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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

One Piece 423

One Piece 423 (English)

+ posted by shinwei as translation on Aug 20, 2006 04:45 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 423

One Piece
Chapter 423: The Myth of the Mermaid
By Oda Eiichiro
Translated by Shinwei

Page 01 Title Page

第423話 "人魚伝説"
Chapter 423 "The Myth of the Mermaid"

Page 02

Panel 1

SFX: waaaaaaaahhh...

Marines: うわァ~!!!

SFX: wah-

SFX: wah-

SFX: gyah-

Panel 2

Luffy: ぶほっ!!


Panel 3


Luffy: ちぢ…むーボホー

Panel 4

SFX: zwooooooosh


Page 03

Panel 1

Luffy: ぶあっ!!


Panel 2

SFX: whoooo...

SFX: krumble..

Panel 3

Luffy: ....!!

Luffy: huff..!! huff..!!

Luffy: あ… 危なかった!!
Ah.. that was close!!


Panel 4

Luffy: huff...

SFX: ugh

SFX: huff..

Luffy: 何で味方の軍艦の撃つんだ!?
Why did they attack their own ship!?

SFX: huff..

Luffy: バカかあいつら…!!
Are they stupid or something?

SFX: whoooo...

SFX: wah- wah-

Luffy: huff..

Panel 5

Luffy: でもまた縮んじまった… "3"はすげェ面白アイデアで
But I shrunk again... and MAN, "3rd" is such a cool idea!

Luffy: 強ェんだけどその反動がやっかいだな…
It's really strong, but this drawback is a pain..

Luffy: huff...

Page 04

Panel 1

Luffy: huff..

Luffy: 一分くらい膨らんでたから…!!
I went big for about a minute...

Luffy: たぶん一分くらい縮んだままだ…!!
So I'll probably be small for a minute too!!

SFX: patpatpatpatpat!!

Luffy: 元に戻るまで隠れねェと殺される!!
I better hide until I'm back to normal so I don't get killed!!

SFX: huff...

Panel 2

LuffyFX: patpatpat...

Lucci: ......

SFX: poot poot

Panel 3

Lucci: 真剣なのか… フザけてんのか…
I can't tell if he's being serious or just fooling around...

LucciFX: poot poot

SFX: wah- gyah-

Lucci: 結局は生きている…
but he DID manage to survive..

Panel 4

Lucci: …まァあんな砲撃で死んで貰っても
Well, it's a GOOD thing he didn't die from that attack.

Lucci: 興醒めだが
'cuz that would've ruined all my fun.

Panel 5


Page 05

Panel 1


Panel 2


FrankyFamily: 本当前門が見えたぞ!!!
I can see the front gate!!

SFX: wah- wah-

FrankyFamily: もう少しだ!!
We're almost there!!

SFX: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh


Panel 3

Zambai: 急げ~!!!

Panel 4 (flashback)

Kokoro: おめェの大好きなフランキーが今
Right now, your buddy Franky...

Kokoro: トムさんと同じ様に
..is being taken away.

SFX: wah-

Kokoro: 連れてかれちまったんら
By the same people that took Tom-san away!!

Yokozuna: GERO..!!

Panel 5

SFX: wah-

SFX: woo

Panel 6

Yokozuna: GEROOOO..!!

Kokoro: 一緒に来るかい!!?
Will you come wit' us!?

Page 06

Panel 2

Spandam: ワハハハハハハ!! おい!! 見たか!?
WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Did you see that!?

Spandam: たった今あの軍艦で暴れてた麦わらが!!
Straw-Hat decided to go wild on that ship over there..

Spandam: コッパ微塵だ!! ワハハ ザマァ見ろ!! お前らの船長は死んだ!!!
..and he got blown to smithereens!! WAHAHA!! He got what he deserved!! Your captain is DEAD!!

Robin: .....

Panel 3

Franky: オイオイ…
Oh man..

Franky: 海兵ごと撃ちやがった…!!
The marines shot their own people..!!

Panel 4

Spandam: これが!! おれが発動した"バスターコール"の力!!
THIS is the power I summoned, THIS is the Buster Call!!

Spandam: これが正義だ!! カティ・フラム!!!
And THIS is justice, Cutty Flam!!

Spandam: さァ!! ニコ・ロビンをこっちへ引き渡せ!!
Now, be a good boy and hand over Nico Robin!!


Spandam: そうすればお前の罪を消してやってもいいぞ!!
Do that, and I can get your crimes pardoned!!

Panel 5

Spandam: だいたいなぜ お前がその女を守ってやる必要がある!!
And why're you even helping that woman out in the first place!?

SFX: shudder shudder

Panel 6

Spandam: 海賊でもあるめェし!!
You're not even a PIRATE!!

Spandam: お前は!! お前ら凡人共を日々守ってやってる世界政府よりも!!
Are you trying to tell me that you trust HER, a dangerous woman carrying the blood of Ohara..

Spandam: そのオハラの血を引く物騒な女を信用するってのか!!?
..over the World Government that exists to protect the lives of you civilians!?

Spandam: 我々に逆らえばお前もトムと同じ様に
Think about it!! Remember what happened to Tom when he opposed us?

Page 07

Panel 1


Spandam: 死ナバス!!!
He dieNABASU!!!

Marines: 長官殿ーっ!!

Panel 2

Spandam: ぼほ!!

Spandam: も…もう顔面はれるトコないぞ
Th..there goes the rest of my face.


Panel 3

Spandam: .....!!

SwordFX: SHING!!

Spandam: ぐぬ!!!

Spandam: huff huff..

Panel 4

Marine: 象剣 "ファンクフリード"を抜いた!!
It's out!! The Elephant-Sword, "Funkfried"!!


Marine: アレは強ェぞ!!
That'll do the trick!!

Panel 5

Spandam: (いいか…!! ファンクフリード後々抵抗できねェ様に…!!)
(Listen up Funkfried, Nico Robin's guard is down. Now's our chance..!!)


Spandam: (今油断してるニコ・ロビンに致命傷を与えろ!!)
(Take her out, make sure she won't be unable to oppose us EVER again!!)

Panel 6

Spandam: くらえ!!!


Franky: !

Page 08

Panel 1

Spandam: "エレファンと・チョ~ップ"!!!

Funkfried: BROO!!

Franky: !!

Robin: !


Panel 2

Robin: え

Panel 3

Franky: ......!!

Franky: この!!!
You little!!

Panel 4

Franky: ぬああああ!!!



Panel 5

Marines: ........!!

Marines: あァ…!!

Panel 6


Franky: どこまでも
I've never met anyone..

Panel 7

Spandam: .....!!

Spandam: 止めた!!
He stopped it!!

Panel 8

Franky: 救えねェ野郎だ…
..as hopelessly pathetic as you.

SFX: drip... drip...

Page 09

Panel 1


Funkfried: !!!

Spandam: ファンクフリード!!! てめェ象のクセになに力負けしてやがる!!
FUNKFRIED!! You're an ELEPHANT for crying out loud!! How could you lose in a battle of strength!?

Panel 2

Franky: この鼻を元に戻せ…象!!
Okay Mr. Elephant, I want that nose of yours back to normal... NOW!!

Funkfried: BROO

Panel 3


Franky: 眉間に砲弾ブチ込まれたくなかったらな!!!
If you don't want me to shoot this here cannon right into your face, I suggest you do as I say!!

Panel 4

Spandam: そこで暴れて斬り裂いちまえ!!!
What are you doing!? Let'em have it!! Cut them to pieces!!



Franky: よォしそれでいい… 利口だ
Good boy... you're smarter than you look.

Panel 5

Franky: ニコ・ロビン
Nico Robin,

Franky: 麦わら達はここへ来るか?
will the Straw-Hats come?

Panel 6

Robin: ......

Robin: 全員… 必ず!!
Yes.. ALL of them!!

Panel 7

Franky: おれはあいつらに全てを賭けたと言ったハズだぞスパンダ!!
I thought I told you, s-PANDA, I'm bettin' EVERYTHING on those guys!!

Spandam: 何をォ!!?
Yeah, so!?

Page 10

Panel 1

Franky: まさかこんな日が来るとは思わなかった
I never thought this day would come.

Franky: あの日のおれに力があったら
Back then, if only I were a bit stronger.

Panel 2 (flashback)

Kokoro: 我慢しなよおめェら… トムさんに救われたんだ
Endure it.. you two were saved by Tom-san.

Kokoro: あいつらを敵に回しちゃ命がいくつあっても足りゃしねェ!!
If you make enemies outta them, it won't matter HOW many lives you have!!

Yokozuna: GERO!!

Panel 3 (flashback)

Franky: 止まれ海列車ァ!!!


---End Flashback---

Franky: 何が何でもトムさんを奪い返したかった…!!
I didn't care about anything. All I wanted was to get Tom-san back!!

Panel 4

Franky: エニエス・ロビー不落の神話を知る者達の…
It is said that Enies Lobby is an impregnable fortress.

Franky: 世界政府の強大さを知る者達の!!
The size and strength of the World Government is common sense!!

SFX: whoo

SFX: kabooom

Franky: その常識を麦わら達はことごとくくつがえし進む!!!
But in spite of all that, the Straw-Hats just keep moving forward!!

Panel 5

Franky: 仲間一人の為に誰一人躊躇なく世界を敵に回す!!
For the sake of their crewmate, they didn't think twice before making an enemy of the world!!

SFX: kabooo

SFX: kabaa..

Robin: ....

Franky: 胸のすく思いだ…!!
Seeing them makes me happy from the bottom of my heart!!

Panel 6

Franky: 今日までおれはトムさんの死を忘れた事はねェ!!
To this day I haven't forgotten about Tom-san's death!!

Franky: あの役人のバ顔が頭をよぎる度に…!! いつか奴を
And that ugly face of the guy who caused it.. I never got it out of my head!! I always wished that one day..

Funkfried: BROO!

Franky: ひねり潰してやりてェと願ってた!!!
..I'd be able to beat the living daylights outta him!!

Spandam: おい待てバカ!! やめろちょっと
W..wait!! S..stop!!

SFX: putputputputputputput

Page 11

Panel 1


Franky: こんな風にな!!!
Just like THIS!!!

Funkfried: BROO!!

Spandam: ほがァ~!!!

MaskFX: krakrakrak!!

Panel 3

Spandam: ...........!!

SFX: klak klak..

ElephantFX: GAK!!

Panel 4

Franky: あいつらのお陰で…
Thanks to them..

SFX: klak klak...

Franky: おれは思いを遂げた!!!
I got my wish!!!

Page 12

Panel 1

Franky: "ウエポンズ左"!!!

SFX: rat-tat-tat-tat

Marines: !!

Marines: AAGH!!

Marines: GYAHH!!


Panel 2

Franky: おれは昔一度死んだ男 麦わら達が生きてここを出る為なら
I'm a man who's died once already. In order to let the Straw-Hats escape alive,

Franky: この命を投げうっても構わねェ!!
I'll gladly give up this life of mine!!

Franky: 護送船を空け渡せーっ!!!
Hand over the convoy boat!!

SFX: whoooooooo

Franky: あいつらの逃げ道はおれが作る!!!
I'll make them a way out if it's the last thing I do!!!

Panel 3

Robin: 私もやるわ! もう大丈夫
I'm helping too! I'm fine now.

SFX: wah- gyah-

Franky: ん!?

Panel 4 (flashback)

Saulo: ロビン行け!!
Go, Robin!!

Robin: やだ!!

Robin: 海には誰もいないよ!!
There's no one out there!! All my friends are here!!

Panel 5

Robin: オハラとは… あの時は違うもの…!!
It's different now, different from back then, on Ohara..!!

Robin: 恐がる事なんて何もない!!
I have nothing to be afraid of!!

Robin: 私はもう …一人じゃないから!!
Because I am not alone anymore!!

Page 13

Panel 2

WallFX: BAAM!!!

Luffy: !!!

Panel 4

Luffy: …うぎ

SFX: krumble..!!

Luffy: み… みつかった…!!
He.. he found me!!

Lucci: バランスの取れねェ戦闘力だな…
That style of fighting lacks balance.

Lucci: 甘んじて受けるべきだそれがさっきのパワーと
So now you have to deal with this drawback. It's the price you pay,

Lucci: 引きかえのツケならば
in exchange for that kind of power.

Panel 5

Lucci: "生命帰還"
"Seimei Kikan" (life return)

Panel 6

SFX: shrink...

Lucci: 「紙絵武身」
Kamie Bushin (paper painting battle form)

Panel 7

Luffy: !

Luffy: く…

Page 14

Panel 1

SFX: hyu...!!

Panel 2

Lucci: 「シガン」
Shigan! (finger bullet)


Luffy: !!!

Panel 3

Luffy: うわァア!!!


SFX: krak krak

Panel 4

Lucci: 結局貴様のフザけた攻撃ではおれは…
In the end, all those stupid tricks of yours didn't hurt me at...

SFX: fwap!!

Lucci: !

Panel 5


Luffy: べげ!!

Panel 6

SFX: hop

Luffy: ゲフ!!

Lucci: 残念だが… そのマヌケな姿のまま
I'm sorry, but while you're still stuck in that ridiculous form...

Luffy: あが!! は… ハサまった!!
AGH!! I'm.. I'm stuck!!

Luffy: やべェ
Uh oh!!

Lucci: 死ぬ!! 麦わら
..I'll have to KILL you, Straw-Hat!!

SFX: step!

Panel 7

Lucci: 「シガン」
Shigan (finger bullet)


Lucci: "斑"
"Madara" (speckles)!!

Panel 8

Luffy: う…!! 戻れ体!! 早くっ!!
Ooh!! Turn back!! C'mon!!


Luffy: 早く!! 殺される!!
Hurry up!! He's gonna kill me!!

Page 15

Panel 1


Lucci: !!?

Panel 2


Lucci: な…!!

Lucci: (さっきのダメージが足に!!)
(The damage got to my legs!!)

Panel 3

Luffy: お

Luffy: 戻る!!
I'm growing!!

SFX: ghughughu

Luffy: 戻る!!
I can feel it!!

Panel 4

SFX: klak klak..!!

Lucci: .....!!

SFX: huff... huff...

Panel 5

Luffy: 見ろお前!!
Well? Look at that!

Lucci: !

Panel 6

Luffy: ちゃんと
My attacks...

MouthFX: grin!!


Luffy: 効いてるじゃねェか!!!
...are workin' just fine!!

Page 16

Panel 4

SFX: glublubgublubub

SFX: glubub

Panel 5

Zoro: (…!!!)

Zoro: (何か手はねェのか!!!)
(There's gotta be SOMETHING I can do!!)

Panel 7

Sanji: (何かしねェと!!)
(Gotta do something!!)

Sanji: (このままじゃ全員溺死だ!!!)
(Or else we're all gonna drown to death!!)

Panel 8

Sogeking: (ここまでかおれの人生… 畜生!!!)
(So this is it huh? The end of my life... dammit!!)

Sogeking: (結構楽しかったけど… まだ生き足りねェよ!!!)
(It was fun.. but there's still so much I wanted to do!!)

Panel 9

Chimney: (もう息がもたないー!!!)
(Can't hold breath... any longer...!!)

Gonbe: (ニャー!!!)

Panel 10

Nami: (苦しい…!!)
(Can't breathe..!!)

Nami: (…!! 目の前が)
(Everything's... going...)

Panel 11-13

Nami: (暗くなる… 助けて…)
(..black... help.. someone...)

SFX: glublub

SFX: glub

Page 17

Panel 1-3

Kokoro: 大丈夫!!
Don't worry!!

Kokoro: 気をしっかり…!!
Hang in there..!!

Kokoro: 死なせはしない!!
I won't let you die!!

Panel 4

Zoro: (何だ!? 何が起きてる!!?)
(What!? What's happening!?)

Zoro: (何かに体を引っぱれてる!!)
(I'm being pulled by something!!)

Panel 5-7

People: !!!

SFX: glub glublub

Panel 8

Sanji: (ああ あれは 夢でも見てるのか…!!?)
(Ah, I think I'm dreaming..)

Sanji: (きっとそうだ…)
(that must be it..)

Panel 9

Sanji: (海にて溺れる船乗り数人…)
(It has long been said that when sailors are about to drown..)

Sanji: (薄れゆく意識の中で見る優美な尾ヒレ)
(in their fleeting consciousness, they will see the elegant tail of a fish.)

Panel 10

Sanji: (見上げると海に揺蕩う長い髪…)
(When they look up, they will be greeted by the visage of long, flowing hair..)

Panel 11

Sanji: (その姿美しく夢幻を… 見るかの様な)
(A being so beautiful that it must have came out of a fairy tale.)

Panel 12

Sanji: (人魚伝説…)
(The myth of the mermaid..)

Sanji: (…どうか夢ならこのまま)
(If this is a dream, please do not let me..)

Page 18-19

Panel 1

Everyone: !!!?

SFX: glublub

Sanji: (醒めな…)
(wake u...)


Kokoro: 特急で行くよ!!! しっかり息を止めときなァ!!!
Here we go, folks!! Make sure ya hold that breath!!


Kokoro: んがががが!!!


Panel 2-9


Everyone: (ジュ…)

Everyone: (ジュ…!!)

Everyone: (ジュゴン!!!?)

Translation Notes

Dugong - Mermaid
It is said that sailors in the old days would mistake dugongs and manatees for mermaids. Here, the Straw-Hats are mistaking Kokoro the mermaid for a dugong, sort of a reversal type humor.

From Wikipedia:
It has been widely suggested that manatees or dugongs could be behind the myth of the mermaid. These large aquatic mammals are notable for the way in which they carry their young, cradled in their arms much as a human would carry a baby. It is possible that sailors seeing these unfamiliar beasts for the first time, would assume that they had in fact stumbled across some sort of humanoid species, and consequently spread their accounts of the sightings through their homelands on their return from voyages. It has even been posited that the traditional image of a mermaid with long flowing hair could be attributed to manatees breaking the ocean surface underneath patches of seaweed, and giving the unfamiliar observer the impression of having long hair.

End of Chapter

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