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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Air Gear 255

+ posted by Shurou as translation on Sep 7, 2009 20:44 | Go to Air Gear

-> RTS Page for Air Gear 255

Air Gear Trick 255

= Bubbles
++ Everything else

I just do the easy SFX’s or the one’s I like... Can’t be bothered to do every single one...

I’m also skipping stuff like summaries and advertisement texts

!! This translation can be read by anyone (obviously), but for English scanslation use, it is reserved for Franky-House.

!!!!! New note for scanslators: If I use italics, this is to signify when the Japanese texts use dots over the letters... I feel like this is a much better visual cue for something being emphasized, so from now on, if you don’t mind, do try to put dots over the letters I format as italics :)

++ A yearning for the sky charged in the heart! Where is that 「original」 --- !!

= It’s no use...
= Freyja and Útgarða-Loki are both top-notch riders (t/n: kanji written “warriors”)

= Despite that it was a direct hit, they won’t go down from a “fang” from that range....!!
= As for you, concentrate more on the fight between us two....!!!

= If you don’t, there’s no way you can beat ---- ..

= An.. noying!!

= Ugh!?

= By the way
= It’s not two!! It’s three people, dumb ass!!

= ....A shark’s brain
= Is said to comprise mostly of its hunting instincts...

= It’s about time you learned already
= No matter how powerful your “fang” is --- it won’t ever reach me

++ ....As I thought... this large amount of steam....
= Fuck!!

++ At first, I thought those gloves were emitting some crazy heat or something...
++ --- But that’s not it!!

= Vacuum, huh?

++ These A.T. gloves 「Mjöllnir」 torque up my “run” (t/n: kanji for “torque up” written “increase pressure”)
++And strike and compresse it like a hammer

++ From the resulting force of repulsion...
++ I create a wall of vacuum

= Can you at least figure out what this means?

= Tsk...
++ The “fang”’s real identity is that of a shock wave of air
++ If there’s no air to propagate the wave
++ Not a bit of shock will be transmitted to him ---..!!

= ....You said earlier that there are three people here
= ....But that’s also wrong

= There are a total of “four people” here

= ....Four people..?
++ (SFX) Nerves being pricked

= You guys are not good enough for this
= Bring out 「Lind」!!

++ (various SFX’s) Agito’s nerves being REALLY irritated now

= Bastard... why
= Even his name...

= ....Few years ago
= While we were still in the lab...

Dr. Minami
= This is where a super-senpai of yours used to sleep
= Brain Charger Prototype Number 0 “Lind”

= He escaped from here a few years go

= That fellow named Lind-kun... must have gone searching one step ahead of us, didn’t he...

Freyja (were her cat features another feature that Dr. Minami stuck on her!?!)
= ...Makes me jealous-nya

= It’s easy to ask who the Sky King is... but...
= What we want to know... is where this “feeling of wanting to fly in the sky” comes from-nya....

= Dr. Minami

= I heard that there is a thing called the 「Glam (spell?) Scale Tournament」 outside... Please have us put out as participants

= Let’s search for the answers --- and confirm it ourselves
= That is our “road”

= ....And you’re saying... That fool might have found
= That original or whatever?
= (SFX’s) Agito’s veins about to pop from rage :D

= Does.... this fool still not understand

= All truth
= Is not in words... but in 「running」

= Fuck!!

= Kuku

++ If
++ A spacesuit rips in the vacuum of outer space... what would happen?

++ Air would be lost
++ And one would suffocate and not be able to breathe

++ --- No, no... it’s nothing as simple as that

= Have you properly taken your science lessons?

++ I (t/n: that is, the narrator) would like you to recall an experiment in which the boiling point of water decreases proportionately with air pressure
++ The reason that water is liquid is that water molecules are pressed and hardened by the pressure of the atmosphere’s 「cage」

= Water that has been released from that cage will boil and turn into gas in an instant
= 0 air pressure ---.. In other words, when wrapped inside this vacuum
= That blood will boil and the body will swell up to many times its size by the gas throughout the body ---..

= Huh
= Huh...!?

= Wh... where?

KG groupie
= There!!
= Neesan

= Fuwhoooo----- a!!
= The shotgun mic on the plane seems to be picking up some dan-gerous conversation ---... (t/n: added the verb “pick up” as the implied verb)

= And become a deep red firework that colors the night sky ---- eh?
= Fuck

= Oh, wai... over there
= No...!! (t/n: this should actually be funnier than what I’ve wrote because O!G is basically writing something you would see in a H-manga when a girl is being... y’know, pleasured :P Think I’m reading into it too much? Not when we’re talking about Mr. Ex-H-Artist, lol)

= Fuooh --- Fang King
= He’s somehow managing to run away thanks to his trademark finesse, but it’s a small space on the plane ----... other planes are far, far away -----

= Come! Hurry up and bring him out
= C’mon, c’mon!!

= Oo------h.... On the tip -----

= You... ---- are nothing more than being frivolously fast
= You’re simple and without even any schemes.....

= Don’t think you can run away with that kind of a run

= Now.... bring him out... Bring Lind out quickly..!!
= It’s a waste... Any more than this... is a waste of time....!!!!

= You’re a shark

= You’re just a catshark....!!!! (t/n: it’s a real shark, in case you were wondering)

++ (Box) <Catshark>
++ - Full length 60~120 cm
++ - Eats shellfish and such
++ - Docile

= Fuoooh --- Looks like
= Thor’s throwing some punch line that requires expertise while...

= Ah?
= Who’d you say’s running away?

= Erm... I.. I was just moving upwind so I don’t have to smell your BO....

++ That’s....
++ SO lame -----..

= My BO doesn’t reach you because of this vacuum

= Shut up ---- What stinks, stinks!!

= Wai..
++ Wh.. what low-leveled... (t/n: low-leveled rebuttal, lol)

++ I’m aware of your plan...
++ You must be trying to maximize the impact of “fang” from a distance, but...
= You and I are too different in levels!! You won’t be a match!!
= Don’t end this long-awaited battle like this

= Lind.... I beg you, please bring Lind out..!!

= Lind, Lind, Lind, Lind!!

= WE’re the ones fighting you!!

= You... you can’t be stubborn..!!

= Wha...!? ....Wi...with his fang!?
= He cut up his own body.....!?

++ Throughout the body
++ All the boiling blood’s gas ---- and heat

++ Go out from
++ The wounds and ---- .....!!!!

(SFX) Bafoom....

= Someone who was just born a few years earlier
= Is different in levels?

= Don’t be blabbering cockiness

= The carnage we lived through are like night and day (t/n: text only says “違う”, which means “different”, but used in this context, the word “different” carries a very strong connotation, and hence the use of “like night and day” instead)

= Brat

++ You haven’t shed enough blood nor tears
++ To arrive at the truth of the Bloody Road!

- NOT as usual, you’re free to read this or use for international translations, just please let me know and give credit where it’s due (to Shurou)
- Again, this translation is reserved for Franky-House for ENGLISH scanslation
- Scanslators, please try to keep all the formatting... the emphasis are there for a reason - especially the italics (if I used them)!

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#1. by Kimei ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2009
So fast... thank you very much!!! ^_^

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