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Beshari Gurashi 1

The School’s King of Laughter

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Apr 18, 2009 06:24 | Go to Beshari Gurashi

-> RTS Page for Beshari Gurashi 1

**I'm picking up this series as well since it looks like no one has worked on this in the past. Thanks c_k for the recommendations!

Beshari Gurashi


Vol. 1 The School’s King of Laughter

A: Ohh I remember when Hitomi-chan confessed her love for me in the fall of my senior year!

B: Yeahh I remember, you dated her for some time didn’t yah?

A: And when I’d get ready to go home she’d come over...

B: Heh // "were yah waiting for meeee!?"

A: That’s not my Hitomi-chan!

B: Wait, you’re not talking about the one in class-C?

Audience: hahaha

B: There’s a Hitomi-chan like that in class-C! I swear it!


A: Dude! I’m talking about the cuter one! You know? // so I’d be getting ready to leave! // and she says “What do you want to do Kei-chan? Do you want to have dinner here?”

Audience: Haha

B: Your mom is also a “Hitomi” isn’t she!?


Vol. 1 The School’s King of Laughter


Wow shit! // noo it’s Tamaki! // Stop him!

Look it’s Tamaki-kun! // he’s so hot! // Tamaki-kun! // go get em! // you’re hot!


Writing on the dirt: laughter

Writing on the dirt: 1) Someone kicks the ball → super catch → my pants miraculously fall down → laughter
2) someone kicks the ball → super catch → I run into the goal with the ball and make a scene → laughter
3) someone kicks the ball → super catch → but it turns out to be a shoe → laughter

Keisuke: Number 3 is the funniest…

Go! // there he goes! // Keisuke!

Keisuke: But, number 2 is the only possible one…


Keisuke: HUH!?

What are you doing!? // it hit him in the face! // GYAHAHAHA

Tamaki: Sorry, Agatsuma…

Keisuke: Ugggghhh wait, they’re laughing…

Hey Keisuke, that was on purpose wasn’t it!? You could have dodged that…!!

Woah Keisuke! Your nose! It’s bleeding!

Keisuke: What!?


AHAHAHAHAHA // it’s bleeding horizontally! // what the hell is that! // GYAHAHAHA

Keisuke: Wha? Bleeding? Horizontally…? // woah… // wow… // a miracle… // OooOooohh!! I knew it…the God of laughter is within me!

It’s time for // Keisuke&Akihiro’s lunchtime show!


K: Hey Aki, listen to this

A: What?

K: I got hit in the face with a soccerball today

Classmates: haha

A: I know! You did it on purpose!

K: No way! I can’t do something like that on purpose!

A: The nose bleed was pretty funny though

K: Gyahaha it was totally a moment when the God of laughter came down on me

A: Keisuke, can ya please stop fooling around during phys-ed? // we’ve never beaten team-B because of you

K: You idiot! Guys that own the skill of laughter are the most popular guys in this world

A: In which world!?


K: Oh good one, Aki!

A: Yeah…?

Classmate Girls: AHAHAHAHA // hahaha // what’s Agatsuma-kun saying, popular guys are the good-looking ones! // like Tamaki-kun // and they have to be smart and athletic and…kyaaaa // he’s every girl’s dream // kya kya


Tamaki: Hm?

Girl: I made too many sandwiches… / would you like some…

Tamaki: Really!? Seriously? // thanks!

Classmate Girls: Hey, you can’t betray us! // I’m not!

Bullies: Heh // shit


K: Oh yeah, speaking of nosebleeds!

A: Yeah!?

K: My nose started bleeding the other day when I was jerking off!

A: Hey!

K: I didn’t know which one to…

Classmates: Hah // eww gross // huh? what happened to the sound?

Notebook: Dirty jokes are forbidden! I’ll kill you!!

K: Hey don’t turn it off! // Hey!

A: Hey, the chief looks pretty mad!

Koyasu: Nana-chan…

Nana: No, Koyasu-kun! Leave the sound off!


K: “Jerking off” is borderline in the safe zone! // Koyasu! Turn the mic on! // I was about to tell a story about my masturbation life…

Nana: Koyasu-kun! Turn on the music!

Koyasu: Is the “Warai no mon” (gate of laughter) theme song okay?

Nana: It doesn’t matter!

Classmates: They changed it to music // ohh no I bet Nana-chan is mad, she hates dirty jokes // gyahaha

Nana: Okay, you’re done

K: Wait, it’s only been 1 minute! // you promised us 5!

Nana: I told you I’d shut you off the second you said anything perverted! // I can’t put my guard down with you


K: I joined the broadcasting club just for this! // what if the entire school is saddened because they’re deprived of my jokes!?

Nana: Who the hell do you think you are!?

K: Who the hell am I? // you should know I am // the laughter’s school… // the school’s king of laughter! // aaaah I screwed up the most important part!

A: Gyahahaha

Nana: Are you an idiot?

Koyasu: hehehe Keisuke-kun is so funny // even though he can be kind of a dope…

K: The laughter’s school…oops // the king’s school… // the school king…


A: Let's go Keisuke

K: Tsk I still have lots of work to do! // I gotta do something really funny… / shit, I want to be laughed at!

Tamaki: Even though this sentence says “had to” // it’s different from using “must” // it’s because this says “have much to eat” and it comes before the “much”…

Girls: Oh yeah! // you’re so smart Tamaki-kun! // thanks!


Girls: Thanks for the help! // I’ll do anything you say in return! // kya kya // kya kya

A: He’s so popular…shit…

K: Heh, what a loser

A: Oh?

K: So what if he’s smart and athletic // and tall and handsome… // and nice and welcoming… // AAAAHH marry me Tamaki!!

A: HUH!?



K: I’ll satisfy you, Tamaki-chaaaan oh…they’re laughing!
I’ll work you out every night!

Girl: Ahahaha ewww

Tamaki: Heh

K: keep going! Think of something funny!
Who does soft SM on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays! // no way!

AHHAHAHAHA // so funny! // ahahahaha // Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are for soft SM! // Why!? Haha

K: Yess! They love it! Gyahaha // This moment is so…gratifying…!


Nana: Heyy don’t give him ideas! // he’ll only make dirty jokes from now on!

Girl: Oh, Nana

K: Woah // sorry! I won’t say penis!


Nana: Keisuke! // wait a minute Keisuke!

Girls: Wow…Nana-chan has it tough

Tamaki: Tsuchiya Nana…chan…


Tamaki: …what…?

Nana: I’m sorry

Tamaki: wait…! // uh.. // I… // ever since… // what… // why…


I’ve been…rejected…me…? // shit…so Nana-chan likes…

Hey Tamaki


Bully: You’ve been acting all smug these days haven’t yah // just cuz you’re a little popular with the girls

Tamaki: No…not really… // heh…

Bully: What?

Tamaki: Hey uh… // don’t you want me to introduce you to some girls?

Bully: What!?

Tamaki: There are so many girls that will listen to what I say, I can fix things up for you...


Tamaki: Heh… Agatsuma…I’ll show you…! It’s for making Nana-chan interested in you…! I’ll punish you…!!

Koyasu: hehe

Bully: Hey, are you the one who always plays that weirdo theme song?

Koyasu: What’s going on!?


K: WHAAAAAT!? // the equipment is broken so we can’t do the lunch time show!? // seriously!?

Nana: Really?

Koyasu: Yeah… // it’s going to take some time to fix…

K: Nooooo my main event of the day!

Bully: It’s a favor for someone // he doesn't like that Agatsuma’s jokes are laughed at // so he’s asking you to stop doing his annoying lunch time shows // you’re the one that handles all the equipment right?

Koyasu: But..


Bully: And you, stop laughing at Agatsuma’s stupid jokes too // got it?

Koyasu: I’m sorry Keisuke-kun…!

K: Ughhh shit

A: There isn’t anything we can do!

Nana: Yeah

Classmates: blah blah // blah blah // hey that’s crazy // gyahaha // I am so getting an au (cell phone) // what? you tape soap operas? // kyahaha


K: Shut up // I’m on the phone! // ahem // wow you’re the real thing, I’m getting nervous // wait, really!? Someone like me…? // this is live right now, right!? // Yes, I’m okay, I’ll go to the Fuji TV studio alta at lunch time // no not at all… // I don’t have anything to bring you…yes… // IITOMO*!! (yes I can)
* A popular phrase spoken by all upcoming guests for the show “Waratte Iitomo”




A: Why are you talking to Tamori*! / Ahahaha // there’s no way!! // hah…
* Host of the show

Hahahaha // AHAHAHA // huh…? // it was pretty funny… // wait wait wait…huh!?


Bully: You guys laughed at Agatsuma’s joke didn’t you?

Classmates: Huh…!? // no we…

Bully: Didn’t I tell you not to laugh, no matter what? // we’re the ones that will face the consequences!* // don’t laugh!
*if the classmates laugh, Tamaki won't introduce girls to the bullies

Classmates: UGGHH // we got it! // sorry! // Uhhgghh

K: Owww // what is this // my face hurts // it hurts so…


K: Ow… // hey // wait a minute // listen up, I have to tell you something!
alright…I feel a fart coming…

Girls: What…? // let’s just go…


Tamaki: Achooo

Girls: Haha Tamaki-kun…

Tamaki: Uhh my nose is funny

K: this guy did it on purpose to get them to laugh…


No…there’s no way… // anyway, what is it!? Why doesn’t anyone laugh at my jokes…!? // and there’s my fart now! // ...they didn't even hear it!

Tamaki: Heh I know what tortures you the most, Agatsuma // not having a single person laugh at you…! // you’re worthless now // suffer, you loser, suffer!


K: AAAAAH shit // what’s going on! // they used to laugh at me all the time! // did I lose it!? // what changed so that I’m no longer funny!?
what if I did…lose it? // or what if everyone’s laughter was always forced…
No, there’s no way! // ohh noo my cool hairstyle…

Bully: Hey

K: Huh?


K: GUWA // what was that for! // who the hell are you!?

Bullies: Stop saying those dumb jokes // we’ll take care of you so you never want to make another one again

K: What!? // try me asshole!


Koyasu: WAAAAH! // Keisuke-kun!

K: Am I Yabuki Joe in the last episode or something…? // shit…who the hell were they… // I don’t get it…!

Koyasu: could it be…?

K: So I never want to make another joke ever again…!? // whaaaat!?


Teacher: Today’s phys-ed for class A and B is // a softball game


Bully: heh

Koyasu: It’s gotta be them… // who’s asking them for this favor… // there are so many people that were beaten up for laughing too…


Tamaki: Heh… he’ll never make another joke again…

K: OH NOO I made a mistake!!

A: WHaaat!? // GYAHAHAHA what is that! // it’s your sister’s isn’t it!?

Koyasu: Keisuke-kun…

Classmates: Heh // don’t laugh! They’ll kill you…! // I know! I know but… // haha // crap!


K: Hey LAUGH!! // you know I’m funny!

HAHAHAHA // maybe you’re scaring them!

K: AAH Shit! // you all should die!! // You should die, even if you just bought JUMP but haven’t read One Piece or Naruto yet!! // You should die, even if you still haven't used all your new year money you saved up since you were a kid!!

Hah // hah… // gyahahaha

K: Die! Even if you left your porn in your DVD player! / I hope your parents find it!

Hah… // hehe..

Tamaki: Shit… // he doesn’t give up…

One two // three four // five six // seven eight

A: URRYAA // Yeah, run! // Waaaa

One two // three four


K: Oh man // I guess I’m just not funny! // no! impossible! // I’m a genius! // maybe it’s just not getting across to them! // wait wait wait // I don’t know…!

Koyasu: Oh no… // Keisuke-kun is in trouble… // I should probably apologize… // but what should I say… // wow // uhhhm


K: Koyasu, you’re a fan of comedy right?

Koyasu: Huh!? // uh…yeah

K: Am I really…that unfunny?!

Koyasu: Huh!? // no…no! you’re really funny! // I bet you could become a professional comedian! // really! // Keisuke-kun…!?


K: Of course I am!

Koyasu: Wha!? What?!

K: Shit, then what the hell…

Koyasu: Umm… // actually… // we’re all being threatened not to laugh at your jokes…

K: Wha…

Koyasu: Uhm…


Koyasu: You’re not going to ask…by who…?

K: Shut up…it doesn’t matter who… // shit…

Koyasu: Huh?

K: Shit! // The two things I'm devoted to in my life are my hair style and my jokes! // If I can’t make everyone laugh, it means that my skills are not at that high a level…

Koyasu: Keisuke-kun…

K: Alright now, just watch! // I will get them all laughing!


K: Hm…? // that’s Tamaki

Koyasu: That’s the girl’s locker room…! // what’s he doing… // what!?

Tamaki: heh… // let’s see…


Girls: Seriously? // yeaaahh it’s terrible // he suddenly told us that we have to date these two losers in class B // I mean…we want to help Tamaki-kun but… // and I don’t even get why we’re not supposed to laugh at Agatsuma-kun’s jokes? // he said it with such a scary expression

Nana: What…?

Girls: I mean…I’ll do it because I don’t want him to hate me… // some guys aren’t laughing at Agatsuma-kun’s jokes anymore either // I wonder if it has to do with Agatsuma-kun’s injuries…

Tamaki: Here it is


Tamaki: This is Nana-chan’s skirt…

K: Did you see that…?

Koyasu: I did…

K: Wait a minute… // is he… // planning to dress up as a girl and get people to laugh at him!?



Koyasu: Wait, that wasn’t a funny joke…

K: I knew that sneeze the other day wasn’t a coincidence… // he’s trying to be funny now on top of being smart and athletic… // wait a minute…!

Koyasu: No…I don’t think that’s it…

K: That asshole! // What does he think he knows about comedy!?

Koyasu: Oh man // he’s such an idiot!


Tamaki: heh // Nana-chan’s skirt…I wish I could steal it but then I’d just be labeled as a hentai… // so instead, you shall be treated as a hentai…
Agatsuma! // hehe // she’ll hate you…!

Koyasu: I knew something was weird…


Koyasu: I knew it… // now I know for sure… // it was all Tamaki-kun…

Girls: Kya kya // kya kya // what’s wrong Nana?

Nana: Hm? Yeah…

A: What!? Nana-chan’s skirt has gone missing!?

Chinami: You guys know where it is don’t you!?

A: Why would we!?

Nana: Chinami, you can stop! It’s embarrassing!

Tamaki: Hey, I did see Agatsuma go into the classroom earlier

A: What!?

Chinami: Really?

Tamaki: It looked like he was putting something into his locker

Classmtes: Wait, seriously!? // he wasn’t around during phys-ed! // hey where is Keisuke? // he’s not here! // he might do something like that!


A: Should we try opening his locker?


A: There’s nothing in here

Friend: That’s my Naruto volume 8 that I lent him!

Tamaki: Impossible…

Koyasu: Maybe Tamaki-kun is the one who took it?

Tamaki: What!?

Classmtes: What!?

Koyasu: Keisuke-kun was with me the whole time


Koyasu: It’s weird for you to say that anyway // let us see your locker too

Tamaki: What…

Koyasu: I immediately switched the skirt into Tamaki-kun’s locker… // since I didn’t think anyone would believe me just by saying it…

Tamaki: Fine…check it then…

K: Hmmm…? That’s weird… // what’s this?


K: I can’t zip it up // what’s going on?


K: So weird…my underwear is showing // why is this so tight on me // huh!? // hm? Wait! // this isn’t mine // oh shit! // who’s is this?


Ha // haha // ha

A: No…Keisuke…that’s…



Nana: Ahaha // oh my god // that’s so funny // Ahahaha what an idiot! // ahahaha

A: Whaaa!? Huh!?

Nana: Ahahahaha

Koyasu: Nana-chan… but it’s her skirt…

Ha // haha // heheh // hahaha


GYAHAHAHAHA // HAHAHAHAH // HAHAHAHA // what an idiot!! // what was that!!

K: YES! // finally… // haha


K: YEAAAAH! // Did you see that! // How’s that Tamaki! // This is what comedy is! // There’s no way you could pull this off!

Tamaki: Ughh…. // guhh…

Koyasu: After I switched the skirt from his locker, he took it out of Tamaki-kun’s locker… // because he wanted to do this…


Koyasu: Everyone suddenly…
Keisuke-kun is… // amazing!!


K: Ow

Nana: You hentai!

K: Whaaaaaa!? // you were laughing too!

Nana: NO I wasn’t! // there’s no way I would! Idiot!

A: Gyahahaha

Bully: those girls wouldn’t listen to us like you said // this isn’t what you promised to deliver


Bully: Making a fool of us!

Tamaki: Uhhh….


K: I’m serious! Nana’s skirt! // it smelled really good! // an example would be, like freshly cooked rice!

A: Gyahaha I don’t understand your example!



Nana: hey! What’s he saying! Koyasu-kun stop him! // stop laughing!

Koyasu: Keisuke-kun is so funny… // he should aim to become a pro… // I bet he can succeed // as a comedian!

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#1. by Kaiten (Harasho)
Posted on Apr 18, 2009
Oh Morita's series! Cool, thanks for picking it up!
#2. by kingsenol ()
Posted on Apr 18, 2009
Looking forward to a scanlation. Art looks great and Morita is good
#3. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Apr 19, 2009
Thanks for the TL. Here are my comments on unclear spots (not grammar/nor spelling), if you don't mind. ^^;

p.6: Ohh I remember Hitomi-chan confessed her love for me in the fall of my senior year!

Oops, you forgot 'when' -> "Ohh, I remember when Hitomi-chan..."

p.9: → super catch →

What exactly is a super catch?

p.23: Tamaki: There are so many girls that will listen to what you say

Didn't really understand this in the context of the situation. I only understood this statement when the bullies came and said they didn't get what he promised. You should probably rephrase it to something along the lines of "I'll make the girls listen to what you say" or something since it doesn't really make logical sense why girls would listen to what the bullies would say...

p.24: Bully: Hey, are you the one who always runs that weirdo theme song?

runs -> plays; weirdo -> weird ^^

p.26: what you record soap operas?

Is she asking what she records them with or just asking if she records them ([Do] You record soap operas?)?

p.27: Yes, I’m okay, I’ll go to the alta at lunch time

Not sure what an 'alta' is...

p.29: we’re the ones that face the consequences!

You mean the classmates will right (not we, the bullies)? so it should be "You'll be the ones that will face the consequences!"

p.31: Tamaki: Sneeze

It'd probably be better as "Achoo" for the English sound effect.

p.35: K: Am I Yabuki Jo in the last episode…?

It should be Yabuki Joe since I'm thinking he's referring to the character from Ashita no Joe (a boxing manga/anime).

p.38: K: AAH Shit! // you all can die!! // You might have bought JUMP and haven’t read One Piece or Naruto yet, but die!! // You might have saved up all your new year money since you were a kid, but die!!
p.39: Leave your porn in your DVD player and die! / hope your parents find it!

The ways these sentences are phrased is a bit weird. It doesn't really make sense to me why he would say that - you might have done _this_ but die.....?

p.41: I bet you could become a professional comic!

comic -> comedian ^^

p.43: K: Shit! // I devote my life to my hair style and my jokes!

Why would he devote his life to his hair style? Do you mean his hair style is to help promote himself as being a funny person?

p.48: Tamaki: heh // Nana-chan’s skirt…I wish I could steal it but then I’d just be a hentai… // so you shall be treated as a hentai…

Well, we know he's secretly a hentai (or pervert :P) so it'd be better as:

Tamaki: heh // Nana-chan’s skirt…I wish I could steal it but then I’d just be labeled as a pervert… // so [I'll make it so] you'll be treated as a pervert…

p.51: A: Should be try opening his locker?

be -> we

p.59: Koyasu: After I switched the lockers, he took it out of Tamaki-kun’s locker… // because he wanted to do this…

He didn't switch the lockers :P probably should change it to "After I made the switch..." or "After I switched the skirt to his locker..."

Anway, those are my comments and I hope if anyone scanlates this manga they make sure the other small spelling/grammar errors are fixed. ^_^
#4. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on Apr 20, 2009
thanks, I don't know what "super catch" is either, but that's what it says... :p

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