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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

One Piece 401

One Piece 401 (English)

+ posted by shinwei as translation on Feb 25, 2006 05:01 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 401

One Piece
Chapter 401: Pirates VS CP9
By Oda Eiichiro
Translated by Shinwei

Page 01 (Color Double Page)

Bottom Left: 第401話:「海賊VSCP9]
Chapter 401: Pirates VS CP9

Page 2

Luffy: huff
Luffy: I'm finally here
Luffy: huff
Luffy: I had to go up and down so many stairs

ルフィ:ロビーン!! お~~~い!!! おれだぞ~~!!
Luffy: This looks like the right room...
Luffy: But no one's here...!!
Luffy: ROBI-N!! HE-Y!! IT'S ME~~!!

ルフィ:。。。そうだ!でも あいつらの行き先わかってんだから。。。。!!
Luffy: That hat bastard..!!
Luffy: Wait! I know where they're headed...!!

Luffy: All I gotta do is head for the "Gate of Justice" too!!

Page 03

ゾロ:ロビン手錠の鍵。。。もってんだろ、 敗れる前に渡すか?
Zoro: You have the key right? How 'bout you hand it over before someone gets hurt?

Kaku: Stupid question...
Kaku: Back at the Galley-La HQ
Kaku: I was disappointed that I didn't get to see your true ability
Kaku: Who would've thought you pirates would chase us all the way here...

ゾロ:あの時より数段強ェんで。。。 気ィつけろよ
Zoro: I'm a lot stronger than I was then... be careful

Kaku: I can see that
Kaku: Your flow of "ki"...
Kaku: It feels like that of a demon...

Page 04

Kaku: It gives me the chills..
Kaku: ..However,
Kaku: My swordsmanship is unmatched in the [CP9] ...don't underestimate me

Zoro: Nitouryuu (two swords) eh?

Kaku: Rankyaku!

Page 05

Kaku: Sorry but,
Kaku: I have four swords

Zoro: No problem
Zoro: Your entire body is a weapon already anyway.

Page 06

Zoro: "Seventy-two"...

Kaku: "Rankyaku"...

Page 07

Zoro: "Pound Cannon"!!!
Kaku: "Hakurai (White Thunder)"!!!

Kaku: [soru]

ZoroSFX: kuru

Page 08

Kaku: Hm...

Page 09

Kaku: ...wahaha
Kaku: This is fun

Zoro: I don't have time to enjoy this

Kaku: Then you'll have to bring me down quick!!

Kaku: [Rankyaku]

Page 10

Kaku: "Ran (riot)!!!

ゾロBG:。。。。。!! こうも斬撃を自在に。。。。。!!
Zoro(BG): .....!! That's a lot of slashes...!!
Zoro: Uwaaaaaa!!!

Zoro: huff

Zoro: huff

ゾロ:。。。。。。てめェ おれをナメてんのか
カク:いやァ。。。 さすがじゃ。。。。。。。。
Zoro: .....quit going easy on me
Kaku: You sure live up to your name...

Kaku: If you're in that much of a hurry, then I guess I'll waste no more time in showing you my new ability

ゾロ:何!!? 何だ
Zoro: W..what the!!?

Page 11 (taken from Jojohot's chinese edit)

Sogeking(THINK): 这房门也。。。
Sogeking (THINK): This room is also...

Sogeking(THINK): 装饰得太过分了吧。。。。。!
Sogeking(THINK): 跟外边的庭园都没区别
Sogeking(THINK): 哎呀不管那么多了!
Sogeking(THINK): 现在最重要的是罗宾手铐的钥匙
Sogeking(THINK): way too decorated..!
Sogeking(THINK): ahh whatever!
Sogeking(THINK): I just need to get the key to Robin's 'cuffs
Jabura: ZZzzzzz....

Jabura: ZZzzzz...
Sogeking(THINK): 就是那个钥匙!
Sogeking(THINK): which is right there!!!

Page 12 (taken from Jojohot's chinese edit)

Sogeking(THINK): 不要犹豫!!
Sogeking(THINK): 拿了那个钥匙就跑
Sogeking(SFX): tip tip
Sogeking(THINK): No time to hesitate!!
Sogeking(THINK): I'll grab that key, then I'm outta here

Sogeking(THINK): 只要达到目的就行不战而胜!!
Sogeking(THINK): 嗯!! 我可是幸运王!!
Sogeking(THINK): At this rate, I can win without fighting!!
Sogeking(THINK): Heh! I must be the king of luck!
Sogeking(SFX): tap tap... tap tap...
Sogeking(SFX): Heartbeat

Sogeking(THINK): 啊!!?
Sogeking(THINK): Huh!!?

Sogeking(THINK): 公鸡。。。!!
Sogeking(THINK): A rooster..?

Sogeking(THINK): 完了完了!! 这玩意根安静是最不沾边的了怎么会在这裹!?
Sogeking(THINK): Crap! Roosters and silence are polar opposites! Why is it here?!

Sogeking(THINK): 它要是叫了我就完了 叫了那人就起来了
Sogeking(THINK): 要被他发现我就死定了!! 不行!!
Sogeking(THINK): If that thing starts making noise...
Sogeking(THINK): That guy would definitely wake up!

Sogeking(THINK): 喂!你Y不许看我
Sogeking(THINK): 你是不是橡胶? 你不是真的想叫吧
Sogeking(THINK): 你要是想叫你要告诉我啊
Sogeking(THINK): 不过你最好还是不要叫了~
Sogeking(THINK): Hey! Why are you staring at me?
Sogeking(THINK): Are you going to cluck? Your not really going to cluck are you?
Sogeking(THINK): If you're going to cluck, be sure to tell me.
Sogeking(THINK): But it would be better if you just didn't cluck~
Notes: Sogeking is breathing hard, so come up with a good panting SFX to fill in those little bubbles with.

Page 13

Chicken: chun (the sound a sparrow makes)
Sogeking: That's not a cluck!!!

Jabura: Hm?
Sogeking: Ack

Jabura: ........oh
Jabura: The pirate is here

Sogeking (THINK): Oh crap..!!
Sogeking (THINK): You stupid bird!!!

Jabura: Well then, let's have some fun

Jabura: DOA!!!
Sogeking: hibee!!!

Page 14

Jabura: fuaa

Sogeking: He's... strong...!!

ジャブラ:はは。。。ぎゃははは お前が来たか
Jabura: Haha...gyahahaha it's you!
Jabura: You're the guy who shot down the flag...
Jabura: You got a pretty good shot!

ソゲキング(BG):.....ね。。。。 寝起きの一発の威力かこれが。。。。。!!
Sogeking (BG): H..he just woke up! Why does this hurt so much...!!

ジャブラ SFX: しゅるっ
Jabura: Sorry for the half-assed attack
Jabura: It hurt, didn't it?
Jabura SFX: shuru (I'm not sure if this is a drip or a slurp)

Jabura: But don't worry...

Sogeking: Eh!!?

Page 15-16

Jabura: Despite my looks...
Jabura: I don't really like torturing people
Sogeking: Uwaaaa~!!!
Note: The tattoo on Jabura's chest says: WOLF

Sogeking: D...
Sogeking: Devil's Fruit!!?

ジャブラ:”イヌイヌの実” モデル「ヲルフ」!!!
Jabura: "Inu Inu no Mi" Model: WOLF!!!

Jabura: I'll just rip out your throat and that'll be it
Jabura: You won't feel any pain, alright?

Sogeking: A wolf...

Sogeking(SFX): GRIP

Sogeking: huff
Sogeking: huff

ジャブラ:何だ。。。 戦る気か? 強そうにはみえねェが。。。
ソゲキング:何だろうが やるんだうるせェ!!! 。。。おれはロビンを助けに来たんだ!!!
Sogeking: D..dammit!!!
Jabura: Hm? You wanna fight? You don't look very strong...
Sogeking: Shut up! I don't care! I came here to save Robin!!

Jabura: Hm?

ソゲキング:うわ!! 天井が!!
Sogeking: Uwa! The ceiling!!

Sogeking: It's collapsing!!

Page 17-18

カク:うわっ!! いかん!!
Zoro: Uwaa!!
Kaku: Uwa!! Uh oh!!
Sogeking: A... a giraffe!!?

Kaku: I meant to stop halfway...
Kaku: But I transformed all the way instead!!

Sogeking: A talking giraffe fell from the ceiling!!!

ジャブラ:カク!!! お前のその能力サイコーだ!!!
Jabura: gya~hahahaha!!!
Jabura: Kaku! I love your ability!

Zoro: Is that a wolf?
Zoro: What is this place...
Zoro: A zoo?!

End of Chapter

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#1. by xallisto ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2006
Do you ever stop :P

Thank you so so so much :)

and is this meant to be 401 lol
#2. by Galth ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2006
Thanks, you're really busy today aren't you! ^^, adding the link in the OP 401 thread if nobody did yet...
#3. by Hermie ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2006
Thank you very much. That deserves a couple of Ossu!'s. ^_^
#4. by xallisto ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2006
It certainly does Ossu'ed
#5. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2006
Zoro: Is that a wolf?!
Zoro: What is this place..?
Zoro: A zoo?!

My sentiments exactly!!!

Thanks for the translation, shinwei. Hope we can get a better RAW for you to look at for the two blurry pages, seemed like that was an amusing sequence we kinda missed out on.
#6. by xallisto ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2006
i made an attempt to clean up the text on that page.

although it proved pretty much impossible, i got it a little better.

#7. by shinwei ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2006
I translated the chicken pages using Jojohot's chinese release. The translation is now complete.
#8. by Miso ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2006
Wow! Thanks shinwei :clap!

That's so wonderful that you translate OP! :hug

I love this series and am very grateful that you help me understanding this!
#9. by shinwei ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2006
I never thought I'd have to translate some pages in Japanese and some in Chinese. Guess knowing both comes in useful in these situations.
#10. by Miso ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2006
That's really awesome that you can speak both languages :o!
#11. by njt ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2006
Great job. Also just so you know, you don't have to create threads in here and the weekly translation area. Those translations will be moved over here when the week is over and a new chapter comes out :).

In other news, Amazing being able to translate from the Chinese and Japanese. はっきり言って、驚いた :o
#12. by Hermie ()
Posted on Feb 26, 2006
Yeah, thanks, great job! :amuse
#13. by Galth ()
Posted on Feb 26, 2006
Shinwei is a hero :tem i've seen quite a few sudden translations popping up the last few days ;)
#14. by 4ghost ()
Posted on Feb 26, 2006
Wow impressive being able to translate using both the japanese and the chinese. Really appreciated thank you,
#15. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Feb 27, 2006
You really are multitalented. Thanks.
#16. by njt ()
Posted on Feb 27, 2006
I can go out and buy the newest jump this week and write out the japanese for you if you'd like :D (unless it's a huge spoiling chapter then I'd have to say no... ) :p
#17. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Feb 28, 2006
It probably would be a huge spoiling chapter, NJT :P

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