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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Kekkaishi 168

kekkaishi chp 168

+ posted by Silver_Sea as translation on Jul 19, 2007 18:12 | Go to Kekkaishi

-> RTS Page for Kekkaishi 168

For Urakai Scans. Next up is 169, but after that I will begin with vol.8.
Thanks ddadain for the awesome link!


Yoshimori: I’m…leaving…,by..e…
-Dammit, it’s back to school from now on…
-And its such pleasant weather to sleep too…

Yoshimori: Oh, its Tokine…

Yoshimori: Wah!

Yoshimori: Owowow---!!

Yoshimori: Hey!!

Yoshimori: Wait up---
Tokine: You know, from today, you’re a third year student. But it seems like even though you’ve progressed in your studies, you’ve not developed in maturity.
Yoshimori: But I slept so late yesterday!
Tokine: Don’t look for excuses.
Yoshimori: Give me a break! Its because its spring!! I want to sleep!!!

Yoshimori: Ah? Why is my head spinning?
-Because my body knows I’m going to school?
-Hey, wait…
-a… minute…

Yoshimori: What’s the big deal!
-I’m just going up another year, nothing changed!!

Yoshimori: Our senior high’s in the same building too, so I don’t feel like its my graduating year or anything…
-Tokine’s also a second year senior now, SHE hasn’t changed either…( CAPS=italics)

Bubble: Ah?
-Why would I suddenly think of Shishio…

Signboard: 3rd Year Class List

Brunette: Ah, I’m in Group 1.
Blonde: And Yuli**?
Pony: Ah, yes…

Brunette: Wow, Yuli sure is lucky, she’s in the same class as Yoshimori.
Blonde: This has got to be karma!
Pony: Ah, ah…

Pony: But I don’t want to separate from ** and**, I’d miss you guys…
Blonde: We can still meet up during the break~

Glasses: Whassup, Sumimura.
Yoshimori: Hey.

Glasses: I’m 3rd Year 3rd Group.
Curly: I’m in Group 1.
Yoshimori: Oh.
-I’m still in the same class as **( Glasses)

Yoshimori: Who’s our Group teacher?
Glasses: Its still **-sensei.
Yoshimori: Ah, 3 years straight!

Projected Words: Make hay while the sun shines ( lit. The course of the year is planned in Spring)
Small text: Nod, nod

Glasses: ……

Yoshimori: Just gimme 5 more minutes…
Glasses: No…

Glasses: Class is over.
-Go home.

Yoshimori: Ah?
-But we just started with the opening ceremony, how can it be so quick…

Yoshimori: What the--? How did I end up sitting here!?
Box: Teacher’s Desk
Glasses: Because **-sensei said…
-It’s already been three years, we’re not strangers anymore. We can just pick any desk we preferred…

Yoshimori: But why am I sitting right in front of the teacher’s desk!?
Glasses: Er, I guess you might’ve been sleeping…

Yoshimori: I don’t remember anything!!
Glasses: But Sumimura…
-When **-sensei asked if you “ Would you like to sit here?” You nodded your head.

Yoshimori: How can that be!
-** set me up!!

Yoshimori: Only ** can survive in this seat!
-This is the end of my life of afternoon naps!
-Tell me what I can do!!
Glasses: Even if you ask me…

Yoshimori: Then switch spots with me, **!
-Will ya?
-Will ya?
-I’m seriously counting on you!
Shu: Yoshimori-san!

Yoshimori: AH!?

Yoshimori: You’re that guy from Urakai…
Shu: Long time no see!!
Small text: That’s fast
Yoshimori: OW!!

Shu: Just play along…

Shu: I’m a new student!
Yoshimori: HUH!?

Yoshimori: What’s that about…
Shu: Hi,
-You must be Yoshimori-san’s classmate?
-I’m Karasumori High’s Senior division first year student, Akitsu Shu!
Glasses: Em,
-I’m ***…

Yoshimori: HEY!!
Shu: WAH!!

Yoshimori: What’s going on here!?
-Did ** send you here!?
Shu: Yes, correct!
-I appreciate your guidance! (trad. polite term used by a new-comer)

Shu: Um, so where’s Sen?
Yoshimori: KAGEMIYA!?
-Is that guy here as well?

Shu: Ah? Yoshimori-san, isn’t he in your class?
Yoshimori: My class!?

Glasses: Are you talking…
-about that new transfer student?
-I think he’s absent today.
Shu + Yoshimori: ABSENT!!

Shu: What…

Shu: That bastard…
-skipped school…
Small text: His eyes are opening!

Small text: I even brought him all the way to the school gates because it’s the first day…
Yoshimori: Sorry ***(glasses), I’m taking off now.
Glasses: Um sure. See ya~

Yoshimori: So you and Sen,
-Were you ordered to come here?

Bubble: Dammit big brother…He didn’t warn us again…
Yoshimori: How about that guy with the hat?
Shu: Ah~ah,
-We’re in a different class now.
-Sen and I are in the intelligence department.

Yoshimori: Intelligence?
Shu: Yeah
Yoshimori: I’ve been working there for years, but
-Sen’s only recently been transferred over from the combat section…

Shu: So,
-Our main task is to investigate Karasumori…

Shu: We’d be like Gen…
-we’re not here to help you deal with the ayakashi.

Shu: Forget about Sen, let’s get moving.
-Tokine’s waiting outside.
Yoshimori: Tokine is waiting!?

Yoshimori: You stinking bat…
-When did he get close to Tokine…
Small text: And look at his hands now…
Shu: That guy Sen can be quite a pain.
-Even if he hates school, business is business, so…

Tokine: Hey,

Shu: Tokine! Sorry to keep you waiting!

Yoshimori: Tokine…why is she smiling to that kind of guy…
Shu: Sorry, Sen’s not here right now.
-I’d just say hi to Miss Yukimura on my own.

Yoshimori: What’s so good about that guy…Height? Is it his height…?
Shu: Yeah,
-It’s the same in Urakai,
-We go to school, we carry out our duties.
-We’re down to earth folks!
-I go to nutrition class and cooking class too!
Sen: Hey—

Sen: That’s enough chattering about unnecessary things,

Sen: Do you have the self-awareness of an intelligence agent?

Shu: AH----!!
-Where the hell were you, Sen!!

Shu: You’re the one with no self-awareness!!
-You actually skipped school on the first day!!
Sen: Whatever, its just for one day.
Shu small text: You actually dared to call yourself an intelligence agent, you arrogant…
Sen small text: cut it out

Sen: Hey you.
Bubble: Ah…?
-No, it’s the look in his eyes,
-that reminds me of Shishio…
Sen: What’cha staring at.

Bubble: Ah~ah, can it be…
-now I understand why I thought about Shishio this morning…

Bubble: That guy has always…
-remained in the second year of…

Shu small text: Let’s go introduce ourselves!
Sen small text: stop it already

Bubble: Arrgh, what’s up with him…
-His whole face turned red!

Bubble: Don’t tell me…
-He’s suspected me already?

Bubble: That bastard is so lucky.

Sen: **-sensei!!

Sen: About that, I’ve considered it.
-About leaving with **-sensei…

Sensei: Sen,
-The situation has changed.

Sensei: I’m the one who has been too innocent.
-I underestimated my opponent…

Sensei: That man will seek revenge at all costs.

Sensei: I’ve decided.
-Next time, its kill or be killed.
-I’m going to sit tight in Urakai.

Sen: Huh?
-Then **-sensei…

Sensei: Ah~ah, and then…

Sensei: Sen,
-This isn’t a bad change of plans.

Sensei: I’ve nominated you.
Bubble: Ah!?

Masamori: I’ve called you here today…
-To tell you about your new assignment…

Masamori: Even though you were referred by **…

Masamori: I also agree,
-that from your appearance and your ability,
-you’re a good candidate.

Masamori: You have a spying assignment.

Sen: Spy..ing?

Masamori: Correct.
-You will tell people you are investigating Karasumori.
-But in reality---

Bubble: You are spying on the guardians that the land has chosen---

Small text: What’s the intelligence department about?

Thank you for reading:amuse

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#1. by Belle ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2007
Looks great for the translation! I'll probably proofread these in a day or two. *goes back to Gintama*.
#2. by Magical Poof ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2007
Thanks for this wonderful translation! ^_^
#3. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2007
Thx for the trans! ^^
#4. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2007
Thanks for your great proofs, Belle, and thank you Magical Poof and Velvet Rain Dropz for your support! Glad you enjoyed it. ^^

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