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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Psyren 17

Psyren ch 17

+ posted by shrimpy as translation on Apr 5, 2008 17:22 | Go to Psyren

-> RTS Page for Psyren 17

Oh noes! A ghost from the past...in the future!?

Caught a mistake! Ch 14, I spelled it tashio, but sure enough it was tatsuo. I blame the raw's quality for the little blooper but, eh. I've already fixed my old script so please take note.

Very important: if any groups are interested in doing HQ releases of Psyren, and by that I mean you're going to get the volume scans, do get in contact with me once it's out. I want to get formal proofreading and review my scripts personally as well before they are used for this, since i've speed-transed this series more than a couple times. as the first page says, it comes out 5/2.

EDIT: DONE. needs proof.

red: Overlapping minds...differing intentions...
CALL.17 - "Tatsuo"

green - Big Scoop! The eagerly anticipated first volume hits stores 5/2 (friday)!
red - iwashiro toshiaki

purple: A new enemy...a suspenseful future! Presenting a center color!

right bold: Who is he!?

-Another enemy!?
-That guy on the rocks just blew them away!

-...no way...!!!
-Is that...Tatsuo!?

(tiny bubbles: )
-I don't care about money!
-I was looking for someone and ended up here!
-I'm looking for a junior by the name of Tatusuo...ring a bell to anyone?
(t/n - back from ch 2)

-That can't be! Why is he here!?
-Could he have...survived all this time?!

-Hold it!! What's going on here?
-You mean you know this guy, Amamiya?

-And does this mean that trigger happy bastard is a friend of yours?


-How'd Yoshina's training go?
-He's having a hard time, as always

-Burst, huh?
-This power is amazing...don't you think so, Amamiya?

-I bet someone who's never been through PSI training would be wondering what the heck I just did...
-This thing really is like the "invisible hand of God"

-But...I still want to imagine something stronger...not just a "hand"

-In a battle between PSI users, you need to watch out...depending on the types of PSI, you may not be able to see your opponent's abilities in full

right: SUMMARY -
Survival among the future ruins of our world--the game of Psyren--has begun once again. A giant "worm" attacks the participants out of nowhere. While being devoured one by one, Ageha succeeds in using his PSI to rescue Mochizuki Oboro. However, the remaining survivors are killed by some mysterious man who next appears. Who in the world is he...!?

-Have you ever seen that guy? His name is Mana Tatsuo
-He's a junior of mine who ended up in Psyren

-He had a hereditary disease or something...basically, he's been sick since birth
-He wasn't able to get around very well...and he was often missing from school

-Around the time i was in elementary school, he lived nearby, so I visited him a lot
-Since he couldn't play outside, I told him stories about what it was like to hit home runs, or chase off stray dogs...

-Well, I mean, they were just stories...
-After all, I wasn't a whole lot healthier than he was back then

-Hiryuu, you're so cool!

-Seeing his cheerful face cheered me up, too

-...I owe you an apology

-I did meet him in Psyren
-And before I knew it, he was gone
-It's highly likely he was killed...

-...is that so?
-.......what am I gonna do...?
-What should I tell his family?

-...just give up...we're not allowed to talk about it to others...

-I remember he said to me, "Just keeping up with everyone else takes everything I've got"
-With a body that wouldn't allow him to do what he wanted...each year, I could sense his growing resentment

-In response, I said to him
-"Then I'll be the one to keep up with you"


-Come along with me, Asaga

-why was it that I
-"Sorry...but I'm not going anywhere, tatsuo"
-refused his offer back then?

-Guys! There's still someone alive out there!


sfx bubble - giro

sfx - damu



-He's a Burst user!

-Look! That monster is going after him!

-Yeahaa! Go, go, go! Eat that bastard!


-It ran away!?
-WHAT THE HELL!! Stupid earthworm!!

-It's like there was something it couldn't stand...?
-It's sound! He made some kind of sound from that mask...!

-You're alive!? Is that really you!?

-why'd you have to get his attention, you idiot!!


16 no txt

sfx - kaching

-I-I thought I was a goner!
-We're lucky he shot the top
-Looks like we've got the Devil's luck

-Is everyone unharmed?



-What's he doing?
-He's just squatting down...isn't he going to shoot?

-Out of bullets, maybe?

-I see...that gun's destructive power is due to his Burst
-It must be that in order to fire another round, he needs to replenish his PSI

-What the hell is he?!
-Looks pretty certain he's trying to kill us

-He can't be!

-Hey, then...this means...well, I don't know what the heck that "psy" thing is, but...
-that guy is going to blow up the rest of this building next! we don't have much time!

-Although I'm not sure exactly how proficient he is at using PSI,
-In order to produce something that powerful, it must require a decent amount of time

-Then we better run while we still can!!
-Run where??

-Practically the entire outside of this building is that worm's hunting grounds
-And in the direction of the gate we need to get back home is that man who resembles Tatsuo

-It seems to me we have no choice...
-But to fight that Tatsuo look-alike
-And, if it comes down to it, we may have to...

-Say what!?

-During the time it takes him to reload, we have to find a way for all of us to reach the gate
-While at the same time crossing these ruined plains, avoiding that giant monster, and repelling a PSI user!

sfx bubble: shu....

-What's wrong?! There's blood coming outta your nose!

left bold: Is Mochizuki Oboro...showing the "symptoms"!?

-...nah, it's nothing...
-It's just...a bit chilly in here...

Next time: Are these the signs of infection!? And then, what happens when that man finally attacks!?

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#1. by fistsofrage ()
Posted on Apr 5, 2008
#2. by Jinoh ()
Posted on Apr 5, 2008
#3. by fxu ()
Posted on Apr 5, 2008
Thanks shrimpy <3

I'll let you know if I do any fixes.
#4. by lupemavi ()
Posted on Apr 5, 2008
thnks a lot shirmpy ^^
#5. by Dark Noxus ()
Posted on Apr 5, 2008
Thanks shrimpy! :yourock
#6. by LongShot ()
Posted on Apr 5, 2008
thx a lot man
#7. by zidane ()
Posted on Apr 5, 2008
thank you!
#8. by emer ()
Posted on Apr 5, 2008
Thanks! Using in scanlation!
#9. by Phat ()
Posted on Apr 6, 2008
thanks :D
#10. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Apr 7, 2008
#11. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Apr 7, 2008

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