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Translations: One Piece 869 by cnet128 , Gintama 640 (2)

di(e)ce 13

+ posted by shockinblue as translation on Oct 1, 2009 17:25 | Go to di(e)ce

-> RTS Page for di(e)ce 13

Scans by ellen_grieves
Translation by [info]shockinblue
For inmeliora and kiheitai use only
Note: because this chapter is two pages per image (hope that makes sense), I've split them up as side A and B, A - right; B - left.

Posted on MangaHelpers for reading purposes only

[002 A]
I'm glad... I'm sorry for making you wait / We'll return to the hospital soon
Eh, but // I sprained my foot so I can't stand...
No need to worry because I'll carry you on my back
Naoto // Die

[002 B]
It hurts... // It hurts... Mama...
Shut up
Shut up, shut up, shut up

[003 A]
This...isn't the amusement park!?
Stop going to that woman's place!
I and Naoto both need you!
All you do is work; you never go out with your family!

[003 B]
At least you're free today so let's at least have some fun
Let's not fight in front of Naoto...
I'm relieved, Mama is smiling...
That woman or us, which one is more important!

[004 A]
Mama, it's me! Look over here!
Mama... stop fighting already...
with Papa...
With Papa...
Don't go // Don't leave me alone...!
I wish Mama would cheer up...
It's fine I'm the only one here with Mama...

[004 B]
Mama...cheer up... // I'm here...
It hurts... // It hurts Mama...!
...Shut up...

[005 A]
Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!
Don't cry!!!
If you keep crying, I'll throw you out from here!!
You'll die Naoto
Looking at your face brings unpleasant thoughts...
Because you look exactly // like that person...
Die Naoto

[005 B]
Die // Naoto
They say it was a suicide attempt incident...
Ever since the divorce he's had to come for psychiatry, right?
Even we doctors don't know when your mother's consciousness will return...
Are you alright?

[006 A]
Box: That is, you're saying Mother no longer denies me, right? / I'm the only one mom has, right?
I bought Mother's favourite, melon
Box: Mother needs me // Because, isn't that the case? // Only the money from my labour can afford to keep these machines running, right?
Even though no one else can deny me anymore...
Die, Naoto
Die, Naoto
Die... // Die...

[006 B]
I have nowhere to go
Die, Kanzaki Naoto
There is no worth in me living
Die, Kanzaki Naoto
I am not needed here

[007 A]
I'm here
Didn't I tell you?
That it'd be boring if you died

[007 B]
Box: 3 minutes remain
That time...
It's no use.. the blood won't stop...!
I don't want it... this... // Just when I found someone who would forive me...
A person who forgives me for living...

[008 A]
I absolutely won't let you die...!
"This is your di[e]ce"
I understand now, this is clearly my di[e]ce // If only I realized it sooner...
The way this bandaged hand's hold on the blade is fixed
This was my sword from the beginning...
You said you'd fight me

[008 B]
This time I will protect you

[010 A]
Box: 30 seconds until the Time Limit
Kazuki-kun, it's alright
A di[e]ce to sever my bonds with my mistaken memory
...To face the truth...
Thanks to you I finally opened my eyes...
For me, already... // There is no other but you
Only for your sake, is my reason for being here

[010 B]
Goodbye // Everyone
Goodbye // Mother
I will be fine without you

[011 A]
Time Limit

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