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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Air Gear 254

+ posted by Shurou as translation on Sep 2, 2009 05:59 | Go to Air Gear

-> RTS Page for Air Gear 254

Air Gear Trick 254

= Bubbles
++ Everything else

I just do the easy SFX’s or the one’s I like... Can’t be bothered to do every single one...

I’m also skipping stuff like summaries and advertisement texts

!! This translation can be read by anyone (obviously), but for English scanslation use, it is reserved for Franky-House.

Sorry for missing 253, guys... Been pretty busy last week, but I’ll make up that chapter in a couple of days

++ Searching for the “answer” in the midst of battle...!!

= Nya nya nya nya
++ (SFX) Buccha getting owned

++ (SFX) Shi!! (t/n: sound of a fast slash)

= Right here, Crow (t/n: or Karasu, whichever you prefer)!! The ultimate link, eye-contact!! (t/n: lit. “Breath of Aum”. This is phrase is derived from the Buddhist saying, and the Japanese phrase 阿吽の呼吸 refers to a condition in which two people are completely in sync with each other physically and mentally. This takes a special flavor of appreciation since it’s Buccha saying it :P)

= Oooh!!

= If you talk that much, we don’t need no eye-contact---!

Ikki & Buccha
++ Tornado Buccha!!

= Fuooh---!! A black bullet indeed~~!!!
= Surely, even for the two Sleipnir’s, this must be... No, looks like the damage on the black pig’s more serious!!

= Nya!?

= FUOOOH------
= Offense and defense while moving at a dizzying pace from plane to plane ---

= It’s the ultimate battle where one wrong judgment and it’s a headlong dive to the ground!!
= THIS is the ultimate Air!! THIS is the pinnacle of super battle in th e A.T. world!!

= Looks like the Storm King is the support in Kogarasumaru in the long distance “Air”!!
= Their plan seems to be for the black pig to go in front and pressure the opponent!!

= The “Wing Road”
= Needs an “interval” distance-wise as well as time-wise

= If they’re pressed by that wall of flesh, the only choice is direct hand-to-hand combat

= Ooh!
= Wheeze

= Haa!
= Pant

= Now I’m mad-nya!!

= But... considering the strength of each other...
= I can’t say it’s a very admirable tactic...

Lion chick
= ....Oh?
= .... That’s wrong, big brother

= You see, their real aim is....

= Hehe
= You guys are finally

= Getting “breath”-less

= I can’t hear

= Your “whistles”, you know?

= Fuooooh----- This is the opposite from that time with the pig!!
= The Sleipnirs have been neglecting figuring out each others’ positions---!!

= Neither of their “Wing Shield”-type tricks will make it in time at this rat... (t/n: “at this rate” cut short)

++ Storm
++ ...King...

++ Why...
++ Is

++ Fighting you

++ So much fun

++ As I thought

++ You must be ---..

= ...
= It’s white...

++ It was simply

++ A world that could only be described as “white”

++ Those faces that were staring in a circle

++ Words being spoken to me

++ Not understanding a thing

++ Even about myself

++ Completely blank

++ Not remembering a thing

++ The place

++ Where we were born....

Some dude
= Congratulations
= Today you have been released from the “cage”

= You’ve marked one great step towards the sky

= ...
= Cage....?

Guy with CD
= The cage of ---- “being a human”
= Only thing is... as its price, your original personality has been erased

= Well.... can’t really call it a replacement, but... fortunately I had this one me... (small text) There

= Right now
= I’m totally hooked on this (small text) Fun stuff, this is

Same guy
= “Bran Charge”

= Along with this software is a very wonderful thing downloaded in your brain

= It’s what I finally gave birth to after long years of research upon research.... Fufu

= ---- Right now
= Is there something... you want to do?

++ At that time, I could not understand at all

++ What he was saying

++ I just...

= ....
= I.... don’t want to be here

Mystery man
= ....Hmm

= I want to fly

++ This

++ Like a burning yearning....

Same guy
= Good

= Very good (t/n: Japanese reads “It’s a huge success”)

++ This rising feeling

++ Where does it come from....!?

Sano Gentarou
= Dr. Minami (t/n: now you know :D)
= A huge success is fine, but... you have got the order of “time” wrong

Harassed research member
= Whoa

= Uh... hey!!

= This is prohibited to those except facility personne... (t/n: “personnel” cut short)

++ (Box) Sano Conglomerate
++ (Box) Leader Sano Gentarou (t/n: Aeon’s dad, eh?)

= First, fulfill your duty of explaining things to the sponsor

= ....”This”...

= ....Is there something.... with this bee

Mr. Minami
= It’s not a normal bee. Look clo-sely, clo-sely, I say

= ... More than that... You’re the only person on in the world who can rest his elbow on my shoulder....
= You’d better remember this

= ....It seems
= That its wings are a little bit small....

Mr. Minami
= As expected

++ The “Carpenter Bee” cannot fly in the sky
++ Although this extremely commonly-seen bee in Japan differ in no way from other bees at a glance

++ In fact, because its wings are much too small compared to its volume and weight
++ It is an organism for which flight should actually be impossible according to aerodynamics

++ Then why is it
++ That it can fly

Mr. Minami
= Those bees
= Do not know that they can’t fly....

= Because they believe and do not doubt that they can fly... They can fly (t/n: this is NOT a repeat type. This is exactly what Mr. Minami says)

++ If a person can have

++ That feeling ---- ...

= That... Those eerie children inside that “tower”...
= The “Gravity Children”

= How... is he different from them?

= The “Gravity Children” are
= “Containers”

= Koro-jii-san

= Their (t/n: Kanji written for Gravity Children) abilities... “Solid Sensitive” and “Biomass Gyroscope” were,
= To the end, attempts to improve the human hardware... (t/n: Kanji written “body/flesh” and actually read “Hard”, but “hardware” is what he would say in English)

= Even if they have the ability to fly... --- They don’t possess the heart (t/n: Kanji written “mind”) to fly

= The one and only one whom Dr. Minami gave birth to (t/n: this is interesting because the Japanese 生み出すusually is used in the sense of giving birth to ideas or a product of an idea, so could this possibly mean Ikki isn’t really a naturally-born human, either??? I hope not...)
= The one who possesses th e “wings of the heart”....

= The Brain Charge is a technology to copy and download that “software” to fly in the sky (t/n: Kanji written “feeling”)

Someone (probably Koro-jii again)
= With the Gravity Children

= And the Brain Charge in unison

= For the first time, humans ---- ...

++ Even I don’t

++ Understand what they were saying

++ Instinctively

++ I understood

= I want to meet him...

++ That someone who holds the same feeling as this

++ The “original” who gave me this feeling ---

++ Is out there somewhere....!!

++ The man who has wings grown on his heart...

++ The “Sky King”....!!!

= More... Show me

= Everything....!!

++ No, with my own hands,

++ I’ll grab everything ----.. (t/n: added a verb since that’s what he seems to mean anyway... ;) )

++ (Closing line) The typical mistaken overeagerness of a hero --- .

= You’re showing your true side too myuch!!! (SFX) STAB (t/n: trying to make her sound like a cat... >____<)

= Wa-wait... you’re wr.... (small text right outside the bubble) Guaaah


- NOT as usual, you’re free to read this or use for international translations, just please let me know and give credit where it’s due (to Shurou)
- Again, this translation is reserved for Franky-House for ENGLISH scanslation
- Scanslators, please try to keep all the formatting... the emphasis are there for a reason - especially the italics (if I used them)!

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