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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Double Arts 2

Double Arts ch 2

+ posted by shrimpy as translation on Mar 29, 2008 19:38 | Go to Double Arts

-> RTS Page for Double Arts 2

Time to join everyone's favorite keyblade master, Roxa--i mean Kiri!!

one thing i'd like to clarify, it's kind of many scanlators to use my translation notes but really there's no need to use every one! I often write lines explaining puns, special terms, or parts i'm unsure of. Often, though, i just write notes to help explain the thought process behind why i phrased something the way i did. These notes i think only apply to people comparing or checking my translation, and when used in a scanlation, don't really make a whole lot of sense. So, use some discretion in what notes to put--i don't require you paste them all!

one more translation point: last chapter, i used "ruchile", but turns out sure enough it was luchile by the sign on page 6. Ops! Also, It only showed up on the last page of ch1 but I'm abandoning the abbreviation for Elraine's name "El" in favor of "Elle".

...If you scanlated ch1 oh well, but if you are still thinking of doing so, make sure to change the spelling. ...I can't help but wonder if Troi's true spelling will show up later too.

blue: Does the hand she's grasping hold not only her life but the fate of the world? Presenting the 2nd shot--an enormous 25 pages!

white: The two have no choice but to stay together...
author lower right: komi naoshi

Chapter 2 - Meet the Luchiles

left verticals: About the story...
The world is afflicted by a terrible disease called "Troi"...Sister Elraine, during a journey to treat Troi patients, falls into a siezure from the same thing herself. At that very moment, she is saved by a young boy named Kiri. Why is it that when she holds his hand, her seizures stop? In order to solve his mysteries and possibly save the world, the two of them decide to travel to the main cathedral of Elle's Order.

-Upon meeting one another, Kiri and Elle encountered many ups and downs...might this be only the tip of the iceberg!?
box: If I let go of this hand, I will die

-This truth was made apparent to me on this day
-I had to continually hold his hand if I wanted to live

-Guess this is "case closed", huh?
-Sure looks that way

-I wanted to thank you for giving me courage!

-To be honest, in the beginning I though it was impossible
-for me to make this journey alive
-But now, I think with you around, Kiri-san, things will work out!

-It's truly a pleasure to make your aquainta--
-That's great and all,
-But have you forgotten you can't let go of my hand?
-So whether you're sleeping, using the toilet, taking a bath, you can't leave me for even a second
-If you ask me, this is going to be a mess

-Well, we'll work out!


-Cheer up! We'll find a way, right?

-Didn't you say you were feeling up to the challenge now?
-That had nothing to do with this!
-Don't you understand a girl's feelings?!

-Oh, yes
-there was something I wanted to ask, Kiri-san

-Have you ever...taken any kind of special martial arts?
-Huh? why?
-When we defeated that assassin, I was sure your movements were not that of an average person!
-I mean, you must have...?

-...I'm just your everyday common kid
-We only beat him because of your ability!

-...no way....?!?
-Well it's true that at that time I felt like I was full of energy...Yeah, like my body had gotten lighter...but still, it bothers me...

-Anyways, let's go over to my place
-I'm gonna have to introduce you since you'll be around for a while
-W-why's that!?

-I couldn't impose on you any further--!!
-What are you saying? Look, from here on we're together at all times right?
-So when we gotta sleep, I mean, it's only my place or an inn, and an inn costs money...
-Either way, we'll have to explain the situation at least once, y'know?
-Oh...you're right...

-No worries!
-My folks are sure to welcome you

-Heeey! Mom?
-Mom, I'm home!
-Oh! Welcome back!

-"Luchile's D.M."? (T/N - i think d.m. stands for dress-maker, although that's not the formal english term. I was thinking more "custom dresswear")

-Yeah, my parents run a business at home
-Oh, wow
-Hm? Who's this young lady?

-Oooh! what's this?
-Holding hands, is she your girlfriend??

-It's a pleasure to meet you!
-Ah! Same here!
-Are you his little sister?

-That's my MOM


-EH!? YOUNG!!! ER, I---
-ahaha! Aren't you such a nice girl?

-C'mon, let's go inside
-Dad? You home?

-Yo, welcome back


-Um...so...that was your mom, and this is your dad...?
-Is he human?
-We get that a lot. Without a doubt, he is.

-He doesn't say a whole lot but he's a really nice guy so don't worry
-I can't believe this!

-Nice to meet you. I'm his good 'ol man.
-he is nice...

-So that's why...
-I need to borrow Kiri-san for a while!

-I know how this must make you feel
-Just barging in all of a sudden, making demands...I'm truly very sorry

-No...it's not that big a deal...
-I mean, he's decided to help, after all

-What do you think?
-It's fine

-Thank goodness! And not to worry--our order will cover all expenses incurred!
-We'll even pay you a reward for your cooperation!
-Kiri-san's saftey is our main concern, so we will do our best to keep him safe!

-So then, what will you two do from now?
no bubble: Like, exactly?
-that's right...

-Well, in order to make our way back to HQ, it's going to take a lot of preparation
-I guess we'll be in town for a little while

-...so then...that means...
-you'll be staying at our home?

-Of course it does! What else did you think?

-...excuse me!
-It is, after all, asking too much...


-Did you hear that, dear? This adorable little girl is staying with us!
-What are we going to do? Do we even have a spare room?
-Um, hello? We have to stick together...?
-Oh, yeah! Oh and--kyaaa! We're going to have a feast tonight!

-Didn't I say it?
-They're sure to welcome you!

(clockwise, starting with 11:30 bubble)
-Watch out!!
-Don't be shy! Why are you two doing, standing there?
-Today was a major ordeal! You're all dirty
-I'll start on dinner so go take a bath!

-You're a man, after all
-Make sure to summon the courage to sneak a peak!

-Aye, aye Cap'n!

-Ah! ah! I-i-left my clothes at the inn...!
-I'll skip the bath after all--
-What are you talking about? We SELL clothes!
-We'll get you something just right for you!
-Go, go!!

-All of a sudden...we've reached our first hurdle...

-This is the "formidable" bathroom
-Never before has it looked as such a formidable foe as it does now!
-Sooo...we gotta decide who goes first...

-Well, why don't YOU go first?

-...p-please don't peek...
-I won't
no bubble: We were just kiddin' back there!

-How exactly am I supposed to take off my clothes?
-If I can't let go of your hand, then...

-If I take of my shirt with our hands together, (arrow) it'll go like this...
no bubble: What the heck!! I don't want to wear your dirty clothes!
-Geez! Calm down and think this through!

-Don't you dare glance this way!
sfx: pasha
-I won't

-sticky on her back is "still healing"

-Don't you dare open the shower curtain!
-I won't
no bubble left: I wish she would stop!

-Is this really going to be okay?

-I...well, the fact your parents welcomed me
-made me very happy

-But I am a Sister
-I'm infected with Troi
-With just one touch someone else get the disease
-I'm a danger, and a burden to them!

-Your illness doesn't matter
-My folks
-Are really glad you came

-So stop worrying

-Is that right...?

-All done!
-The treatment is complete!
-oooh!! Really??
-Thank you ever so much!

-What was that!?
-You're infected with Troi!?

-I see...
-If you're all finished here
-Then please leave

-I understand...

-Whaddya mean
-Sister's can't cure Troi!?

-This is some kind of scam!
-You mean I can never embrace my daughter again!?
-...my apologies

-All it takes is getting close to someone with Troi to get it!
-Run away!
-No wait, that's wrong!
-You only get the disease if you touch someone directly!

-...my apologies
-What would you do if I caught Troi too? HUH?!

-They're finally out!
-Come now, dinner's finally ready!
-Let's eat


-Any old how, have a seat!
-Okay, let's sit over here
-...i'm sorry

-May I have a moment?
-I need to tell you two something important

-I...can't stay here
-after all

-Why's that?
-Did we upset you somehow?
-N-no! That's not it!

-The way you welcomed me
-Was very touching.
-I almost fell to tears

-It's just that I can't be near you

-You may not know this, but
-Us Sisters are all infected with Troi
-Just one touch is all it takes to catch it yourself!

-What if, just accidentally, we touched?
-Like, both of us reaching for sauce, or something like that?

-please accept my apologies

-That's not a problem! We'll be careful! Right?

-My body--
-Is the same as a weapon!
-Just one touch
-Will send a person's life into the depths of despair!

-I don't ever want to live with the thought that I'm responsible for that!

-If it ever were to happen, I...
-I would not be able to bear it!

-Even moreso
-With people
-as kind as you




-See? Touching you with oven mits
-doesn't pose a problem!

-I already knew
-that sisters were infected!
-This may be the countryside,
-But there's few who don't know that fact!

-You okay??

-What a relief!
-I was worried a sec there that you were against our little party! (small - that was close!)
-Mama's sense is always right!

-You knew...
no bubble: Thanks, papa!
-and yet you welcomed me

-Stop talking nonsense!
-Your hand is a weapon?

bubble: That's just weird!
boxes: Do you
-still remember?
-What you said to me that day...
-After all, this is the hand

-That saved tens...
-no, hundreds, of people right?

-So relax!
-I'm the one person you can touch
-without ruining my life!


-Okay! Let's get some grub!

-Do you realize just how much...

-those words saved me?
-Let's dig in!!

-I swear

-Have some seconds!
-Oh thanks!

box: In all of my life, I had never eaten a meal
box: as delicious as that one

box: And I can also say...
-I consider the day I met you and your family

-even now
-Yosh! Time for bed!

box: to be the greatest honor in my entire life
-We better rest up
-'cuz things are going to get real busy from here on

-I promised to take you back to your cathedral, after all
-You and me, we'll make it!


-Good night!
bold: Their bond grows stronger, little by little...

Chapter 2/END
Next time: Before them appears a new enemy...and the greatest help they could ask for?


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#1. by Spineless Coward ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2008
Awesome ! Thanks !
#2. by LongShot ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2008
great to see another new fun series being translated

...great as always shrimpy, thx again
#3. by Rock-Bird ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2008
thank you :)
#4. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2008
#5. by Linkmasta ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2008
Thank you shrimpy. ^^

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