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Beet the Vandel Buster 27

Pierece through!! The sea demon.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Dec 24, 2008 02:53 | Go to Beet the Vandel Buster

-> RTS Page for Beet the Vandel Buster 27

Fiiiive Golden Rings!! 4 calling... anyway, its not golden, neither is it a ring of any sort, here's the last release of 2day. 2 more 2morrow, and maybe 1 on thursday.

page 7

title) Pierce through!! The sea demon.
b1) An airplane!!
b2) This is an airplane, // right!!
b3) Amazing, this what a real one looks like.
b4) Why is it out here?
b5) What are you doing? This isn't the time to be admiring a plane!

page 8

b1) You've got guts... // To raise your hand to the vandel king of these waters, Bareas-sama!!
b2) Fine,
b3) If you want to die that badly, I'll grant your wish.

page 9

b1) Hnn!!

page 10, 11

b1) My entire body is like an armoury.
b2) I can make weapons of any size and shape!!
b3) Regret crossing me as I make you into a beehive.

page 15

b1) Its nice that your whole body is an armoury...
b2) But what's the point if everything is that blunt?
b3) What big words...
b4) Just because you can use a saiga...
b5) However!!

page 16

b1) After taking my Ocean's Emperor,
b2) can you say the same line?

page 17

b1) AAAhh!!!?

page 19

b1) tsk
b2) Is that all?
b3) If that last one was your trump, then all of your weapons are blunt.

page 20

panel1) N-no way!? None of my weapons worked? // Are these guys some amazing team?
b1) What group...
b2) are you guys from?
b3) We're the Beet warriors.
b4) If your next questions starts "where"...
b5) The answer is Enchlus.
panel2) Beet Warriors!!? // I've never heard of them! And I always make sure to take a mental note of the dangerous warrior groups out there.

page 21

panel) And Enchlus is the boondocks... // There's no way something like this is...

page 22

b1) Ha...
b2) hahaha.
b3) I... I got it.. You guys are pretty amazing.
b4) Beet warriors, // I wont ever forget that name.
b5) You make it sound like you're going to live to see another day.
b6) D-don't say something so cold. // I forgot myself when I saw that delicious looking airplane. // You humans also have to eat dont' you? // Right!!?

page 23

b1) You guys eat for a different reason than we do right?
b2) I've heard that the Night Snipers you brought with you eat metal to make weapons and bullets.
b3) What are you going to use all those weapons and bullets for anyway?
b4) Well, of course...
b5) to put holes in you humans like...
b6) I thought so!

page 24

b1) Ohh!!
b2) G-good going. // Everyone!!
b3) Retreat!!
b4) We're getting out of here!!

page 25

b1) Ha- hahahahahaha! // Remember this well you shitty little kids!!!
b2) The humans on the closest island will be the sacrifice for what you've done today!! // 100 or 200 wont be enough to supress my anger!!!
b3) This will all fall on your head!!!
b4) Hahahahaha!!!

page 26

b1) You vandels are all the same.
b2) You only care about your own greed and dont' give a single thought to the humans you're oppressing.
b3) Taste a // little of...

page 27

b1) Our pain!!!

page 32

b1) Whoa, whoa.

page 33

b1) My aim has gotten a lot better,
b2) with this guy too!

page 34

b1) nice job Beet.
b2) Yeah.
b3) That vandel was a 5 star, but you beat him so easily.
b4) Does that mean we've gotten that much better? // since our fight with Grinideh.
b5) Probably.

paeg 35

b1) Gahahaha!
b2) You guys were pretty good out there.
b3) You killed that shitty vandel!!!
b4) Especially you!!
b5) You were electrifying out there!!!

page 36

b1) Its just like you said...
b2) After being oppressed by them time and time again, what we felt...
b3) Its been a few decades...
b4) That I've felt this relieved!!!
b5) Really!!

page 37

b1) Across the ocean is hell... // Vandel like that shitty pirate are all over the place!!
b2) When we get there, keep up the same tension.
b3) HUH!!? // Does that mean you'll transport us on your airplane!!?
b4) I'll never let you feel me up!!
b5) Don't worry, its true that my eyes only see breasts, but // I'm more weak to passionate guys!!
b6) I'll take all of you over to Bellcatorte!!!
b7) Hahaha.
b8) Thanks sir.

page 38

b1) Ah! // The airplane is already here!!
b2) Milfa!
b3) hm?
b4) What's this?
b5) Did somethng happen again?

page 39

b1) Oh... // Ohhhh
b2) Hi, sir!
b3) How are you?
b4) B-boing-chan!
b5) I've been waiting for you!
b6) You're friends are really nice guys. // I like them.
b7) Of course you wont go breaking your promise right!!
b8) Huh?
panel) Its not like you've forgotten. come on, come on. // What are you talking about?
b9) What does Milfa plan on doing now?
b10) What a hyper old man.
b11) Of course he's more into breasts than passionate guys.

page 41

b1) You're telling the truth right!!
b2) This time is the truth right!!
b3) Yup, yup, when we get to the other side, // they're all yours!
panel) She's just playing with him...
b4) Alright!
b5) Since that's the case, let's fly at full speed!
b6) Sorry, there arent' enough seats.
b7) You guys don't fall off now.

page 42, 43

b1) Ohh!!
b2) This looks like a lot more fun!!
b3) Yahoo!!!!

paeg 45

b1) yo.
b2) sup.
b3) You've powered up again.
b4) To the point where its just creepy.

page 46

b1) What's the point of having a body that powerful?
b2) Do you plan on picking a fight with the gods?
b3) If there really was a god, maybe he could get my blood boiling, // right?
b4) Your thirst for battle is endless... // You're the biggest standout amongst all vandels.
b5) I'm normal, // the vandel weirdo is you, // Noah.
b6) Wasn't there something you wanted to ask...
b7) The vandel who claims to hate fighting.

page 47

b1) Although each Vandel's personality is different, there's one thing common among us all.
b2) And that's that we were all born to fight.
b3) Seirously... // I'm amazed YOU of all people were able to get 7 stars.
b4) I didn't get these because I wanted to.
b5) I was just fighting to protect my own life, and I ended up like this...
b6) I must look like an easy target.
b7) To both Vandel and humans...
b8) The guys who can't tell your fearsomeness by just looking at you are fools.

page 48

b1) Beltose... // You don't think anything of it?
-beltose sounds like the hispanic name Jose.
b2) What happens after you become an 8 star vandel.
b3) All I know is that an 8 star is the Vandel's ruler...
b4) What comes after that, no one knows.
b5) The only reason you're so scared of the unknown is because you're too damn smart.
b6) The "unknown" is the greatest motivation!

page 49

b1) Its surprising just how much we don't see eye to eye.
b2) I seriously wonder how I became friends with a guy like you. // Even now that question plagues me...
b3) Fu // hahahaha!
b4) Noah, its because we're polar opposites that we attract!
b5) What we lack in ourselves, we find in each other!

page 50

b1) Come on now, don't get so mad.
b2) I have a favor to ask as a friend.
b3) If you want another phantom to pass the time with, have the Dark V.I.P. guys make it for you...
b4) From that reaction...
b5) you don't know yet...

page 51

b1) A handwritten invite from Shaggy.
b2) I hear its being given to all the 7 stars.
b3) what?
b4) It looks like he's starting up something interesting again,
b5) that sly little rabbit.

page 52

b1) What kind of country is Bellcatorte?
b2) The world's largest industrial country...
3b) Airplanes, boats, cars... they used to invent all kinds of vehicles.
b4) 'Used to'?
b5) Now the marine vandel's have started to gather there...
b6) They eat metal, drink oil... those types of vandels and monsters have made Bellcatorte their home!!
b7) Because of that, travel for humans' has dropped. // This is one of the few airplanes.

page 53

b1) We probably can't do it anymore... // go back to the time when we were all full of energy.
b2) That's not // true sir!!
b3) I'll bet there are other people who stubbornly trying hard like you are.
b4) So long as we beat the vandel's, the good ol' days will return!!

page 54

b1) I've changed my mind!
b2) Before we go to Gransister, let's take care of things there.
b3) I call it the "Bellcatorte clean up plan"!
b4) Hahaha! // You're talking big again boy!!
b5) But I don't mind hearing things like that!!
b6) In his case, he's dead serious // isn't he?
b7) Most likely.
b8) Whoa!!!

page 55

b1) Its a warship tortoise!
b2) You wouldn't believe how many ships and airplanes we lost because of them!!

page 56

b1) WHOAA!!!
b2) We can't fly this way anymore!! // I'll have to take a detour!!!
b3) Wha!! He jumped off!!
b4) What does he plan on doing?
b5) He's already into it... // The Bellcatorte clean up...

page 57

b1) Now lets get the cleaning started!!

page 58

b1) Commissioner Tarrots...

page 59

b1) The superintendent has been here all day, which is rare...
b2) Huh!?
b3) You mean?
b4) That's right!
b5) He's been summoned by the boss.
b6) Listen well... live out today like you're an ant under a rock in a giant forest.
b7) The boss sees everything, hears everything, feels everything. // Just like the almighty God!!

page 60

b1) and // that's everything I have to report.
-if he's an almighty god... y does he need a report from 1 of his henchmen??

page 61

b1) I've already sent out all the invitations to the 7 star Vandels around the world.
b2) That is correct.
b3) I'll make sure everything procedes the way you want it to.
b4) Our great lord,
b5) God of our creation!!

page 62, 63

b1) Darkness eyes.
-looks like the boss of majora's mask

page 64

b1) Yes, // please look forward to it.
b2) Just who will be the one to pass the other Vandels and become the first 8 star!!?

page 66

b1) The supreme ruler of the sky!!
b2) Sky king* Baron?
*note- sky is normally how 'tenkuu' is translated, but in this sense it has a 2nd meaning. This title is given 2 those who r the best at what they do, usually fighting. like Gouki (Akuma) from Street Fighter, he has the "ten" heavens kanji on his back 4 that very reason.

page 68

b1) The king of the hot sands!
b2) Unmovable Garonewt?

page 69

b1) Or will it be the champion who wont move from the Cue-rock mountain range...
b2) Will the tragic ruler Beltose finally move?

page 70

b1) Or will it be that one?
b2) No, no... // maybe him?
b3) This is just too exciting!
b4) Please enjoy the show!

page 71

b1) Using that boy (Beet) as the sacrifice...
2b) The dark era's // greatest climax is going to begin!!

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Posted on May 13, 2009
I wanna read this manga but I don't seem to find vol 6... It will be great if someone can post it or pm me..
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