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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 458

One Piece Chapter 458

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Jun 2, 2007 03:13 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 458

At least it didn't come at 5am like last week... :luffy
Need to take a food break after like page 03.

Page 01:

Title: Not the Afro
Subtext: Enel's Great Space Plan Volume 24: God's Judgment

Page 02:
BGtext: A running disturbance on Thriller Bark!
Zombies: Oooh what happened.........
Zombies: Aside from Humming, for
Zombies: someone else to show up who knows our weakness......!!
Zombies: This is rotten! "We can't die" was our catchphrase but
Zombies: It's not good if we're terrified of being destroyed!!
Robin: We heard in the passage
Robin: that they use this long staircase to transport those whose shadows were stolen.
Usopp: So that's it, they were transporting Luffy!!
Usopp: while we were getting away, Nami was...!!!

Page 03:
Chopper: Will Nami be alright!?
Usopp: There's no way she'll throw her life away
Usopp: We'll definitely go back and save her!!
Franky: What the hell was that monstrous roar we heard earlier when were we up there!?
Franky: We heard that and took off.
Chopper: That was... Luffy's voice.
Chopper: We'll tell you everything that we saw!!
Franky: Anyways
Franky: ............ this is situation unheard of!!

Page 04:
Zombies: Keep it coming!! It's still not enough!!
Zombie: How much can this Special Zombie eat?!!
Zombie: He'll take down this island's entire supply of food!!
Moria: What an amazing appetite.
Pelona: Bearsy, what kind of reason could you have for hiding those pirates?!!
Bearsy: Oh...oh...but...that is...
Pelona: Stop talking, it's uncute!!
Oz: Sorry little leek guy!! I don't even know who I am but
Oz: You went ahead and gave me food!! I appreciate it, though it's still not enough shishishishishi!!
Zombies: Nuah!!!?

Page 05:
Zombies: Special Zombie, why you!!!
Zombies: You better watch your tone!!!
Zombies: Just whose shadows do you think we're moving with!!?
Zombies: What a thing to say to the man your facing, the leader of Thriller Bark!!!
Zombie: The Master is going to be the King of this sea some day......
*Oz looks at them*
Zombie: We're really sorry.
Zombie: That guy said everything.
Zombie: Why you!! Don't sell out a friend!!
Moria: Listen Oz
Moria: 500 years ago you were a huge villain who left numerous legends behind.
Moria: And now on the present day sea you have been revived to be my underling.
Oz: Underling? No way.
Oz: I have a dream!!
Zombies: We've never seen a Zombie like that!!!

Page 06-07:
Oz: Sorry but, it's kinda cramped here.
Oz: I'm gonna go outside for a bit! Maybe go out to sea and go around the world.
Zombies: A huge voyage?!!
Zombies: You idiot, that's useless
Zombies: This special freezer is made from super dense steel and is hermetically sealed!!* *Trans Note: Pressurized*
Oz: Gomu Gomu no Pistol!!!!
Zombies: Wait wait wait wait you!!!
Zombies: This is rotten!!! Oz is escaping outside!!!
Oz: That's strange
Oz: I had a feeling that my arm would stretch but ...well whatever.
Oz: I will become
Oz: the Pirate King!!!!

Page 08:
Ryuuma: Well, just like then
Ryuuma: pleading "Not the afro" "not the afro"...
Ryuuma: you'll wind up shamelessly begging me for your life again...!!
Brook: ......... No!! That will not occur.
Brook: Hah... hah...
Brook: I can't make any progress......!!
Brook: Against such scary looking zombies
Brook: Even if I muster my courage and cut them
Brook: they just keep standing right back up...!!
Brook: There just has to be some kind of weak point.
Brook: hah
Brook: At this rate even if I were able to find my own zombie
Brook: There wouldn't even be anything I could do...!!
Brook: more than anything, Zombies' faces are just too scary...
Someone: Gyaaaaaaaaah

Page 09:
Zombie: One of out comrades consumed it!!!
Zombie: What happened!?
Zombie: He...!! He ate some salted grilled fish.
Zombie: You idiot!! He was a newbie.
Brook: No way, could this be their weak point?!!!
Hogback: You!! You're the skeleton whose shadow we stole a few days ago!! How did you get back here!?
Brook: Answer my question!!
Brook: Which Zombie is my shadow inside of!?
Brook: If you don't answer me I'll scatter fish all over this island!!!
Hogback: hm...? Fish......!?
Hogback: Fosu fosu ......
Hoback: What good would scattering that do you?
Brook: Eh...!! Then......
Brook: You can't mean it wasn't... salt either.
Hogback: Sal...!!?
Hogback: Foo!!
Hogback: Fosusufoosu!! Foo...!!!
Hogback: Wh...what good would scattering so... something like...
Brook: It's Salt!!!

Page 10:
Brook: Hah...hah, like I thought, Zombies are really really scary.
Brook: Nighttime is the worst......!!
Brook: but it's even more dangerous when the the the sun is shining.
Brook: and it's easy to be found by the enemy...
Brook: Th...that's right. When you're scared you should sing a song to take your mind off things...
Brook: Wah!! That scared me...
Brook: What's this? A grasshopper?
Brook: If I do it so I don't see their faces... agilely and with the speed of a skeleton
Brook: and made those zombies consume it...
Brook: then I'll certainly meet my shadow.
Zombie: What is this song...
Zombie: Somebody is humming......!?
Zombie: Gyaaaaaah
Zombie: What is it!!
Brook: hummmmmm *or* mnnnnnnnn *humming*
Zombie: Gyaaaaah
Brook: Gyaaaah

Page 11:
Absalom: What happened!? What's happening on this island!!?
Zombie: He appears at night whenever you hear the humming
Zombie: the swordsman with that fearsome face
Zombie: he's going around trying to find his own shadow!!
Bearsy: Lady Pelona, trouble.
Pelona: Shut up, don't wake me Bearsy
Zombie: It's too late, the Soldier Zombies are already annihilated.
Zombie: Please, do something!!!
Ryuuma: Yohohoho!!
Brook: hah
Brook: ......... finally we meet!!!
Brook: hah

Page 12:
Brook: What is this strength... Is he not me!?
Brook: this zombie!!!
Brook: His swordsmanship is the same but... really
Ryuuma: Yohoho
Brook: I can't keep up.
Ryuuma: Give up
Ryuuma: No matter how many dozens of times you try it's the same.
Ryuuma: If you want to move a little bit faster then why don't we cut off
Ryuuma: that bothersome afro.
Brook: Eh...s...Stop!!!
Brook: Not the afro!! Please, leave it alone.

Page 13:
Brook: ...why don't you understand!!? ......if you're my shadow...
Brook: hah
Brook: why don't you understand the importance of this afro!!?
Brook: ......that because my body has has stopped growing
Brook: hah
Brook: that it would never grow back again!!?
Ryuuma: Yohohoho What's that? I've forgotten everything about my days with you!!
Ryuuma: Right now my masters are Moria-sama and Absalom-sama
Ryuuma: A skeleton that thinks an afro is important
Ryuuma: could only be considered a joke!!!
Brook: Uwah!!! St...Stop please!!!
Brook: Not the afro!! Just not the afro!!!
Ryuuma: What a miserable appearance, my former master.
Brook: .........I'm sorry ...I've lost.
Brook: I beg you... Let me escape......!!
Brook: I'll leave this island immediately so...

Page 14:
Ryuuma: Then, get out of my sight!!!
Ryuuma: Besides it would be a problem for me too if you died.
Brook: uuh
Brook: uuhh...!!!
Ryuuma: No more pathetic displays.
Brook: Say whatever you like
Brook: These past five years!!
Brook: for this second chance!!!
Brook: I became stronger!!!

Page 15:
Priest: Heh heh, Absalom-sama!
Absalom: You're prepared for the ceremony right?
Priest: It's ready whenever.
Picture: Woah, what a beautiful bride.
Absalom: Start the ceremony immediately.
Absalom: Put her in a dress, and bring her to the ceremonial hall.
Priest: Heh heh, right away!!

Page 16:
Usopp: That thing just now, the huge noise
Usopp: and what sounded like a scream
Usopp: hah
Usopp: Luffy's zombie is
Usopp: probably breaking out and throwing a huge rampage I bet.
Usopp: Let's hurry
Usopp: hah
Chopper: It's the Sunny!!
Franky: So that's it, they led it here...
Franky: and then they're right here at the Boss's room.
Franky: It looks like they've extended the stairs.

Page 17:
Usopp: Oi!! It looks like it's been raided!!
Robin: It's the Zombie's doing it seems.
Robin: There are muddy footprints all over.
Chopper: Eh!! Then they might still be here?!!
Franky: They certainly were rough
Franky: Doesn't seem like they left anything behind.........
Chopper: Are there no Zombies?
Franky: First, where are our crucial crew members......?
Franky: I don't see them...
Chopper: Oi Luffyyyy!!!
Chopper: Zorooo!!
Chopper: Sanjiii!!
Usopp: They're here!! In the dinning room.
Usopp: All three of them!!

Page 18:
Franky: The Zombies seem to have completely decorated them
Robin: ......free of charge
Franky: Ooi!!! Wake up you guys!!! No time to sleep!!!
Franky: This is a serious situation!!!
Usopp: didn't wake up...
Franky: Did these guys even feel that?
Franky: No choice, move over, I'll use the Bazooka and...
Usopp: No, that's alright...
Usopp: A beautiful lady swordsman just showed up with a ton of meat!!!

Page 19:
Sanji: Beauty!!?
Luffy: Meat!!?
Zoro: Swordsman!!?
Chopper: They're hopeless!!
BGText (along left border): Usopp's plan... a huge success...!? The three awaken for their favorite dish!!

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#1. by bludshock ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2007
Thanks :D
#2. by mugen ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2007
yes thank you so much for translating :wtf
#3. by bax ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2007
Thanx a lot sky :kkthumbs
#4. by yoniekai ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2007
great as always buddy! :thumbs
#5. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2007
Thanks a lot pall
#6. by yeste ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2007
Great trans man, thanks! :)
#7. by Hermie (vs. The World.)
Posted on Jun 2, 2007
Thanks for your hard work and devotion, Sky. ^_^
#8. by juUnior ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2007
thx Sky for the trans, as always :D
#9. by uchihazaldy ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2007
iwas so thankfull for the translators its te best guy's!!!!! your good as ever!!! thanks again!!!!:) :) :D :o guys your super cool!!!

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