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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 451

One Piece Chapter 451

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Apr 7, 2007 03:43 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 451

I'm posting as I go. Thanks to rockschmock for his early translations, and pointing out some puns that I don't always catch. That man is the bomb!

Update: I had come down with the black death, and thus I was unable to make any more updates for a while. Apologies. I'll get on this when I can.

Update2: Finished the trans. Whew.

Page 01:
Title: Pelona's Wonder Garden
Subtext: Enel's Great Space Plan: Volume 19 - While watching the moon, it exploded

Page 02:
Absalom: No matter where they try and run to, corner then and march them back here!!
Absalom: They're not even real opponents for you General Zombies!!!
Absalom: Grrrrrr!!!
Drunk: Uuurp
Absalom: hm?...Hey, don't sit there and waste time Captain John! (John or Jon)
Absalom: You're really not living up to your lifetimes infamous reputation!!
John: Yea yea........ I'm goin hehehehe!!!
Absalom: ......man, can't do much about him.
SFX: sneak sneak
Someone: Abu-sama *heart*

Page 03:
Something: Let's get married *heartx2*
Absalom: Kyaaaaaaa Lola!!!
Absalom: You, just go out and fight already. I'm your commander dammit!!!
Lola: Then marry me!!!
Absalom: Why?!!!
Absalom: Stop joking around!!! I'm a human!! I'm going to have a human bride.
Absalom: Think about it Lola!! You're a female warthog!!!
Absalom: And a zombie at that!!! You're dead and rotting!!!
Lola: Ah!
Absalom: Eh?
Box: Marriage Certificate

Page 04:
Lola: Alright!!!
Absalom: OOH Let go!!!
Absalom: Oh!! ....Oh!! What's with you doing something that terrifying, you're trying to

trick me into signing a marriage certificate!!!
Lola: Ooh... I can't resist that Wild muzzle of yours.
Lola: Give me your finger Absalom. I love you!!! Heehee!!!
Absalom: Uoh!!
Absalom: I don't want to be haunted by a dead animal for the rest of my life!!!
Lola: Bridal Jutsu!! Vow Kiss!!!
SFX: smooch
SFX: smoochsmooch
Absalom: Uwah
Absalom: Toah!!!
Absalom: Ha!!!

Page 05:
Absalom: Wait!! Listen to me well Lola!!!
Absalom: ha
Absalom: My bri...!! I've decided
Absalom: I've already decided on the woman who will be my bride!!
Absalom: ha
Absalom: You have strong feelings but even though she thinks highly of herself, she's a weak human that's still alive!!
Lola: Heehee!! You're going to mess it up again anyways.
Absalom: You Idiot, look!!!
Absalom: She's one of the pirates that landed on this island... perfectly suited to become this handsome man's bride!!
Absalom: And your curse ends here as well...
Lola: I won't let you do that.
Lola: I'm going to erase that woman!!!
Absalom: Don't!!! Stop right there Lolaaa.

Page 06:
Pelona: Hey, Bearsy!!
Bearsy: Oo.............
Pelona: The Risky Brothers are bringing a coffin here. *Risky is a pun on Risu: Squirrel. Thanks Rockschmock)
Pelona: When you receive it, send it to
Pelona: the master's Dance Hall! Alright?
Pelona: Did you get that or didn't you!?
Bearsy: ...yes
Pelona: Don't answer me!! It's uncute!!
Pelona: I'm going to head toward the ship then
Pelona: as I'm commanding the treasure collecting group
Pelona: If anything happens, come let me know! Got it?
Pelona: Yes...!! That's right, when you don't say anything you're so cute!!
Bearsy(thought): ...have a nice trip...
sfx: mumble
Pelona: You!! Now you're mumbling!!
Bearsy: !!!...Oh...!!
Bearsy: oh

Page 07:
Riskys: One Two One Two
Riskys: Take it There. Take it There. To the Master's Lair. (Trying to rhyme it like it was originally)
Riskys: Kya Kya
Riskys: Wah
Riskys: Watch out!!
Riskys: Oh no, we did it!!
Riskys: Oh no, we dropped it
Riskys: We dropped what were were supposed to deliver!!

Page 08:
Riskys: Oh...!!!
Riskys: The coffin opened up!!
Riskys: Wah, it woke up!!
Riskys: Time to fight!! A deadly fist fight!!
Riskys: Bad to kill em!!
Riskys: Then how about half kill?!!
Riskys: Half-kill!!
Chopper: Huh?
Chopper: This is.........
Riskys: Shaaaaa!!!
Chopper: Uwaaaah!!!
Chopper: Why you!!!
Riskys: Bohaaaah!!!

Page 09:
Riskys: .........!! Gafuuh!!
Chopper: Ah!! Usopp, Nami!!
Chopper: Hey!! Get it together!!
Chopper: Open your eyes!
Nami: ...................................uh...
Usopp: ........!! Owowow... huh? We were all...
Usopp: by the samurai.......
Usopp: .....did he strike with the back of the blade.........?!!
Nami: This is..............outside..........
Nami: There's a little bit of rain, and I can see the ground.
Chopper: I don't know but just now those Squirrels were carrying us
Chopper: to be delivered in that coffin.
Usopp: Uwoah! Is this an iron coffin?!
Riskys: Oh no, those three opened their eyes!!
Riskys: This is bad. Call our nakama!!

Page 10:
Nami: This.... looks like the back of the mansion doesn't it?
Nami: Hogback's Research Room was on the top floor after all.
Chopper: They're already carried us a long way it seems...
Chopper: ......... hey, behind it!!
Chopper: On the opposite side it looks like there's something standing there!!
Usopp: What is that...!? Behind the mansion...
Nami: Was there something that big there before?...........!!!
Usopp: Nami...!?
Nami: ...I've figured out where we are...!!

Page 11:
Nami: We're on the passage that connects the mansion to that huge structure.
Usopp: Passage!?
Usopp: ........it's soo wide!! It's like a forest up here!!
Nami: .........well, even if it's been made a forest...
Nami: while we were unconscious.
Nami: they were carrying our coffin here...
Nami: They had to have been carrying us to that structure over there.
Usopp: That's probably where those zombies that were carrying us ran off to!!
Chopper: Kyaaaaaaaaah!!!

Page 12:
Chopper: It's a good thing we woke up!! Lets run!!
Usopp: That right, let's get out of here!! .....but where to?
Nami: Wait a moment...
Nami: There was no treasure... there was a loud voice, and we ran away scared.............
Nami: I can almost remember what he said....
Nami: it's just
Usopp: What are you saying!? Moron!!!
Usopp: Waaah!! My "Something is Wrong" Sensor is having a huge response!!!
Chopper: Whatever you're saying, for now lets just run Nami.
Nami: That zombie said something about something missing...
Zombie: This isn't The Treasure Chest!!!
Usopp: Stop thinking useless stuff, lets run!!
Nami: I was an idiot!! I get it now, I was just too scared then.
Both: Something is wrong with those eyes!!!
Nami: ...then, where do we run? Forward? Back?
Usopp: This place is weird... if we ran back to the mansion it'd be bad if
Usopp: we ran into that samurai guy again.
Chopper: But there could be even scarier guys right in front of us.

Page 13:
Chopper: Hm?
Usopp: Uwah!! ......huh?
Nami: Eh....what? This forest's horrible animals are.... penguins!?
Penguins: Count off!!
Pen: 1!!
SFX: ban
Pen: 2!!
sfx: ban
Pen: ah
Pen: 3...
sfx: wan
Nami: No.......
Nami: Yea..........................
Pen1: Greetings
Pen2: We're the Penguin Zomby Comby!! Ah!! I got it wrong.. *Trans Note: Zombie Combination
Pen3: Trio!! We're a Trio, I'm the new guy.
Chopper: Like we care about that kinda member info!!
Pen1: And behind you all are our nakama, the Wild Zombies!!
Chopper: Eh?

Page 14-15:
Zombies: Welcome
Zombies:To Lady Pelona's "Wonder Garden"!!
All: Woah, weird things we'd scream "No" at!!!
Zombies: So there
Zombies: All this chatter
Zombies: Lets tie 'em up!!!
All: Uwaaaaah!!!
All: Kyaaah!!
All: Kyaaaa!!!

Page 16:
Chopper: This is bad!!
Chopper: Usopp fire!! Fire!!!
Usopp: That's right, these are all zombies too!!
Usopp: Hissatsu *Sure Kill
Zombie: Doryah!!!
Usopp: uwah!!!
Chopper: Usopp!!
sfx: thunk
Nami: Chopper!! Look out!! Behind you!!!
Chopper: buhaa!!!

Page 17:
Nami: Chopper, Usopp!!!
Zombie: You're half dead as well!!!
Zombie: Neu
Pen3: Stop it!!!!

Page 18:
zombie: Gapaaa!!!
Zombies: Hey, newbie!!! What are you doing to your nakama!!!
Zombies: That woman is the enemy!! Kick her ass!!!
Pen3: ...I don't know with whom or where this lady is from
Pen3: but even if the master didn't order me to...
Pen3: Even if I die!!
Pen3: I'll never kick a lady!!!!
Nami: ...eh?
Pen3: If you got a problem
Pen3: Then try me......
Pen3: You shitty zombies!!!

Page 19: Luffy's "You ass" line is improvised.
Luffy: Heeeey!!
Luffy: Heeeeey!!
Luffy: Huh??
Luffy: Hey!! Pig!! Are you trying to pull something!?
Luffy: You ass!!
Oinkchuck: I told you from the start that don't know anything!!
Oinkchuck: onikoink
Franky: ........You're lying aren't you? It's written all over your face...!!!
Robin: Strange isn't it... we can't even hear a voice... were they strangled to death?...
Franky: Why is your train of thought always so dark?!!
Luffy: That's weird........!!!
Luffy: Even Zoro's disappeared!?

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#1. by juUnior ()
Posted on Apr 7, 2007
thx skywalker6705 for the trans :D
#2. by The Touch ()
Posted on Apr 7, 2007
Cheers skywalker! ;)
#3. by bax ()
Posted on Apr 7, 2007
Thanx for another trans sky :kkthumbs

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