) is over.

page 7

b1) What the...
b2) Who the hell is this?
b3) Chiaki!!
b4) Jabberwock.
b5) THAT'S Jabberwock!?
b6) Although I'm seeing him through a lens, I can tell...
b7) this guy is quite dangerous.
b8) So this is the guy that kidnapped Hilda, the enemy's
b9) general of the army!!

page 8

b1) I've put an end to these
b2) silly games.
b3) Lunana.
b4) Sir.
b5) I've broken the "demon words" that Quetzal cast on this room,
b6) you're to take care of what's left in here.
b7) ... as you wish.
b8) Master Jabberwock.
box) Jabberwock's personal pillar // Lunana.

page 9

b1) HE'S GONE!!
b2) Who the hell was that!?
b3) A magician?
b4) Wait, he destroyed the game and just left...!!
b5) Shut up.
b6) Caww, Caww... how annoying.
b7) There's nothing worse than a flock of women.
b8) HUUUH!?

page 10

b1) Wassup,
b2) I go by Rindeblum.
b3) How about you stop playing with balls, and fight me to the death!!
box) Jabberwock's personal pillar // Rindeblum.
b4) Would you look at that,
b5) we were thinking the same thing.

page 11

box) Jabberwock's personal pillar // Kirin.
b1) Are you sure about this?
b2) I truly think, you guys had a...
b3) better chance at winning within those games.

page 12

b4) DAH!
b5) hm?
b6) what's that?
b7) Aih?

page 13

b1) Aih dabuh
b2) ah-eh!!
b3) Oga?
b4) Auh
b5) Mesmerize?
b6) That's right.
b7) Just by getting to the roof, they will be my personal puppets.
b8) I placed my flames at a certain spot on the stairs to the roof.
b9) Basically, it's the subliminal control that everyone talks about.
b0) It's another effect of my flame, "Flash Dance".
b1) All I do is set the rules I want in a limited space, // and once they see that certain rhythm, I'll have them under my spell.

page 14

b1) One of the games that Quetzal made,
b2) used my flames as the base...
b3) But under normal circumstances,
b4) this is how I like to use it.
b5) Now then you two,
b6) why don't you start killing each other?

page 15

b1) ADAH!
b2) Dabuh!! ADABUH!!
b3) Look who we have here!
b4) It's the young master's brother.
b5) I'm quite surprised that you managed to make it this far.
b6) I'm sure your wet nurse would be pleased too.
b7) Oh? She cant' even remember you anymore?
b8) ... auh.
b9) What's wrong?
b0) Would you two start throwing your fists already?

page 17

b1) huh?
b2) What hap...
b3) pened?

page 18

b1) What?
b2) We threw our fists just like you said to.
b3) No way...
b4) You didn't fall under... my spell...?
b5) ...How did you...?
b6) We realized what you were doing from the get go.
b7) We have a VERY talented strategist on our side.
b8) Salamander, I know exactly how you work.
panel) Eat that!
b9) No... way...
b0) hmm...
b1) It looks like you've gotten a little better now.

page 19

b4) Bring it!
panel) The decisive battle!!

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