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Kekkaishi 69

Kekkaishi Chp 69

+ posted by Silver_Sea as translation on Aug 5, 2007 03:54 | Go to Kekkaishi

-> RTS Page for Kekkaishi 69

For Urakai Scans: I see that the scanlation has reached vol. 8, great job guys ~! :whoo
TN: My previous trans had a few pages bleeding into the next…gomen in advance if its happening again…:P


Shishio: Hiba-Sensei…
-Why are you here?

Hiba: Did you assume that you were the only one sent to Karasumori?

-One of my tasks was to specially keep an eye on you.

-Just as I thought, you intended to break the ban at the slightest provocation…

Shishio: But sensei…
-I didn’t transform all the way …

-That was only 60 %...

Shishio: OW!

Hiba: How dare you make excuses for yourself!!
-Just now, you had clearly gone out of your mind, you animal!!

-You’ve completely deviated from your mission!
-I’m reporting everything you’ve done to our superiors, prepare to face the penalty!!

Shishio: I’m

-I’ll never…do it again…
-Never ever break…
-the ban again…

-SO, please…

-let me off this once…
-I beg of you…


-I’m begging you…
-I swear I’ll never do it again…
-I beg of you…
-I beg of you…

TN (; ;) , poor Shishio…he lit says. I beg of you/I’m begging you, which is common in Chinese, but it sounds old-fashioned in English…is this something a 14 year old kid would say?)

Hiba: Has he finally passed out?
-This is one tough kid. A single shot would’ve been more than enough to take out a normal adult.

-This little brat…

Kaguro: Don’t get me wrong.

-I didn’t help you out.
-Those guys were just starting to get on my nerves.

Yoshimori: ……
-Get LOST.

Kaguro: Hehe…
-You’re a fascinating one.

-Come on, that attack you used…
-Do it one more time!

Yoshimori: ?
-That attack I used!?

Kaguro: What, what, what?
Bubble: Hmm…as I expected.
-You didn’t forget did you?

Yoshimori: SHADDUP!
-Get out of my way, RIGHT NOW!!

Kaguro: This won’t do—it’ll be too boring for me.

Bubble: Where is he?

SFX: sha (*walking away*)

Kaguro: You don’t deserve any more than 50 marks,
-but since your power is still growing, I’ll let you off with a provisional pass!
-I’m looking forward to your performance in the future.

-Call me Kaguro
-For your sake, I’ll retreat tonight.

Bubble: That was really tempting…

Bubble: But my time is up.

Bubble: Oh well…
SFX: *squirm*
-I’ve gotten back the human skins, and grasped the details of my opponent.
-Not bad for one night’s work!

SFX: *clench*

Yoshimori: ……


-How’re you doing?
-Let me get that rubble off you!
Tokine: Mmmm…

Bubble: I must have been a burden on him…
Tokine: I’m sorry, thank you…

Tokine: OH…

Bubble: When did I get that cut?
-I didn’t even feel it…

Yoshimori: ……
-How could I…

-I …
-I did it again…

Tokine: What does he mean?

Yoshimori: I’m sorry…to just stand and stare…
-and not be able to do anything…

-how can I tell you…how sorry I am…

Tokine: Hey…look, I’m fine, aren’t I?
-This little scratch will heal in no time!
-And why in the world are you apologizing to me?
-It wasn’t your fault at all!

Yoshimori: No…it was my…
Tokine: Alright----alright now!
-Didn’t I say I was fine!!
-I think we should look for Gen-kun now!!

Tokine: Gen-kun!?
Yoshimori: Shishio!

Hiba: Woah! Hold it right there.
-I’m from the Urakai!

Yoshimori + Tokine: Urakai!?

Hiba: Right.
-My main task is to observe the situation, but I am also responsible for the security of Karasumori.

-My name is Hiba Kyoichi.
- I’d appreciate your guidance in the future.

Yoshimori: Let’s backtrack for a second…
-I remember Shioshio releasing huge surge of murderous energy just a moment ago…
-so how did he end up like this?

-That’s because he broke the ban.
-I had to sedate him.

Yoshimori: Ban…!?
Hiba: This silly boy nearly lost control again…
-There’s nothing to worry about now.

-I only need to tell our superiors about the breaking of the ban,
-and this little brat will be instantly stripped of his post.

Yoshimori: Hey, are you
-really his comrade? Then how can you talk like that…

Hiba: ?
-Didn’t you feel the spiritual energy he was projecting?
-This person is an ayakashi!

-He has failed to respect even the most fundamental rules.
-We cannot entrust our work to someone so lacking in self-control.

-In my opinion, this boy lacked the ability for group work from the very beginning.
SFX: *stir*

-I don’t even think he has the ability for any kind of social activity.
-His only talent is to create havoc!
Tokine: Stop that…he’s not like that!

-It’s not surprising that a guy like this would end up being shunned by everyone.
-Even within the shadow organization, I doubt he could have endured for too long.

-Did you guys know?
-This person…

- once bludgeoned his very own elder sister…
-almost to DEATH!!

-Not only that, he beat up his three elder brothers so badly that they all had to be taken to the hospital.
-Thank god, he managed to stop short of attacking his own parents…
-That’s exactly the kind of person he is.


Shishio: I’m going back.
Hiba: Shishio,
-remember to pack up all your things.

Yoshimori: SHISHIO!
-Wait! Don’t go!

Shishio: I’m going back.
Hiba: Humph!
-Going back where? You don’t have ANYWHERE to go back to…

( >.< That’s so mean!)

TN: Thanks for reading:amuse

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#1. by Belle ()
Posted on Aug 5, 2007
Hiba... Hiba... I have to admit, he's quite good looking in the anime, but he's a jerk.

Thanks for the translation!
#2. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Aug 5, 2007
Yeah, I was shocked at how Hiba was treating Shishio like an animal...he positively has a grudge against Shishio for some reason. >.>

But maybe Shishio deserves this kind of harsh treatment? I wonder what he did in the earlier chapters...
#3. by ntah ()
Posted on Aug 6, 2007
thanks silver_sea for the teanslation^^
#4. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Aug 10, 2007
Hey ntah, thanks for your support!

You have the honour of being the last person to comment on my KKS translations in MH. :kukuku

We have moved our proofing sessions to our website @ urakai.com, for a bit more privacy.

Anyways, we will continue to do our best, I hope to see you next time at our forums over there! ;)

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