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Translations: Gintama 606 (2) , One Piece 839 by cnet128

Air Gear 253

+ posted by Shurou as translation on Sep 3, 2009 06:53 | Go to Air Gear

-> RTS Page for Air Gear 253

Air Gear Trick 253

= Bubbles
++ Everything else

I just do the easy SFX’s or the one’s I like... Can’t be bothered to do every single one...

I’m also skipping stuff like summaries and advertisement texts

!! This translation can be read by anyone (obviously), but for English scanslation use, it is reserved for Franky-House.

Sorry for missing last week, guys... Been pretty busy last week :( But at least I made it up? :P

= (upper left bubble first) The Over-cross Twinkle Eye...
= Fuck... I thought it was strange

= A “Brain Charger”....!!

++ Ikki and Buccha down
++ Is it the dreaded defeat --- !?

= Thi.. This is.. Did we miss the most delicious part on Plane 3 while we took our eyes off for just a second~~~
= Freyja has already transferred on top of the plane.... Mr. Pilot, closer... get closer!!

= Fuooooo-----

= Guh buh!!

++ (SFX) Stab

= They’re not moving....!!

= The Storm King and the black pig of Kogarasumaru, who have been inferior against Útgarða-Loki alone!!
= And with Freyja joining on top of that.. This... may be where you might as well call it game-over

= Neither of them are moving an inch --- !!

= Ouch!!

Nazare (Jesus-guy)
= Open the eyes of your heart

= Even if open, the eyes of the foolish one are nothing more than holes

++ No, why do I get hit every single time

++ At this age?

= Fuu
= Fuu--
= Fuu--

= Zoom in!!

= Look
= He’s bringing down the control stick with all his strength

= And look at that aileron

= It is raised up all the way despite the fact that the plane itself is horizontal... Under normal circumstances, that state would cause a sharp left turn

Hooded bystander
= ....Meaning?

Bystander with cap
= Who knows?

Bystander with a mohawk
= Stop trying to sound high and mighty
= Explain already, Mr. Saint!!

= --- In other words

= Right now.... On top of our backs is riding an invisible Konishiki...!!

= No... I’d be able to lift up Konishiki and the like... this is... at least double that.....!!! (t/n: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konishiki_Yasokichi)

= “Tapering Cloud” (t/n: Kanji written “Accumulating/Piling up Cumulonimbus”)

= It’s an application of the Pile Tornado
= Ultrahigh-pressure air that is gathered into one point in a coil-shaped swirl is pushing you guys on the wing

= Needless to say, the direction of the wind
= Is free and at my will!!

++ This time

++ .... It’s directly from the side....!?

= Geh!!

++ This... is the strength ---...

++ Of Battle Level 205...!!

= You

= Gotta...
= Be kidding...!!

++ This is “only”

++ Battle Level 205....!!

= He’s playing around....!! (t/n: actually, I don’t really know who Ikki’s talking about... he could very well just be saying “you’re kidding me”)

++ If we go up against those two who both easily exceed 300

++ ---..How on earth....

= Owa!?

= (SFX) Beep beep
= (SFX) Beep

= Fuooh --- what rashness againnn

= By piercing holes into the plane, they’re fixing their bodies and advancing
= Advancing----

= Nya!?

= Considering that it’s you, you’ve used your head
= Guess your damn power comes in handy once in a while

++ ...It’s no time to be worrying about appearances, this....
++ If we don’t find an opening with them somehow... we can’t even get close to them ---..

++ Sorry... Rika-nee...
++ Just a little bit.... I might be late just a little bit

= Fufufu.... you see, I...
= Have grown!!

= A force of will to cut open a “road’ even in the midst of an adverse wind -------

= THIS is indeed the rocky king of strength....

= Ah...

= Ooo-------------ps, following Plane 10 ---

= Planes are designed without assuming “collisions”....

= It’s only natural given the continuation of such impact in such a strong wind

= You shit-colored pig-------
= Die
= Open a path, my ass (small text) Busted a full-force road block

= Shu-shut up!!
= Ah--- shut up, shut up, shut up

= ....Uwa...
= Falling out in this situation...... they’re the worst...

= Hold on-nya, Út!!

= Guys are all beasts-nya!!

= What a farce....

= To me... the worth of this battle is not quite clear yet
= Scarab

= Yeah? I’m rather having fun, brother Leo

= Might look like a preliminary exchange... but they’ve even already put in tricks with some finishing in mind

= Originally... we should have been the ones to face Kogarasumaru first...
= I suppose Sleipnir must have forced their way in, predicting that we would win, but....

= ....But I’m just a tad bit...
= Annoyed...

++ By those.... massacre dolls who do nothing but fight

++ As if.... they were computers...

= ....Ugh..

= Where did we come from?

= Who are
= we?

= Where are we going?

= You guys...
= Are not it...

= Buccha, push there!!

= Fuooh!! Thi... This is...!!

= Listen closely, Storm King..
= I barely have any information on Sleipnir... but that is not very important
= As a man-eating lion that is asleep is the same as a mere rock or a rabbit to a traveler

++ The important thing is... not “what” they are

++ But to figure out “what they’re after”---!!

++ The chance for victory

++ Lies ahead that!!

= Wha..!?

= Using the torn-off wing like a board
= It’s surfing on the waves of wind----

= ....For some reason

= You seem to really want to ask me something

= If you’re a Storm Rider

= Ask me with your run instead of words

= ....Big brother... I wonder...
= What we were lacking

++ (small text) I’m offended (t/n: lit says “They’re disrespecting us”)

= Such an excited and good face

= He didn’t show it to us even once

++ The answer is in the wind (t/n: Kanji written “battle wind”)! Confirm it with your own body!!

- NOT as usual, you’re free to read this or use for international translations, just please let me know and give credit where it’s due (to Shurou)
- Again, this translation is reserved for Franky-House for ENGLISH scanslation
- Scanslators, please try to keep all the formatting... the emphasis are there for a reason - especially the italics (if I used them)!

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