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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Kekkaishi 169

Kekkaishi Chp 169

+ posted by Silver_Sea as translation on Jul 21, 2007 11:24 | Go to Kekkaishi

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For Urakai Scans. This is the last Kekkaishi for Urakai's "latest arc" scanlations. Our efforts will now all concentrate on vol7 and vol8. Goodbye "Sen", hello "Shishio"!

Masamori: These are the legitimate successors of Karasumori of our time.
-I believe that you’ve already met them before arriving here.

Masamori: The method that a legitimate successor is chosen,
-still seems completely random at the moment.

Masamori: There have been no official records, but according to my investigation…
-A few generations may pass without a legitimate successor…

Masamori: Or among brothers, there could be two legitimate successors
Sen: Really?

Masamori: In other words, it is totally unaffected by quantity, necessity and time.
-The only fixed rule is that a “square birthmark” will appear on the chosen ones.

Masamori: For the Sumimura, we have it on our right palm.
-For the Yukimura, they have it on their left breast…
-like this.

Masamori: Another legend is that legitimate successors rarely ever die outside of Karasumori
- We feel our deep co-existence with the land from the past and the future.
- What I’ve just mentioned are all the key points.

Masamori: When multiple successors appear at the same time…

Masamori: There will be a clear difference between their abilities.

Sen: And these abilities all came from Karasumori?
Masamori: Yes,
- but not every successor is born equal.

Masamori: Back in my grandfather’s day, the Yukimuras had greater power.

Masamori: In the following generation---
- I think there exists a power even greater than any from the past, in---

Masamori: my younger brother…Yoshimori.

Masamori: Your first goal is to find out how a legitimate successor is chosen.
-as well as how their lives are affected by the changes in the land.

Sen: My first goal…
-does that mean I still have other goals in my mission…?

Masamori: ……
- About the other goals…
- we can talk about them later…




Glasses: I still can’t believe he actually skipped the first day of school.
Small text: That transfer student.
Curly: You mean Kagemiya Sen
-Yoshimori, do you know him?

Yoshimori: Yeah, you could say so…
- er?
- No, I guess I don’t really know him.
Curly: So which one is it?
- I was hoping I could get some news from you here.

Curly: Forget it, I only collect information that can help my social life,
Small text: Favourite food: Squid
-But the most important things about him have been passed over.
-This guy seems to have some kind of back-story!

Yoshimori: Back-story…?
Curly: Like how he stayed in various households,
-and was once sent to live with a relative.
Bubble: Isn’t that your own speculation…?

Curly: Our group teacher * actually gave me a direct hit on my head. ( I’m not sure what they call the homeroom teacher / form teacher in Japan, so I put “group teacher” ^^;;; )
-Without even a single word, he hit my head with the attendance book.
-Therefore, that guy’s got to have some kind of back-story for sure.

Curly: Just like Shishio back in the day, a transfer student with a back-story.
-Although their personalities ARE completely different… (CAPS=italics)
Yoshimori: Completely?

Yoshimori: Ah…You think so…
-But I still think that there’s something similar about both of them…
Curly: Huh?
-Is it because they’re both wearing the school uniform?

Fangirls: Be serious, stop teasing us---
Small text, L to R:
WAH, EEW!, really, really, we’re from the next class! Kagemiya Sen, WAH

Curly: He’s very popular among the girls.
Bubble: AH
- The popularity of a half-ayakashi mix!?

Left Box says: Featured Character
Text from L to R:
Kagemiya Sen
14 years old
Urakai member
Abilities stem from his part-ayakashi background.

Sen: What’s this*? Did you skip class too? ( I guess it could also be “Whassup?” It’s “What’s this” in the RAWs)

Sen: Ah~ah
-Here, there’s still space for you.

Yoshimori: I never knew you had such awesome social skills hidden away…

Sen: Ah?
-Nah, its nothing like that.

Yoshimori: You’ve completely mixed in with our circle.

Sen: That’s just for show, retard.
-It just makes things easier.

Yoshimori: Oh…
-I’m glad for you…
-To see you getting along fine with everyone…
-Because Akitsu said…that you hated to come to school…

Sen: I’m not here to PLAY.

Sen: You don’t have worry about how comfortable I am.

Yoshimori: Sorry.

Yoshimori: But…
-We’re all classmates here.
-You don’t have to repress yourself like that,

Bubble: What’s wrong with that retard!?

Bubble: Does he have no sense of anxiety!?
- Now I’m the one who looks like a retard for spying on him!

Bubble: That guy must be a real dummy!
-To a happy camper like that can be a legitimate successor…
-Ah, just the thought gets me worked up…
-And the Taicho is a weirdo as well!

Bubble: ……
- It makes me suspect…

Girls: Ah,
-It’s Kagemiya-san!

Girl: Did you skip class just now?
Girl2: You just transferred here, you know, you can’t act like that!

Bubble: Ah~ah…those are the girls from my class…

Sensei: Even without using soul reading, there are many ways to continue your investigation.

Sensei: You’re still not very good at it,
-so practice as much as you can,
-do you understand?

Sensei: You’d be fine if the subject is a normal person. But remember never to use your power in the vicinity of the Kekkaishi.
-Keep your sessions short and sweet, don’t overload yourself.
-Stop immediately once you feel tired.
-And never do it if your own soul is disturbed.

Sensei: Another thing…
-When you use your power, you get “that look”.

Sensei: You’ve got to correct this problem ASAP.

Sen: Eh…But I’m half…
- I can’t help it if my body changes a bit when I use my power…
Sensei: It doesn’t work even when you reduce your power, huh?
-Still, no matter what, you’ve got to correct it.

Sensei: It’s fine if you can read from afar.
-But you don’t have full psychic power, so there are limits…

Sensei: Basically, you are only a receiver.
- What’s more, you can only read what your subject projects.
- So if they choose to project their dinner, you’re stuck.
Bubble: I guess he wants a flame grilled steak…?
Boxes L to R: Address? Name? Age? Family?

Sensei: Those are the times
-when you need---

Sensei: Conversation

Sensei: You start by asking questions---
- And, based on the information your subject projects,
- you probe.

Sensei: You need eye contact in conversation, “that look” would be an obstacle.
- Understood?

Sensei: In this mission you’d be in a school with lots of normal people, so take every chance to practice.
-You watch out for the Kekkaishi, alright?

Sensei: Sen

Sensei: You’re lucky…
-because you were born with wonderful features.
-Make good use of them.

Sensei: Subjects who are interested in you,
-Are very easy to read.

Sen: Ah, I hate mathematics class
Girl: Ah, me too!
Girl2: Yes---
-That’s why you skipped out on your very first class?

Sen: Hey, by any chance, do you girls know where Sumimura is? Small text: I’m looking for him.
Girls: Sumimura?

Girls: Huh? Small txt: Who’s that
Sen: Ah, its okay if you don’t know him.

Girl: Ah,
-Wait, wait, Kagemiya-san,
-Er, er…
Girl2: Oh, its that kid sitting right in front.
-Ah, that guy dozing off during the opening ceremony
Girl: Yeah, yeah, that’s him
Girl2: I just saw him a while ago!
-He’s probably still in the classroom?

Yoshimori: Stop it right there!!

Small txt: Wah, what are you doing, Tokine!
That’s my job!

Sen: Shu
-I’ll leave the rest to you
Shu: Hey,
-Sen-kun, where are you going!

Sen: Hello
Sensei: Oh, did something come up.

Sen: Nothing, its no big deal, only…
-I’m a little irritated…
Sensei: Irritated?

Sen: How should I put it…
-As a spy, I’m feeling disappointed in my target…

Sen: I’ve asked around about him.
-The highest opinion of him was “the boy who only gets motivated by coffee milk.”!?
-His nickname in elementary school was “Gremlin” (lit. “Furball”, I think it is referring to his messy hairstyle, but it makes me think of the troll keychains with the furry hair, hence: gremlin !?!?) And he hasn’t even mastered his 9 times table
-The girls in class don’t know he exists, the image I drew from their souls was all wrong!!

Sen: I’m always hanging around him, observing him,
-But does that guy live in his own world!? He doesn’t seem the least bit concerned!!

Sen: I can’t go on like this, I’m losing my motivation…
Sensei: Sen

Sensei: You’re not allowed to make such a rash and superficial report to your Taicho, you know.

Sen: ……!
-I understand…
Sensei: One more thing. Overcome your strange feeling of guilt.

Sensei: Never give up on the mission.

Sensei: Don’t get over-excited, this is only the beginning.

Sen: …
-I also think that this is a good opportunity

Sensei: Even though, I just took the chance to recommend you,
-I also hope to groom you into an elite.

-I will try my best to abandon all feelings of guilt.
-And I appreciate your guidance in the future.

Sensei: Yes
-You have potential.

Side text: It might not have been his intention to come here. However, it was an order---

TN: Thank you for reading:amuse

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#1. by Belle ()
Posted on Jul 21, 2007
Sensei: You’re lucky…
-because you were born with wonderful features.
-Make good use of them.

You bet he does. He looks like a freakin' girl. ><

And no, I'm not going to let that go.

Anyyyways, Great translation ^_^ Informative chapter and interesting to boot.

*goes back to reading Harry Potter.*
#2. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2007
XD I would've thought that Sen is popular with BOTH the guys and the girls on account of his physical features but seems like his charm is limited to his female classmates at this point...:D

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