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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Kekkaishi 167

Kekkaishi chp 167

+ posted by Silver_Sea as translation on Jul 18, 2007 11:42 | Go to Kekkaishi

-> RTS Page for Kekkaishi 167

Another kks fan was so kind as to offer to upload the Chinese RAWs for me, so when he does so, I shall join Sai on Vol.8 so we don’t get spoiled XD. Until them, I’ll complete 168 and 169, featuring “Sen”!!

Sensei: Did you really not test it out on anyone?

Sen: Huh!?
Sensei: Well, even if you lied about it, I can understand.

Sensei: Forget it--- What’s more important,
-Is that you still can’t control your reactions.
-You’ve got to learn to reveal a lot less on your face.

Sen: Ye..ah…
Sensei: How about the rest of the Urakai…
-You didn’t arouse their suspicion, did you?

Sen: About that, definitely not!
-definitely did not practice psychic reading anywhere the Urakai might appear!
Sensei: Hey, I already ordered you to tone down your expression.

Sen: Gulp
Sensei: Yes, just a reminder for your own good.

Sensei: What those guys think is your ability to read breathing patterns, and your deep emotional sensitivity
-is the same as my known abilities at hypnosis and brainwashing.
-It’s an excellent disguise.
-Especially in the case of unexpected situations, these can serve as your excuse.

Sensei: If you do that, then no one will ever realize,
-We two,
-already possess the ability to read a person’s soul.



Sensei: Well then, who have you tested it on.

Sen: Just some random passerbys on the street, nobody we know…
Sensei: Could you read them easily?

Sen: Only the surface…
-But even if I couldn’t read a special part, I could figure out their feelings from their expressions,
-the images come in bits and pieces…

Sensei: That’s why I said you’ve got to tone down your own emotions.
-Abandon all but the essentials.
-Knowing how to separate the wheat from the chaff is very important in information collection.

Sensei: The crucial factor,
-Is not about finishing your reading of your subject,
-but how, when faced with incomplete information, you can use your mind to see the full picture.

Sensei: Yes----
-What luck, somebody’s here.

Sen: Ugh,
-She looks like someone about to commit suicide by jumping into the river…
Sensei: Is that clear.
-Our subject is that woman staring into the lake with a face full of doubt.

Sensei: Come.
-I’d like to see the results of your training.

Sensei: Well then.

Sensei: My maximum reach is 10 m.
-so I’ve got to get a little closer to the target.
-What’s your maximum reach at this stage?

Sen: I’m training at a distance of 50m
-But I’m sure I could still extend it if I tried.
-If the subject’s an ayakashi with powerful spiritual energy, I can go further.
-But its more difficult with a human being…

Sensei: Not bad,
-Not bad at all.
-Well then,
-I’m going first.
-You stay here and try using your method.

Sen: It’s been ages since I’ve worked with *** Sensei’s technique…

Sen: It’s started!

Sen: Got her…
-Sensei’s aura is as tight as before, completely without any excess…

Sen: Wah, they’re rushing in.
-I’ve got to read them quickly, this is…

Sen: ** Sensei!

Sensei: Sen, how far could you read?
Sen: Ah…

Sen: Uh…

Sen: Pork chops and…sweet and sour pork…?
Sensei: Yes.
-And then?

Sen: That lady…
-Must’ve been worrying about what to make for dinner, I guess…?
Sensei: Yes. That’s correct.

Sensei: What else?
Sen: Also,
-An image of a middle aged man…

Sensei: The relationship between her and the man is?
Sen: Lovers…
-No, probably husband and wife.
-But I felt some kind of distance…

Sensei: Are you referring to the physical distance?
-Or the emotional distance?
Sen: Ah!?
-But she seems to like him a lot.

Sensei: Do you know why that woman is so stressed out?
Sen: I don’t know…
-The image of the pork chops is stronger…

Sensei: That’s why I told you to use your mind to filter the information…
Sen: Ah,

Sen: Even though the pork chops were burnt, she felt positive towards it,
-As for the sweet and sour pork, they were beautifully made, but she kind of hates it.

-Okay, that’s fine.

Sensei: That woman---

Sensei: Is expecting her husband to return from an overseas trip.
-she has started to worry about how to make her husband’s favorite food.
-That’s because she’s

That is, referring to her cooking skills.

Sensei: So far, pork chops has been her most successful dish.
-While the sweet and sour pork is from the local take-out.

Sensei: So, which should she pick for husband dearest…
-That’s what’s she so stressed out about!

Sensei: Luckily,
-Our subject was just an ordinary person.
-You need more practice.

Sensei: But remember, don’t ever use this technique in the vicinity of Taicho.
-You’d definately be exposed.
Sen: Definitely!?
Sensei: Ah~ah

Sensei: Kekkaishi are a special breed. They are extremely attuned to abnormal spiritual currents in their vicinity.
-Up until now, apart from adepts from my school,
-He’s the only one I’ve met who is fully aware of soul reading.

Sen: Would Yoshimori have the same abilities…?
-Being his younger brother…

Sen: Even though he does look like a retard,
-The role he plays is a powerful one…
-Since then, rumor has it that he has defeated a few giant ayakashi…

Sen: Ah!!
-And I even told him about my ability to read ayakashi spiritual energy, and lots more stuff!?
-Oh man, could he have already seen through my secret…
Sensei: Sen.

Sensei: Hey you,
-I know you hate restraining your every move.

Sensei: However,
-The reason I’m still alive now is thanks to my extreme caution, isn’t it?

Sensei: Precisely because I cautiously cover my tracks, over and over.

Sensei: If our secret ability is leaked, we’re finished.

Sensei: The kind of person who reveals his soul for the sake of friendship,
-makes the most undependable friend.
- If we are missing one person, we will be too weak.
-Do you understand?

Sen: Then **-sensei. Why did you,
-Leak out Urakai’s secrets?

-So you know.
-Whose soul did you read it from?

Sen: I didn’t read it…
-I’ve being training at our HQ…
-I overhead a rumor circulating among the leaders…

Sensei: Right.
-You belong to the department of intelligence.
-Why were you taking combat classes at HQ?

Sen: Its because,
-When **-sensei returned,
-I wanted to give you a hard kick…

Sensei: Ah~ah,
-You wanted to execute me.

Sensei: Lucky for me, I’ve got other contacts,
-This is really where I belong!
-With such a gullible Taicho and teenagers.
-You guys are the cutest.
-A poor traitor like me has not choice but be exiled into freedom.

Sensei: Sigh---shame about my abilities…
Sen: Do you intend to retire from Urakai!?

Sensei: Sen,
-Would you like to join me?

Sen: Huh…?

Sensei: If you come with me, there’ll be more opportunities to use your abilities.

Sen: My abilities…
-But **-sensei, you’re already the No.3 in Urakai…
-What could you possibly be unhappy about…?

Sensei: Its not that, I…
-really don’t care about name and rank.
-I just have an uncomfortable feeling.

Sen: Urakai, makes you feel uncomfortable…?
Sensei: Ah~ah. Just a little…

Sensei: To have a guy that I completely cannot read giving me orders…
-Whichever angle I look at it, its just…very uncomfortable.

Masamori: Its **-san.
Please come in.

Sensei: Sorry for disturbing…

PAGE 16 no text. (Sensei is stunned speechless by Masamori.)

TN: Thanks for reading :amuse

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#1. by Belle ()
Posted on Jul 18, 2007
Now would be a very good time for you to come out and tell us you're secretly a girl, Sen.

Anyway, thanks for translating. I'll run the name by Sai, as always, when I proofread this chapter.
#2. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Jul 19, 2007
Hmm, secretly a girl?! *wonders* :p

Seems like you're on a roll, silver, one translation after another. Thanks for doing Kekkaishi too! Think there are a lot of fans for this series. :tem
#3. by Sai (THE MH FOODIE)
Posted on Jul 19, 2007
thanks for the trans Silver, you're a hell of a lot faster than I am....
#4. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2007

I'm a helluva... LOTTT... keener...to find out if SEN is a guy or a girl...XD;;;;;;

Thanks for the support, I'd try my best. ^^
#5. by ddadain ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2007
Guy, he is a guy! >_> *lately, I am feelings yaoi vibes, but maybe it's just me being homophobic*

I am assuming this is also a Urukai-exclusive translation, is it? ;_;
#6. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2007
Ku Ku Ku... Thank you for creating SEN, Ms Tanabe!! Silver Sea= "Fudoshi"

But strictly from the plot, NO Yaoi: Sen was ordered by his sensei to "make use" of his appearance to weaken his opponent so he can carry out his psychic probes into their soul. He's tense around Yoshimori cuz he feels guilty about that, not because...he wants to psychic attack ddadain's homophobic soul. LOL You can read chinese, right, here's the evidence:
[spoiler text="
PS: Psst...ddadain...j...o...i..n..u..r..a..k..a..i...XD;;;"]
#7. by Belle ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2007
But strictly from the plot, NO Yaoi:

Yeah, we have Madarao and Dead!Hazama Tokimori for that.
#8. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2007
Thx! ^^
#9. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2007
Thanks guys! If only I knew J, I would love to translate some Madarao Vs Dead!Hazama! XD;;;
#10. by Belle ()
Posted on Jul 26, 2007
Quote by Silver_Sea;469803:
Thanks guys! If only I knew J, I would love to translate some Madarao Vs Dead!Hazama! XD;;;

Ms. Tanabe always said she wanted to make a gay dog, so she made Madarao. XDD And if I run into any fanfiction like that, I'd be glad to send it yoru way (to answer your PM). As of yet, Kekkaishi fanfic stuff is scarce. Maybe I'll write something sometime for the heck of it. XD

>.> And I'm so not going off-topic. Sorry.
#11. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Jul 26, 2007
LOL...no worries, I thought that the gay Madarao was hilarious. XD Esp. when drawn in the manga.

And one of the reasons I like translating is because its a little like ficcing. ^^

Since I'm so tempted, I might as well go ahead and say it ...I hope you DO write some KKS fanfic. If you do, I'd match it with something of your choice....maybe based on the prompt: " Sen...you were born with wonderful features...make good use of them"!?!? It's your call... ... ... ...

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