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Black Clover 2

Magic knight exam

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Feb 25, 2015 05:09 | Go to Black Clover

-> RTS Page for Black Clover 2

Yeah, it's still Gomenasai. Two in one night, all while catching a movie in between. Edge of Tomorrow was playing.

Anyway, here's what you've been waiting for.

page 1

b1) Let's see which of first becomes
p1) An oath between men!!
b2) the sorcery emperor!!
p2) 6 months later.
p3) At the magicknight testing site.
p4) The Magicknights are warlocks. There are 9 orders in all that directly serve the emperor. // They risk their lives fighting for the kingdom. //All the subjects look up to them.

page 2

b1) I'm really getting nervous now.
b2) Whoa ow! What the hell is with these birds!?
b3) They're released at this time only...
b4) guys with less magic get more birds on them.
b5) go away!
b6) Look at that guy.
b7) There are no birds around him.
b8) Oh, // that's him!
b9) The country bumpkin
b0) that was chosen by the 4-leaf clover.
b1) The 4-leaf clover!? seriously?
b2) heh heh heh
b3) This is the first step to one of us becoming the sorcery emperor, Juno.
b4) What?
b5) Did he just say he'd become emperor?

page 3

b1) I'll show you the results of my 6 months
b2) of training-ng-ng-ng-ng!
b4) What's with these damn birds!!??
b5) The hell is that?
b6) Even if he is a bumpkin, that's a bit much.
p1) The aforementioned bumpkin town of Hadge.
b7) I can understand Juno,
b8) but to also send Aster... are you sure that's wise?

page 4

b1) That book he got... // is that really a grimoir?
b2) Not a clue.
b3) what?
b4) Since I don't know, I asked the magicknights to take a look at it.
p1) That grimoir... // It couldn't be...
b5) W-well, I bet you he'll fail and simply return home. // Besides, Juno is with him so he should be fine.
b6) Aster...
p2) Are you really doing well?
b7) Nooooooooo!!! -small print- Leave me alone!!
b8) oohhhhhhhhhhhhh
b9) hm?
p3) They finally left!
b0) I'm sorry for bumping into...

page 5

b1) You wanna die boy?
p1) Who the // hell is this!!? //I'm dead meat!
p2) That look in his eye... // It's the look of a killer!
p3) His neck is thick! // That's not the neck of a warlock!
p4) He's like a giant! // Is he really from this world?
p5) Wait, wait. It's not good to judge someone based on looks. // Besides, he probably looks like that because I'm scared.
b2) Try to be friendly.

pge 6

b1) You look really old for a 15y/o,
b2) what kind of troubles have you gone through?
b3) I guess you really are ready to die.
b4) Oh shit! I was right the first time!
b5) Oh, // there you are.
b6) Yami, // what are you doing over here?
b7) huh? // Just putting some kid out of his misery.
b8) We can't have a captain killing a hopeful. // What are you even doing down here?
b9) I went to take a shit and got lost.
b0) Hey, isn't that...

page 7

b1) Finral Leulaceis? // He uses the rare space (area) magic.
b2) But he likes women so much that it interferes with his work.
p1) You're really cute.
b3) And that's Gordon Agrippa, an expert of hexes.
b4) But he's bad at communicating... in fact, I find him frightening.
b5) Then that means...
b6) the one that they all answer to is him,
b7) Yami Sukehiro the titan.
b8) What are you counting down?
b9) The end of your life.
b0) The captain of one of the magicknight orders, the black sheep's crook.
b1) The black sheep's crook... // They put a higher price on the amount of damage you do, over your actual achievements on the battlefield.
b2) They say that there isn't a sane person in that group.

page 8

b1) That's the one group I don't want to be put in.
p1) Damn, I just had to mess with THIS guy, didn't I? // My head is about to burst!
p2) What are you guys doing?
b3) Our young testers, we
b4) apologize for the wait.

page 9

b1) Ohhhhhhhhh!
b2) Sweet, we get to see all the leaders lined up!!
b3) Captain of the order of the silver winged great eagle, and of the crimson lion...
box1) The captain's each have the power of 100 warlocks.
box2) It's from these 9 that the next emperor is chosen.
b4) It's already starting.
b5) tsk, you were saved by the bell this time, kid.
b6) You better treasure that life that you managed to keep. // If not, I'll kill you.
b7) WHAAAT!?
b8) I'll be taking the lead for this test.
b9) Oh!

page 10

b2) William Vanjans!
b4) He was the one who took the head of the enemy general in the last battle.
b5) I also hear that his men love him.
b6) Ah, I'd love to be selected for the golden sunrise!
b7) Don't be silly, only elites from nobility are selected for that order.
b8) Magic tree descent.

page 11

b1) huh?
b2) WHAT?

page 12

b1) That was freakin cool!
p1) So this is the man that's closest to being the emperor?
b2) weird mask.
b3) Now then,
b4) we will begin the magicknight test.

page 13

b1) We're going to test you on a number of different things.
b2) We 9 captains will be the ones to look over what you're doing.
b3) And when all is said and done, we'll choose who we want for our respective squads.
b4) And whoever isn't chosen by any of us, please understand that that means you've failed.
b5) I'll definitely become a magicknight!!
b6) Your first test is,
b7) to use that broom and fly.

page 14

b1) Anyone who can control their magic should be able to do this on feel alone.
b2) This is the most basic form of movement magic there is to a wizard.
b3) If you can't fly on a broom, you're not worth looking at,
b4) ngguh
b5) Ohhh
b6) WHOA!
b7) oh shit!
b8) phew
b9) With this alone,
b0) we can tell just how much you understand the inner workings of magic.
b1) And this year,
b2) we have some outstanding ones here.

page 15

b1) It's that bumpkin again... // Dammit he's good.
b2) I guess the 4-leaf clover chose him for a reason.
b3) hm?
b4) What's going on?
b5) No matter how low his magic aptitude is, he should be able to get at least a little lift off...
b6) I don't believe this kid!
b7) Yup, there's the first casualty.
b8) What the hell is he even doing here?
b9) You're really funny kid!

page 16

b1) My name is Zeke, what's yours?
b2) My name is Aster.
b3) This is pretty easy, don't try so hard and you'll get it.
b4) Dammit, that's nice.
p1) hmph, // just help me stand out more and more loser.

page 17

b1) And we've come to // the final test of the exam.
b2) This test will be a spar.
b3) Pair up anyway you want, you'll fight it out with whomever you pick.
b4) You can use your grimoir if you want.
b5) By now you must know one or two attack spells, right?
p1) Losing here will prove to be costly. // Who your opponent is really matters.
b6) A magicknight's work is to fight, so show us exactly what you're made of.
p2) This... is bad! // For how poorly I've done, no one will want to fight me!!
b7) I need to fight someone strong to show something to the captains.
p3) No, wait a minute. Wouldn't people be begging to fight me since my magic power is zero?
b8) Aster, fight it out with me!
b9) Zeke...!! // You'd do me the honor of fighting with me?
b0) Of course I will!
b1) He chose the weakest one here to fight against.

page 18

b1) You'll keep fighting until one surrenders or is rendered incapable of continuing. // We have a wizard who is capable of healing, so fight like your life depended on it.
b2) So let's have the first pair step forward.
b3) Let's fight it out like men for the sake of our dreams!
b4) You don't need to try anymore,
b5) you dirty, out of place little rat.

page 19

b1) I'll enter the magicknights and half ass it enough for you too.
b2) You can return to whatever pig pen they let you out of and enjoy the rest of your miserable days there.
b3) Ready? // Begin!
p1) Bronze invention, Zeke Magnum Canon ball

page 20

p1) How do you like my magic bitch? I used my bronze properties to make a bomb that encircles me. So not only do I guard myself, I can attack whenever I want. // Whatever attack you throw at me I'll just defend against and blast you away to appeal to the captain's in attendance.
b1) For someone just taking the test, he has impressive magic.
b2) Doesn't he look like one of those crazy insects from Mimoa Mason?
b3) This is over, there's no way that bumpkin is going to break that with his lack of magic.
b4) Dammit, I wanted to fight that kid too.
b5) Look at his grimoir!
b6) What's with that dirty old grimoir?
b7) He can't even use normal magic?
b8) Why the hell is he even here?
b9) Stupid little slum rat.
b0) No one is going to accept you in their order.
p2) Now, now, I need you to fight to your hearts content to make me look good.
b1) You don't need to hold back, just bring it.
b2) Okay,
b3) I won't hold back.

page 21

p1) He's quick! // Did he use an acceleration spell?
p2) No, he didn't. // It's just that...
p3) His athletic skills are very high!
b1) huh?

page 23

b1) what
b2) the
b3) hell?
b4) ...kah
b5) peh...
b6) what...
b7) just happened?
b8) I don't...
b9) want to be a magicknight just to make some good memories.

page 24

b1) Call me insane, but
p1) That grimoir is...
b3) Oh?
p2) The only one that can beat you Aster, // is me!! // Owned!! Next time, the results of the test!!

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#1. by dyron ()
Posted on Feb 26, 2015
Thank you. Please, Translate Kagami Gami too *--*
#2. by shadow-skill ()
Posted on Feb 26, 2015
I read it and wasn't too impressed, so I'll pass.
#3. by dyron ()
Posted on Mar 1, 2015
It's ok, thank's ^^
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