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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Beshari Gurashi 2

Vol.2: Talky

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 3, 2009 21:53 | Go to Beshari Gurashi

-> RTS Page for Beshari Gurashi 2

**Thanks to people who have PMed and commented edits!!


Vol. 2: Talky


Keisuke: The National High School Broadcast Contest?

Yada sensei: Yes! National! // Our school, Yoshitake High won the bronze medal in the creative drama category!

Y: What shall we do! // Did you hear me? A bronze medal! Kyaa!

Aki: We’re pretty impressive!

Girls: Laughing
Keisuke: Wait wait wait! Wait a minute, when did we win something like that!? I never heard about this! // Tell me about these things!
K: If you’re going to enter, you should win by using my…

Nana: I told them to keep it a secret from you!
N: I know that if I let you get involved, we wouldn’t have created anything good.

K: What!?

N: It’s your own fault for not coming to the meetings during lunch in the first place.


Y: If there was a comedy category, we would ask for your help right away // right?

K: What is that billion dollar smile at the end of that comment for?!

Y: Look, they laughed // Akazuma-kun, they laughed

K: Yeah!! // Wha, no, that’s not what I’m talking about!

Koyasu: Hehehe

A: And, what is the story about? It's a drama?

Y: It’s about a high school baseball player, who's an ace pitcher with a promising future. But one day he gets wrapped up in a fight and is injured, causing him to be unable to pitch anymore. // But, thanks to his friends' and family’s encouragement, he goes through rehab and stands on the pitching mound once more.

K: Lame…

N: The judges loved it!
Koyasu-kun wrote the script

K: What!?

Koyasu: haha…
Koyasu-kun has a lot of talent in writing stories

Koyasu: No…I don’t…

Y: The judges specifically said the screenplay was the best part!


Y: And do you know? // What Koyasu-kun’s dream is?

Koyasu: Nooo please don’t say it, sensei~! // Not in front of Keisuke-kun~!

Y: Oh right, sorry

K: What!?

Koyasu: Uh…nothing…
N: A news program is coming tomorrow to do a story on us. // They want to get some footage of our special screening of the drama.

K: TV…!? // I can be on TV!? // ME!?

N: NO! // So please don’t do anything weird tomorrow!
N: If you can, just stay hidden somewhere!

K: What!! // Why are you so strict towards me!? // Are you a mother lion!? // Ugh…



I can’t play baseball anymore! // That’s how my body is!
Why are you giving up?
Because I can’t do it anymore!
Year 1, year 2, year 3 // You finally became the ace by working hard all those years!
Everyone is waiting for you!

A: I know these guys, they’re in the drama club
Here’s the ball from your perfect game that you lost

A: Yawn…
Someone from the stadium brought it here for you // here


Sob… // a perfect game… // who cares about that! // *throw*
What are you doing!?

A: Wow, this is the National third place?

A: She’s cute

A: Oh, she hit him // Haha, I wonder if she really hit him!?
So your dream meant nothing to you!? // Didn’t you promise we’d all go to the national finals!? // You weakling!


A: Ahahaha what do you think of that? // “weakling!”

K: sniff


K: huh?
K: I’m not touched or anything…! / Why would I be! Why!?

A: I didn’t say anything…
K: Shit, making this without telling me… // I’ll show you guys…


N: Yes…yes // we never thought we would win an award… // we’re looking forward to everyone’s reaction at the screening today.
K: NUWOOOO // What are you guys doing!?

Y: Too bad, Akazuma-kun


Y: We knew what you were planning. // We’re going to have you stay quiet today.

K: No, you’re wrong!
K: All I want to do is walk by behind them! / I won’t cause trouble! It’s just to walk by!

Y: No

K: Just walk by! / Come on, I bought this just for this!
Tamaki: Tsk, I haven’t forgotten about my revenge… // Akazuma and Koyasu…you better watch your back… // Sorry Nana-chan…

Crowd being rowdy


Koyasu: Keisuke-kun…are you okay?

K: What does it look like!? Shit! // I said I wouldn’t do anything!
K: Arrghh // what kind of play is this!?

Koyasu: Hehe…

K: Shit… // Hey Koyasu, that story was pretty good. // The title is a little lame though. // I guess you’re not just a comedy fan, hahaha


Koyasu: Really…? // I can’t believe you’re praising me… // ohhh what do I do…

K: What’s up with you…?
Koyasu: But I’m nothing compared to you…

K: What!?

Koyasu: I… // don’t want to do this type of story… // I… // want to do something funny // something really funny!

K: What!?


Koyasu: I want to make people laugh…!

K: Laugh…?
Koyasu: If only there was a comedy category like Yada-sensei said… // then we could have you be in it… // but I can’t think of anything… // I love comedy but I don’t have the talent… // so that’s why I respect someone like you // who can make anyone laugh with ease.
Koyasu: Really. // You are the real Laughter King in my mind.


Students are rowdy

Hey, don’t touch me! // Gyaha
N: Thank you everyone for waiting. // We will now begin the screening of “Our Summer,” the bronze metal winner of the National High School Broadcast Contest.
N: I hope you all enjoy it, // sit back, relax and enjoy the show!
*heart beating*
Our Summer


N: Wait, were’s the sound!?

Koyasu: Huh!?
N: We apologize for the audio troubles.

Gyahahaha // what are you doing!

N: We’re going to start over
Crowd is rowdy

Gyahaha you still got no sound! // What are you doing broadcast club! Come on!


Koyasu: Something’s wrong…! // it was working earlier!

N: Why!? The mic still works for some reason

K: Haha // what are you doing

Tamaki: Heh heh
What about over there!? // What do we do? This is bad!

Koyasu: I don’t know…this is horrible...

N: What do you mean you don’t know!

TV crew: Um, it’s fine without sound, we just need some footage of everyone watching. // We want to tape the people watching the screening. // Can you just play one scene? // Play some music instead or something.

Koyasu: What…?


N: Umm, we’re really sorry to say that we cannot show the screening because of the technical problems with the sound.

What! // Gyahaha what the hell!
Oh, it’s music

N: Please settle down
N: We’re going to play the most important scene, please enjoy.

What is this? // I don’t get what’s going on…


Gyahaha this is boring! // You guys are horrible!

K: Koyasu…

A: Hey, give us our money back, broadcast club!

Gyahaha // you’re in that club too, Aki!
Yeah give us our money back! // what money? // What are you doing!? // Gyahahah!! // This is lame! Give us our money back!
Y: What is going on here!?


Please settle down!

K: Hey, help me up.


K: Bring me to the mic, if you don’t // I’ll kill you!
Tamaki: Maybe this was a little too brutal for Nana-chan…
“What? You got in trouble with mom again?”


“Of course you’ll get in trouble!”

What’s happening? // Huh!? // The voice…

Is that Akazuma’s voice…?

A: What!?
Y: Akazuma-kun!

N: Keisuke!

K: “We decided that you can play your game for one hour every day!”
N: What are you doing, Keisuke!

K: “That’s not what this is about!” // “Everyone has a mobile phone!” // “Why am I the only one who doesn’t get one?”


TV crew: What is this? This is odd… // Someone is speaking live, it’s good! Get some footage of this!

K: “Who’s ‘everyone’?” // “Everyone is everyone!”
K: “Who and who and who!?” // “There are no parents that give their grade school children a mobile phone!”

Haha // haha // haha…
Koyasu: Keisuke-kun…

K: “sob sob” // “You don’t have to cry anymore”
N: Keisuke, stop…

Koyasu: No, Nana-chan, wait!
Koyasu: Let’s leave is up to Keisuke! // Ok?

N: Koyasu-kun…
K: “Oh yeah, you had a good grade on your test the other day”

Koyasu: Haha…


K: “I wanted to surprise you” // “here”

Haha // hehe

K: “Sob…” // “Dad…this…”
K: “...doesn’t have the mail feature on it!” // “What are you doing!”

Gyhahahaha // Ahahahahah // What the hell!
Koyasu: Keisuke-kun…!


K: “Oh…mom…”


K: “Slap” // “ouch!”

Tamaki: Ugh…

Here it is! // The sound cable was cut by someone!

K: “Why are you being so greedy!? // Isn’t it enough to be able to speak on a mobile phone!? // What!? You can’t talk without a mail feature!?”


Here’s a new cable! // Connect it, fast!

“You weakling!”
K: Huh? // What!?

The sound is back…
WOW, I don’t get it but it was perfect timing! // Gyahahaha amazing! // Ahahahaha


K: Uh…yeah…

Good job Keisuke! / Keep going! // Good work, broadcast club! // Gyahahaha!!

Koyasu: Keisuke-kun…


Koyasu: Ahaha… // Thank you~~!
K: Shut up! // That wasn’t where I wanted to end!
Encore! // Encore! // Encore!
TV Crew: What!? It was adlib!?


Y: He might have seen the whole thing, but everything that happened was an accident

TV: Wow… // he’s not a pro, is he!?

Y: No! Hahaha
TV: Well, thank you very much // even though we’ll probably have to cut out that part

Y: Really!?
K: It’s all good because it was a hit!

N: Are you kidding!? // We worked so hard on it!
K: Be glad I didn’t say penis… // AH, sorry!

N: I’ll kill you!

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#1. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on May 4, 2009
Go~~~ shirokuro~~~

== a quick suggestion==

Y: If there was a comedy category, we would ask you right away // right?

K: What is that billion dollar smile at the end of your, “right?”!?

What is that billion dollar smile at the end there for?!

- or something to that nature :p having it just like it is in Japanese would make it sound awkward in english :3
#2. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on May 5, 2009
Thanks! you're right, it sounds funky. i wonder why it's so hard to be objective about your own translations...practice?
#3. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on May 6, 2009
Thanks for the TL. Here are the comments~

p.66: Vol. 2
>> Didn't TL トーキー

p.67: Y: What shall we do! // You hear me? Bronze metal kyaa
>> This doesn't flow well w/the following statements. Is she asking them that? Maybe: What are we gonna do?! // Did you hear me? Bronze metal! Kyaa~

p.68: Y: If there was a comedy category, we would ask you right away
>> ask you -> ask for you

p.68: A: And, what is the story about? This drama?
>> This drama? -> A drama?

p.68: Y: It’s about a high school baseball player, whose an ace pitcher with a promising future
>> whose -> who's

p.68: friends and family’s
>> friends -> friends'

p.74: K: All I want to do it walk by behind them!
>> it -> is

p.78: We will now being the screening of “Our Summer,”
>> being -> begin

p.79: N: Wait, there’s the sound!?
>> there's -> where's

p.80: Koyasu: I don’t know…
>> missing TL of だ。。。だめだ。。。

p.85: “You don’t have to cry anymjore”
>> anymjore -> anymore

p.86: K: “Don’t have the mail feature on it!”
>> Don't -> It doesn't

You're getting better~ even less mistakes this time =)

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