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Translations: Gintama 589 by kewl0210 , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Alive 63

The Endpoint

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jun 28, 2009 22:35 | Go to Alive

-> RTS Page for Alive 63

Reserved for Twilight Dream Scans.


Horner: The circumstances have changed for you! // All of your power holders should surrender quietly now!


Horner: Do so, if you want mother and child to remain alive!

Sfx: tap tap

Chapter 63
The Endpoint


McPherson: It’s over. // It was an impressive performance… / for all of you to come here // in order to save one child…


McPherson: But consequently, all you did was get in each other’s way / and gave us another hostage. // And one of your friends died… // It’s our victory.


McPherson: Good job Horner. Our job is done.

Horner: It’s a good thing it ended well… / But we’re not in our best condition either.


Horner: D4 let one of the female power holders get away / and that’s not all… // D2 has been killed!


Horner: He failed in shooting the one with the bubbles // and they fought each other face to face // where he was torn to pieces! // The power holder fell into the sea but there isn’t much of D2s body left!


McPherson: Shit… // Horner… / Can we increase our power output?


Nami: What do we do? I can’t believe they got Yukie-san too! // Do I surrender!? But…


Nami: No, I should do whatever I can while I still can! // Yuuta and Rei-san might not have been discovered yet… // If only I could… / figure out where Yukie-san is!

Sfx: static sound


McPherson: Listen up you power holders!! // We’re monitoring // every move you make!


McPherson: Some of you are hiding / or plotting a plan // and // it looks like someone is containing this area somehow // but I suggest you stop!


McPherson: I give you 5 minutes. // Surrender within that time limit!! // After the time limit it up, every 30 seconds… // I’ll put a bullet into the hostages one at a time!!


Rei: Wha… / Fuck you!!

Yuuta: Rei-kun…


McPherson: If you don’t want them dead // follow our orders!


McPherson: Heh.

Sfx: click click

McPherson: D4 // Answer me, D4!!

D4: gasp


D4: Yes, Sergeant…

McPherson: How’s your condition? // How dare you do not report to me. // You fool. // Bring the “poet” here from Horner’s room! // Bring him to G-5 block on the roof!


McPherson: We’re going to make Kanou Taisuke follow our command and take care of our mission!

Sfx: grip

Taisuke: Even if you… // make us listen to you / Hirose won’t be controlled by you…! // He…


Taisuke: He’ll kill everyone unil he’s alone… // He has the power / to destroy everything!


Taisuke: He has it…!!

McPherson: The stop him no matter what.

Sfx: grip

McPherson: Or are the hostages’ lives more meaningful to you?


Taisuke: Of course they are!


Horner: Hey madam! // You have a “controlling” power too, don’t you? // Why don’t you just control her to love you?


Yukie: There’s no way I’ll do that to my own child!

Man: Don’t move!

Horner: Ahahaha! // 3 more minutes… // I wonder if everyone will give in~~?


Yukie: It’s over…


I can’t protect those kids and more than that // it’s all over here.


I put everyone in danger… / I…


Yukie: No!

Man sfx: startled // shaking

Yukie: I won’t let you do this!


Yukie: There’s no way!


Man: Aaah! / AAAH!!

Sfx: gun shot


Man: A gun shot!?

Sfx: bullet drops


Bullet rolls

Horner: Wha…!? What are you doing!? // McPherson was just threatening them!! How could you shoot her for real! // I told you she was an important sample!!





Jun: This isn’t… // what we were promised!


Sfx: Bam


Nami: Don’t move.

Sfx: creak

Man: Stop!


Horner: [Eek!] I won’t forgive you if she dies! [Eek!] // I’m going to have McPherson take care of you guys! [Eeek!] // Huh? // The monitor… // is not working…

Sfx: machine sounds


Sfx: crash crash




Yukie: Jun…


P40: Stop… / I’m fine…!


Nami: Aoi-chan! Yukie-san!?

Yukie: Hurry… We have to go upstairs! // This man will take us there.

Jun: When did you…?



Yukie: I’m fine… I made him shoot me… // I knew you would come if you heard the shot fired… // sorry… // please hurry…!


Yukie: Unless we stop McPherson… // we can’t do anything!


McPherson: Sit down! The hostages will be dead if you don’t obey. // Hurry up, “poet”!


Poet: Aah! // It’s your fault! It’s because you guys lost…


Sfx: scared


Taisuke: Na…

Poet: AAAAH!?



McPherson: What!?

Yukie: It’s over!


Yukie: James McPherson!


Nami: You okay? [How’s your head?]

Taisuke: Yea / Yeah! [What are you wearing…?]


Taisuke: Yuuta is safe too… // Yes! // Everyone’s safe!! // Thanks, you saved me! // Then…


Taisuke: Who is it? // Who’s the comrade // that died…?

Sfx: bubbles…

Chapter 63 / END

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