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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 414

One Piece 414 (English)

+ posted by shinwei as translation on Jun 22, 2006 13:52 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 414

One Piece
Chapter 414: Sanji VS Jabura
By Oda Eiichiro
Translated by Shinwei
Proofread by Ivotas

Page 01 Title Page

第414話 "サンジVSジャブラ"
Chapter 414 Sanji VS Jabura

All of the text inside the art is just advertisement for the One Piece anime and movie.

Page 02

Panel 1



Panel 2

Jabura: ........!!


Panel 3

Nami: サンジ君っ!!

Nami: あの状態からどうやって
How come you're OK now?

Panel 4

Sogeking: .........!!

Sogeking: huff

Sogeking: (サンジ…!!)

Panel 5

Sanji: 天からバスタブが落ちてきて呪縛が解けた
A bathtub fell from the heavens and my curse was lifted.

Sanji: 湯をかぶったせいだろう
The hot water probably did the trick.

Panel 6

Sanji: それよりナミさん…
But more importantly, Nami-san...



Page 03

Panel 1

Sanji: また!!! ホレ直しちゃったんじゃないのーっ!!?
Do you love me more than ever now!?

SFX: ehuhoy ehuhoy

Nami: バスタブが当たればよかったのに
I'm starting to think it would be better if the bathtub landed on you instead.

Panel 2

Sogeking: huff.....!! ......!!!

SFX: drip drip

Panel 3

Nami: "鼻ップ"!!

Sogeking: ウムとうとうそげキングと一字も合わなくなったか
Ugh, now these names she calls me don’t have any Sogeking in them at all anymore.

SFX: huff huff

Panel 4

Sogeking: ゲホ…!! …ハァ…ハァ…
*cough* huff... huff..

Sogeking: す…すまないサンジ君…ハァ…
Sanji-kun, I'm s.. sorry...

Sogeking: おれは…
It looks like...

Panel 5

Sogeking: …!! やっぱりおれには
...it was... impossible... for me... after all..

Panel 6

Sanji: …命がありゃいい
It's a good thing you're still alive.

Sanji: 誰にでもできる事とできねェ事がある
Everyone has things they can and can't do.

Panel 7

Sanji: 2人とも…外を見ろよ
Both of you take a look outside.

Nami: ....?

SFX: woo...

Page 04-05

Panel 1

SFX: rumble rumble...

Nami: !!?

Panel 2

Sogeking: ......!!

SFX: huff huff

Sogeking: Eh...

Panel 3

Nami: "正義の門"が!!!
The Gate of Justice..

Nami: 開こうとしてる…!!
it's... opening..!!!

Panel 4

Sanji: …あの門が開いて…ロビンちゃんが通過しちまったら
If we let Robin-chan go through that thing when it opens,

Sanji: その先の海は
the first thing she'll see...

Sanji: おれ達には渡れねェ海王類の巣
...is a Sea King breeding ground that there's NO WAY we can sail through.

Sanji: さらに奥には「大監獄」「海軍本部」
And beyond that lies the Great Prison and the Marine HQ.

Sanji: 直にロビンちゃんはおれ達の手の届かねェ場所へ行っちまう!!!
Pretty soon, Robin-chan will be taken to a place out of our reach, right before our very EYES!!

Panel 5


Nami: そんな…
Does that mean...

Nami: ルフィは間に合わなかったの!?
...Luffy didn't make it!?

Page 06

Panel 1


Panel 2

Spandam: さァ…来い!!!
Keep moving!!

Spandam: 来いってんだよ!!! 橋へ出るんだ!!
Don't make me hurt you!! We're almost on the bridge!!

Robin: うゥっ…!!!

Panel 6

SFX: woo

Page 07

Panel 1-2


Franky: huff

Franky: 間に合うのか!?
Am I gonna make it!?

Franky: huff

Panel 3

Franky: 3番と
I sure hope..

Franky: 4番の錠の鍵で…
...that one of these two keys is it!!

Franky: ニコ・ロビンを解放できりゃいいが
'cuz that would sure save us a lot of trouble.

Panel 4

Franky: とにかくあいつらを
Well, I still gotta get my butt over there anyhow,

SFX: putputputput

Franky: 必ず止めるんだ!!!
I can't let'em get any closer to that gate!!

Panel 5

SFX: woo...

Panel 6

Kokoro: チムニー急ぐんら!
Hurry up, Chimney!

Kokoro: この塔も砲撃を受けちまうよ!!!
This place ain't safe no more either!!

SFX: glug!

Chimney: 待ってばーちゃん道標書いとかなきゃみんなまよっちゃうよ!!
Hang on, ba-chan! I have to draw these markers or everyone will get lost!!

Gonbe: ニャー ニャー
Meow meow

Panel 7


Panel 8

Sanji: 状況は…
This is...

Sanji: 最悪だ
The worst possible situation.

Page 08

Panel 1

Marine: おい!! 乗せてくれよ!!
Hey!! Let me on!!

Panel 2

Marine: ムリだ!! 海列車は満員だ!!
Sorry, but the sea train just can't hold anymore!!

SFX: waaaaaaaaa

SFX: wa- noo- wa-

Marine: 離れ島から船を回せー!!
There should be more ships on the separate island!!

Panel 3

SFX: woo...

SFX: wah- wah-

Panel 4

Zambai: てめェ!! 妙に落ちついてやがると思ったら!!
You sneaky little..!! I thought it was weird that you were so calm!!

SFX: wah- wah-

Zambai: 自分のロープで縛られたフリしてたのか!!
You had your own ropes untied the whole time!?

Paulie: スキを伺ってたんだ
I was waiting for a chance to act.

SFX: klak klak

Zambai: フランキーのアニキは!? 麦わらさん達は!?
What about Franky-aniki!? What about Straw-Hat-san and his crew!?

Paulie: あの人達ァ無敵だ!! おれ達に心配される様なタマか!!
Those guys are invincible!! We don't need to worry about them!!

Panel 5-7

Marine: 急いで島を脱出するぞー!!!
Get a move on!! We don't have much time left!!

Marine: ウオオオ
Yes, sir!!

Battleship: 司法の島エニエス・ロビーへ
All ten battleships,

Battleship: 軍艦10席出航完了致しました
Have now departed for the Judiciary Island of Enies Lobby.

SFX: WHooOoooOoooOOo

Page 09

Panel 1

Sanji: 最悪の事態には
In situations like these,

SFX: waaaaaaaaaa...

Panel 2

Sanji: 必ず相応のチャンスが眠ってるもんだ
there definitely lies an opportunity to turn it all around.

Panel 3

Sanji: こいつの鍵はおれに任せろ
Leave this guy's key to me.

Sanji: お前にできねェ事はおれがやる
I'll do what you can't do.

SFX: woo

Sanji: おれにできねェ事をお前がやれ!!!
And you do what I can't do!!

Sogeking: ....

Panel 4

Sogeking: !?

SFX: huff huff

Panel 5

Jabura: ぎゃっはっはっはァ!! 選手交代かァ!?
Gyahahaha!! What is this, a tag-team match!?

Jabura: おれァ構わんぞ!!
That's fine with me, bring it!!

Panel 6

Sanji: よく考えろ
Think carefully.

Sogeking: ......!!

Panel 7

Sanji: 状況を読め!!!
Read the situation!!

Page 10

Panel 1

Sanji: お前がいればロビンちゃんは必ず救えるんだ!!!!
With your help, Robin-chan will definitely be saved!!

Panel 2t

Sanji: ウソップ!!!

Usopp: !!?

Panel 4

Jabura: AWOOO-!! (wolf's howl)

SFX: OOOOOOOOOO (more howling)

Sogeking: …おれが!?
With... my help..!?

Panel 5

Jabura: 「剃」
Soru (shave)

SFX: hyu-!!

Panel 6

Sanji: 行け!!!

Panel 7

Nami: う!! うん!! ウソップ!!
O... OK!! C'motn Usopp!!

SFX: put put!

Usopp: いでで痛ェ!! キズが!!
Ow ow ow!! My wounds!!

Page 11

Panel 1

Jabura: 「テッカイ拳法」
Tekkai Kenpo

SFX: snikt

Panel 4

Jabura: "狼弾"!!!
Ookami Hajiki (wolf bullet)


Sanji: !!!

Panel 6


Page 12

Panel 1

SFX: wooo...

SFX: krumble

SFX: step step

Jabura: ム~フフフ!

Panel 2

Sogeking: そうかわかった
That's it, I've got it!

Nami: え!? 何!?
Eh? What?

Panel 3

Sogeking: わかった!!わかったぞ!!
I've got it, I've got it!!

Nami: ちょっと狼に狙われるでしょ!!?
Keep it down, we don't wanna attract that wolf's attention!!

SFX: hmm?

Jabura: ....

Panel 4

SFX: There they are!

Jabura: ぎゃはは… やっぱ殺しとくか
Gyahaha... Guess I'll kill them too.

Panel 5


Jabura: !!!

Page 13

Panel 1

SFX: crumble crumble ...!!

SanjiFX: step...

Panel 2

SanjiFX: ssupuff

Panel 3

JaburaFX: crumble...

Jabura: ......!!

Panel 4

JaburaFX: SNIKT!

Panel 6

Jabura: 「十シガン」!!!
Juu Shigan (Ten Finger Bullet)


SanjiFX: swiff

Page 14

Panel 1

Sanji: "トロワジェム"
Troisième (third rate)

SFX: pat..!!

Panel 3

Sanji: "アッシ"!!
Hachis (ground meat)

Panel 4

Jabura: 「テッカイ」!!
Tekkai (iron mass)!!


Panel 5

Jabura: ふぬ!!!

SFX: snort..

Panel 6

Jabura: く…

SFX: woo...

Page 15

Panel 1

Jabura: (なんだァ!? コイツの蹴りは…!!!)
(What the..!? Where did this guy learn to kick..!?)

SFX: huff huff

Jabura: 効くかァ!! バカめ!!!
That didn't hurt at all, loser!!

Panel 2

Sanji: …厄介だなァお前らのその…
That iron body technique thing you guys keep doing...

Sanji: 鉄の様になる体技!!
...is a pain in the butt!!

Panel 3

Jabura: 「ラン脚」 "孤狼"
Rankyaku "Korou" (Storm Leg "Lone Wolf")

JaburaFX: byu-!!

Sanji: !!



Panel 4

SFX: woo!!

SanjiFX: hfu-...

Panel 5

Jabura: !

Panel 6

Sanji: "バース・コート"!!! "ロンジュ"!!
"Basses Côtes" (ribs)!! "Longe" (loin)!!

Jabura: !!?

Sanji: "タンドロン" "フランシュ"
"Tendron" (back ribs)!! "Flanchet" (stomach)!!

Sanji: "カジ" "クー"
"Quasi" (rump)!! "Queue" (tail)!!

Sanji: "キュインー" "ジャレ"
"Cuisse" (thigh)!! "Jarret" (hock)!!


Jabura: .......!!

Page 16

Panel 1

SFX: fwoo...

Panel 3

SFX: hyu-

Panel 4

Sanji: "ヴォーシュット"!!!!
"Veau (calf) Shoot"!!!


Jabura: 「テッカイ拳法」!!!
Tekkai Kenpo!!!


Panel 5

SFX: KSSSSSST (sliding on the ground)

Panel 6

Jabura: お!! …お前の蹴りなど効かんと…
Like I said, these little kicks of yours...

ClawFX: snikt snikt

Page 17

Panel 1

Jabura: 言ってお"朗牙"!!!
...don't hurt at all! "ROUGA" (wolf fang)!!


Sanji: うお!!!

Panel 2

Sanji: .......!!!


Panel 3

Jabura: ぎゃーっははは効いただ朗牙!! 「テッカイ拳法」"朗牙の構え"!!!
Gya-hahaha!! How did you like my Rouga!? The Rouga stance is a specialty of my Tekkai Kenpo!!

Jabura: 全身に「テッカイ」をかけたまま動けるのは六式使いの中でおれ一人だけだ!!!
Out of all rokushiki practitioners, I am the only one who can move freely while using tekkai!!

Panel 4

Sanji: "ドゥジェムアッシ"!!!
Deuxième Hachis (second rate ground meat)!!!

Jabura: !!?

Jabura: 「テッカイ」!!!
Tekkai (iron mass)!!!


Page 18

Panel 1


SanjiFX: step..

Jabura: !!

Panel 2

Sanji: huff huff

Sanji: …効いた様で効いてねェのか…!?
Did that hurt him? It's so friggin' hard to tell!!

Panel 3

Jabura: 天晴だ…お前の様な男を…
Your kicks... they were magnificent... I've been waiting for a very long time...

Panel 4

Jabura: おれァ待ってた…
...for a man like you!

Sanji: !?

Panel 5


Panel 6

Jabura: …助けてやってくれねェか…
Can I count on you...

Jabura: ロビンの奴を…
...to save Robin for me?

Sanji: え?

Sanji: 何言ってんだ…!? お前
What the hell are you talking about!?

Panel 7

Jabura: …黙っていたが…ロビンは…
I haven't told anyone about this before, but Robin and I...

Jabura: 昔生き別れた
...we were separated at birth.

Sanji: …

Panel 8

Jabura: おれの実の妹なんだ!!
She's my little sister!!

Sanji: …!! 何だと…!? ホントかよ!!!
..what!? Are.. are you serious!?

Page 19

Panel 1

Sanji: …知らなかった…!! そんな話した事ねェから…
I.. I had no idea..!! No one ever told me...

Jabura: ムリもねェ… だが事実だ
I don't blame you, but it's the truth.

Jabura: どうかロビンを…
Please save her...

Panel 2

Sanji: よし 任せろわかった! この鍵は
Yosh! Leave it to me!

Sanji: 受け取って必ずロビンちゃんを
I'll make sure this key finds its way to Robin-chan at all costs!

Panel 3

JaburaFX: grin

Panel 4

ClawFX: snikt

Panel 5

Sanji: ってそんなわけ
Did you really think...

Panel 6

Sanji: ねェだ"朗牙"!!!!
...that anyone would fall for that load of wolf-crap?!!

Jabura: ゴベブ!!


Translation Notes

This is the pun of the chapter, and a pretty much impossible to translate one at that. In Japanese, it's a very common slang term often added to the end of a sentence to add a LOT of emphasis.
For example, the first time Rouga was unveiled in this chapter, was by Jabura, who says: "Omae no keri nado kikan to itteoROUGA!!" which literally translates into "Didn't I already tell you? Your little kicks don't hurt at all!" Here, the rouga is not only the name of his attack, but also part of the sentence he is speaking, in which it has a "DIDN'T I ALREADY TELL YOU!?" kind of meaning.
At the end of the chapter, Sanji turns the joke around by saying: "sonna wake nai daROUGA!!" which literally translates into "there's no WAY that's true!!" Here, Sanji uses rouga to both enhance the power of his sentence, AND to make fun of Jabura's attack.

Sanji's Attacks
They're all French. Thanks to Silveril looking up the words in a bunch of French culinary dictionaries, we were able to figure them out.

End of Chapter

Rules: No scanlations without my explicit permission

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