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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Oresama Teacher 5

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Apr 30, 2009 03:07 | Go to Oresama Teacher

-> RTS Page for Oresama Teacher 5

*Page numbers correspond to read-online pages.
**thanks for edits, c_k!


Chapter 5


Hayasaka: Hey / you guys come in a group of three and this is what happens? // You should bring someone that’s actually strong next time.
Beating up three people is no big deal. // Anyone can do this, really. // I have to become stronger // much much stronger…


Students: good morning! // morning!

Letter: Challenge invitation

Letter: I will be waiting for you behind the school after classes are over

H: Those guys from yesterday… // they’ve got some balls… // Wha…what is this!? This sudden chill in my spine…!! // No… this is a feeling of threat // it can’t be…!!


Mafuyu: Hayasaka-ku-----n! Good morning!!


M: He rejected me…!!

H: So sneaky!! She tried to attack me from behind…!? // I can’t put my guard down!!! // I still can’t figure out if she’s weak or strong. // She was releasing that strong threatening aura in the classroom, but she fainted just by tripping over someone during that fight. // One of those personalities has to be fake… // I’ll dissect her some time…analyze her piece by piece...

M: I wonder if I can go with him to the classroom?


M: Wha / what happened to your face!! // You’ve got more scars since yesterday!

H: Oh…uhh…

M: Is it my fault!? / Did the principal beat you up after he found you when I left you there!?

H: NO! / I was in a fight you idiot!! // The principal doesn’t hit people!

M: No…your better-than-average face is ruined…

H: How rude… // What gives the right for you, with a completely-average face, to say anything about mine?

M: Average!! // Tell me tell me // Then what do you consider to be an above-average face!?

H: Don’t get so heated, you’re so freaky // The girls are always talking about it, so probably the class president or something

M: The class president?

Text next to class president: Mafuyu’s imagination

H: Yeah, you can see his face on Monday at the assembly

M: Assembly!? // No…I don’t really want to go…

H: Yeah, it’s early; I hate it too.


M: But, I still want to see his face. You’ll come with me right? // I hope I can still ride my bike

H: Uh, everyone has to go…

M: Seriously!? // OH! // I still haven’t received my textbooks yet // Hayasaka-ku~~~n // can you share yours with me?

H: I want to hit her!!!

But he shows her anyway

M: Sharing a textbook… // this was one of my dreams. // Our hands would touch when we try to turn the page… // oh // and I might say “I can’t read this~~”


M: Ah…to be young… // I should take notes // hm? // Why don’t you write your first name on this? / and this?

H: My last name and class number is enough.

M: I guess so… // That’s weird… // No, this is weird!! Would a delinquent use a hi-lighter!? // And study their textbook so thoroughly!? // No way!! // Back in my day…

San… // Mafuyu-san…


Mafuyu-san look look! // This is a masterpiece nice body!!
Mine has everyone wearing glasses! The whole book!

M: There are no bald people in my textbook!! // That’s how I was… // Hayasaka-kun is a little different. // He’s a delinquent, but he’s not. // But I wouldn’t know what to say he is then. // Maybe he’s really diligent at heart… // Or grew up with a nice family?


M: Something is different.

Takaomi: Hey Kurosaki // Take this to the storage room. // By the way, did I leave my shirt at your place? And my shoes? Bring them next time.

M: Oh…maybe, I think I saw them. // And where is the storage room!?

T: What? // You don’t even know where the storage room is?

M: You didn’t show me around this school. // You only showed me behind the school.

T: Oh, fine. // Hey, Hayasaka // Take her around the school.

H: Ugh, Saeki!


H: No way // *exhausted*

T: Maybe I’ll let my mouth slip about that thing…

H: I’ll do it!! // I will gladly do it!! / So please don’t say anything!!

T: Oh really? Thanks!

M: You know Hayasaka-kun’s weakness too?

T: It’s barely a weakness.

M: uh huh…

H: Here


M: Allowance? // I only have candy right now, if that’s okay…

H: NO! // Give me that box!! // Why don’t you get it?

M: It’s like a dream! // He says he’ll hold the box… // *I’m touched*

H: I’m starting to pity her… // I wonder what kind of environment she grew up in?


<storage room>

M: I wonder what this is for? // it’s ugly…

H: Ooph

M: A Challenge invitation…? // Hayasaka-kun! What’s this!?

H: Oh, I dropped it?

M: What!! // Are you fighting again!?

H: Of course I am

M: When!?

H: Today, after school // It’s pretty soon…


M: Why do you fight? / Hayasaka-kun // If it’s just so that you can freely do what you want / don’t do it. // You just get hurt everyday // and get all messy // but nothing good comes out of it. // it just hurts.

H: You know


H: The feeling when you don’t know who you are?

M: Uh…not really… // sorry…

H: I feel most at peace when I’m fighting. // I can forget everything that bothers me / and I can at least be sure that I’m not the old me.


H: Fighting is what supports me. // So leave me alone.

M: That’s a lie… // School is a place // where you write down how many times you locked eyes with someone you like and you fight over the seat next to the person you like and events like Valentine’s, sports day, culture festival and field trips…it’s where all the great stuff is…


M: Believing that fighting is what supports you…that’s just too sad. // Violence // never leads to anything. // If you enter this world it’s hard to get out and a normal life is so much happier, but why can’t we understand it…? Why do I always turn out this way…?


H: Fighting 7 people is pretty tough… // I can’t take care of them all completely… // Just 4 more… // Maybe I can… // Shit…he’s behind me…!!

Haha…here goes!


H: huh…? // a slipper?

M: You juveniles! // You think you can act proud fighting 7 to 1? // Fighting is evil // and I don’t forgive evil.

H: You…!!


M: I’m the superhero Lovely Rabbit! (using fake voice) // Here I am!!

H: Who is that!!?

M: Go!

H: Here it comes!!!

M: So // give him back!

Bullies: It’s your friend!?

H: No way!


Bully: AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! // So…it’s not your friend? // Don’t come here… // No…ahh… //AAAAAAAAHH!!!

H: aaaaaaaahhh…


M: Did something change after you fought?

H: It's none of your business.

M: You // don’t like to fight, do you? // You’re not like us. // You’re not cool just because you can win against a lot of people. // That’s why I look up to you // and that’s why you’re far away // and that’s why I want to tell you without using strength


M: I want to tell you using words. // You’re capable of doing other things, aren’t you? // I think you should be who you are // and not try so hard. //You yourself get hurt if you fight / and…no wait // anyway… // You shouldn’t be fighting stupid fights but / do something really big if you’re a man!


H: Big…? / Like what?

M: Like… / become the president…? // well… *escape* // anyway, don’t fight anymore!!

H: The president… // well… // yeah…


H: That’s pretty big! // And a Japanese person can’t even be one… // One girl fought all five guys... / wow… / I feel weak… // and “juveniles”? what the…? // Stupid fights, huh… // I guess she’s right


H: She’s totally right

M: Is he mad!? / Did he figure out it was me!? // Good morning…

H: I… // will stop initiating fights from now on.

M: Oh? / Really?

H: Yeah, I’ll only accept them. // And I’ll work out more.

M: He’ll still accept them… // But I guess it’s one step forward…


M: I’m glad

H: By the way // I met this weird girl wearing a rabbit mask yesterday. //I wonder who it was…

M: Did he figure it out!? //How should I know?

H: That’s true // Yeah, right…

M: Something is wrong…


H: I wonder // if I can see her again


Those eyes // are like those of someone in love, Hayasaka-kun


<school board office>

Chairperson: But Saeki-kun // you’re sure about these conditions?

T: Yes // I’ve always been good / at gambling

C: Wait! / we should change the conditions! // This is…

T: I’m ending this conversation right now.


T: This is a good idea that will benefit you as well.

C: I suppose…

T: I’ll be leaving.

C: Wait!

T: I only // want all or nothing.

C: Fine // Good luck to you.


T: This is where the game starts.

End of Chapter 5

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#1. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on May 1, 2009
Thanks for the TL. :) Anyway, here are my comments~

p.154: Letter: cartel
>>When I think of that word, I immediately go towards the meaning for a group of people controlling something (like the drug cartel), not the other meaning of a written challenge to a duel. I think it would be better as something like "Challenge" or "Letter of Challenge" or something similar seeing as it seems unlikely that a delinquent would know such a word (or he's very educated :O). (oh and replace the other instance of cartel too ^^)

p.154: H: Wha…what is that!?
>>that!? -> this?!

p.155: I’ll dissect her some time…
>>What do you mean by dissect her? Do you mean 'analyze'?

p.156: Did the principle beat you up after he found you when I left you there!?
>> principle -> principal (and for all other instances that it is spelled like this - use control f to find them all ^^)

p.156: Then what you consider to be an above-average face!?
>> what you consider to be an -> what do you consider as an

p.156: H: Don’t get to heated,
>> to -> so

p.157: can I see?
>> of course she can see. Maybe you mean, "Share with me" or "Show me yours" (2nd suggestion flows well w/the line 2 lines later)

p.170: M: I’m superhero Lovely Rabbit!
>> I'm superhero -> I'm the superhero,

p.170: H: Here is comes!!!
>> is -> it/she

p.170: M: So // let’s have him back!
>> let's have -> give

p.172: H: It doesn’t matter to you.
>> This sounds a bit weird to me... It might be better as "It has nothing to do with you" or "Why should you care?"

p.173: You get hurt yourself if you fight
>> Drop the 'yourself' since it's redundant

p.173: and not try to hard
>> to -> so

p.173: well… (…ままあ)
>> missing kanji on the bottom of the bubble

p.175: And a Japanese can’t even do that…
>> And a Japanese person can't even be that...

Hmm... i wonder what this game he's talking about is...

And LOL @ Hayasaka and his 'love eyes.' I can't believe he doesn't know it's Mafuyu XD. I'll be looking forward to the next chapter's TL~

Oh, and I hope you're gonna translate the small 4koma at the end~
#2. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on May 1, 2009
thanks again!

I kept the "dissect" thing but added analyze, b/c he actually says "dissect" like he wants to take her apart piece by piece to figure her out.

The "you yourself" one is meant to be redundant, b/c she's stressing that when he fights, it's actually hurting him in many ways.

yeah, something that stuck out was...he picked up something that she dropped, but he still couldn't figure out it was her!? huh!?

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