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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Psyren 31

Psyren ch 31

+ posted by shrimpy as translation on Jul 20, 2008 04:31 | Go to Psyren

-> RTS Page for Psyren 31

I found some predictions about shao's enigmatic comments here, but i'll refrain from posting them in this thread because they are spoiler-ish. look for a later post if you care to under the appropriate thread on the psyren board.

Attn: caught a tiny mistake on p8, oops. i blame the raw.

-He wants to stay here!?
bold - Shock!! Ageha announces / he wants to learn from the children!!
-Don't let him, granny!!

-I can't stand the idea of a stranger like him wandering around the house! No way!
-Ng...looks like she's enjoying her little fit...

-Let him in!
-Let him in!
-and he seems way too happy about this...

-Is this because you're insecure about your inability to control your PSI?
-Exactly! And I think you've got the clue I need to learn here!

-I don't see why not
-Everyone, teach him Burst Stream

PSYREN--the life or death game played in the wastelands of the future. At present, while Ageha and co. are training to improve their PSI, an invitation suddenly comes from Elmore. They come to find that in an effort to change the future, she's raising children who are gifted with PSI. Impressed by their powers, Ageha aspires to be trained by them...!?

-You should know better than anyone the frustration that results from being unable to control your powers!

-You all had better treat him like family!
-Thank you, grandma!
-You don't have the right to call her grandma!!

-I suppose he gained some insight from seeing the children's powers?
-I wonder what he saw, exactly?
-Once he's decided on something, there's no stopping him...

-Skipping his training? He'll see! I don't care if he cries about it later!
-You're angry, aren't you

white: Volume 2, now on sale!!
CALL.31 - "Training Camp"
left: Everyone's fast asleep. Sleep tight...for our tomorrow, for our future...

-The next day, Sunday
-huff huff





-Shao, is that boy working hard?
-I don't know.
-...I am merely meditating

-Shao...you saw the other two who came here yesterday, right?
-What did you think of them?

-The girl with glasses was as seven finely sharpened blades...
-And the boy with long hair was a sea of white...


-I doubt that was very reliable
-To the contrary, I always want to hear your input

-Look, i'll explain everything AFTER I come home, okay sis?!
-This is really important! My life's practically on the line here!!

-A starry sky...

-B-burst stream is kinda like a way to soften the aftershock from powerful PSI techniques
-It was thought up by grandma, fu-chan, and shao-kun

-Hey bro...let's play?
-Not now! I'm listening to Marie!

-That's right! It was ME who came up with Burst Stream!
-And too bad for you, I'm not telling you aaaa~nything!

-Then why are you here?
-Shut up, you stupid monkey! I can be wherever I want!!

-And you, Marie!! Since when did you take this stranger's side!!
-The firing squad for you!!
-Aaaaah!! I'm sorry!!
-Cut it out!

-...Stream means flow! Essentially, you need to let out your Burst power into the surrounding atmosphere, circulating it between inside and outside your body. That's what Burst stream is.

-It's not that complicated
-I'll show you the trick

-What!! Have you betrayed me too, Shao!?
-It's not a matter of betrayal

-...hmph! Do as you please!
-I'm not helping one bit!

-Is she always like that?
-Before she came here, she was quite the spoiled princess

-But one day when Frederica lost her temper, she burned down half of her home
-Her parents gave up on her, and left her to Elmore Wood

-In fact, her and I both have similar backgrounds
-...and both of us know very well

-that if we can't learn to control our powers, we can't survive in this world

-I am circulating my PSI all around me
-As long as I maintain this state, I can lessen the strain on my mind


-Yes. The Burst energy that he's expanded around his body allows the physical PSI waves to escape

-This way, the strain on the mind--the very reason PSI goes out of control--is lessened!
-With practice, you'll be able to gain an easier margin to concentrate on control

-Once you try it, you'll understand....it completely takes away the pai--

-I didn't get any of that theory behind it but whatever--I just need to be able to do it, right?
-Um, you were...Meow-kun, right?
-It's SHAO
granny - The theory is important!

-All right!! All I need to do is practice!!
-And don't forget the chores!!

-Dang it!! He should be praising me too!!
box: female spy
-You're too heavy, fu-chan...!



-Hey, Marie!

-That thing you told me earlier about your "program"...
-Could ya tell me about it in more detail?

-So...thanks for everything!
-Are you leaving already!?!

-You'd better come back, I always need someone to take care of the odd jobs around the house
-Can't you stay a little longer!!!

-In just a few days I'm surprised how attached he's gotten...

-Feel free to put to use the things you've learned here
-...and don't give up

-Huh!! After all that talk about training, he didn't show us his PSI even once!
lower: That's proof he had his guard up the whole time!
-But Ageha-san is...a nice person...

-What are you saying, Marie!? Are you stupid?!
-I'm not stupid!!
bottom-Marie, don't tell me you--!!!

-Because he didn't want us to be in danger, Ageha didn't use his power at all
-He's just like the two of us, Frederica

-I know that already!

-The number of stars in the sky...
-Are steadily increasing...

-Now I just need to figure the rest out for myself!

-Amamiya...is Ageha still over at that Elmore's place?
-No, he returned several days ago

-He's training all by himself
-I don't believe it!

-Doesn't he realize that we're out of time?

-That kid totally blew off my idea for training
-I'm gonna make sure he gets it later!!

-Hey everyone! It's been a while!
-'mornin! (top bubble)




-After turning down my training, I assume you've finally figured something out?

-Of course...

-What about Oboro and Kagetora?
-They didn't show up today
-And forget about Kabuto...

-...more importantly, were you able to refine Melchsee's Door?
-Heheh...just wait until you see it now!

-The truth is, I wanted to come sooner...
-But sis...she busted out the rope...and the steel pole...and...
-I have no idea what you're trying to say but...good work

-Getting down to business, Matsuri-sensei...have you been able to figure out a method so we can tell exactly what date it is in that future?

-Well, there probably is a way...but I finished the game long before I could find it

-In Psyren, no watches, laptops, or any other electronic equipment works
-I even hid a special timer with a backup battery in the present, but when I dug it out in the future it was broken

-As for newspapers or other printed materials, just about everything was so tattered it was impossible to read
-And even for those lucky enough to find something legible, no materials found contained anything worthwhile...

-Even if I wanted to test out more methods, I don't have the ability to go anymore.
-The only thing I've got left is the curse that'll turn me to ash if I reveal the secret to outsiders...

-kachi kachi (nemesis q playing games on his/her phone, roflamo)

-katakatakata (shaking)

left: The time...has come at last!

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#1. by Dr4G0nZ ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2008
Thanks for the trans!
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Posted on Jul 20, 2008
thanks fr the trans
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Posted on Jul 20, 2008
thanks for the trans!
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thanks :D
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Posted on Jul 20, 2008
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Posted on Jul 20, 2008
thank you, shrimpy...
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Posted on Jul 20, 2008
Thx a lot! n_n

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