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di(e)ce 8

+ posted by shockinblue as translation on Oct 1, 2009 17:22 | Go to di(e)ce

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Translated by [info]shockinblue
For inmeliora and kiheitai use only!
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Chapter 08

He really does become Tsukamen Rider (The people inside this thing can do it...!) / The action is amazing too
Not really.. because I'm no longer the Stunt Man-san that's inside.
Ah, Kazuki, let' eat another melon.

Sorry for troubling you on top of that gift we received from you.
No worries. // It's alright.
I had no idea~ that the person inside was actually a Sempai, one year older than us, in the same school / Did you know?
I'm a recent fan!
You're wrong!
I'm so busy with work that I don't go to school often. / They are plenty of people who don't know me.
Is that so....
That's it, isn't it (star)
...you are

a survivor from the academy / aren't you?
Everyone should be dead // There were no traces of the game left behind.
Um... // That's because... // I was planning to leave after I took some photos of cattle at the school, but...

Box: Suddenly there was heavy snow and I was stuck in a traffic jam...
Cellphone: Yukari // Today // Are you coming to school?
...To think that an accident would occur... // all my friends...
...But // there are people from the same school who are safe. I can grasp the situation a little. // "As long as there is still hope," or something like that, right?
Well then, I will be going now // Take care of yourself
Ah! Thank you very much!
Ah.... come to think of it... Naruse-kun // On the rooftop, you mistook me for another person. Or that's how it seemed... // Have you found that person yet?

Yeah // I will definitely find him.
Text: Jinmu
This is weird... / there is always somebody that is supposed to be here...
Koutake Haruki is not here
Shut up! // I still cannot accept such a thing... / The game you call "di[e]ce" is interesting and all, but my body is already messed up

It's impossible if Haruki isn't here! // I don't understand what you're saying!
Do you plan on injuring yourself again by doing such a pointless thing?
I don't need help from you!

That can't be true! // For Haruki to not be here // Impossible!

I'll catch up to you soon

Kazuki! // ....This is...Haruki's...
There isn't a single piece left of Haruki...
To pursue the "King," commence di[e]ce at the same time so you don't hinder the game's official, and keep your family and friends far away so they don't become obstacles. // They willl be deleted.

Us too....?
...From the beginning... // we couldn't go back...?
...We can put an end to it...
Then! Haruki wouldn't have to kill!!
Haruki too...!
...that's right, he must think that too, right?

That's why he separated himself from Kazuki... // I'm sure / that's what it is, Saiguuji-san.
...Granted to what extent di[e]ce's end will come to / one person is bound to die.
I'm fine with any other guy! // As long as Haruki lives...
That's right / I want to talk with Haruki so that we can end the game in a tie // Tell me where he is
There is no such thing as a tie / Even in the case of a mutual death, the outcome of whoever lives, and whoever dies will still be judged.
Shut up! // Where did Haruki hear that from?

If you are going to search for him, there is a way to do it
What is it!
One way is to follow the traces of di[e]ce
di[e]ce is on such a grand scale, that there are two more methods.
One is, for every murder case that takes place, choose a random player // The other method is in order to become "King", you choose a special player to use.
In Seitoukou Gakuen's case, there is a standard plan to carry out. We can do it since we already know what it's about. // That is his method for sure. // And there's one other...


Just now..!?
That was proof of the encounter between "King" and "Player." // Futhermore, "The beginning of only one" is approved / That is the enemy's confirmation method
For the sake up playing "di[e]ce" fairly // two Kings seek support, to hold more power, that is the reason for a "Player."

I am your protector and guide. I hold the role of // "Bishop." // Just us / from the start of di[e]ce, I have been by the King's side....
You have already encountered Koutake Haruki's game piece...
"This guy looks like Shion"
Haruki // I want to meeted you...

Just now, that was...
Do you believe me? // About "di[e]ce" // My King.

Haruki, let's go. // To the next di[e]ce...

I'm home!
Sign: Naruse
Kazuki / She's not in any of the other rooms...

The cut... healed...
...Reset... / Everything / It's real isn't it...
...Who told you about me and Haruki?
..."We who create everything" // "Maker" / ... at least, that's what they're called
This is a joke right...
It's as if ...

We humans have no choice but to be their "game piece"
So, what? / Me and Haruki were chosen to become these important game pieces / Our only choice is to be accomplices in murder and to participate in di[e]ce?
I'm confused / there are so many things to I want to ask. Doing some terrible like this... // I'm sure Haruki doesn't want to accept it

I want to meet him...
You, tell me that "you are here for my sake"...
I will definitely find Haruki / That's why you must lend your hand!
Such a meaningless game // I will end it for sure...!

Thanks for your hard work!
Today's filming is over.
Thanks for your hard work
Thanks for your hard work~
Don't overwork yourself / even if you have school it's still tough...
Don't worry about it.
I haven't caused any trouble for everything

Naoto-kun, why don't you take a little break?
Your mother is always in the hospital. // To lose even a friend in an accident...
It must be hard....
Mom? // What's wrong? / ..Oh, filming ended just now.
Hm? Sorry, sorry. //
I gave away today's share to a friend who was ill.

Tomorrow, I'll make sure / to buy a melon...
Kanzaki / Naoto

Player / Secured.

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