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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Miss Boys! 1

First Round

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Apr 28, 2013 19:10 | Go to Miss Boys!

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Sakamoto: From today on I'll be a member of the cheer leading club.
Sign: Seishuu gakuen cheer leading club

Sakamoto: Sigh...

Sakamoto: Excuse me...

Sakamoto: Jeez, it smells of sweat in here...


Sakamoto: Ugh, it's really a cheer leading club.
Kaneko: G'morning!

Kaneko: Hey! // Aren't you Sakamoto? Of Nishi Junior High's basketball club.

Sakamoto: He looks so frail! // I am... Who are you?
Kaneko: I'm Kaneko Shun, a first year student here. // You played amazing in the finals. (even scored a three-pointer...) // Ah, I was a member of Higashi Junior High's basketball club.

Sakamoto: He's a member of the cheer leading club?
Kaneko: By the way, what are you doing here, Sakamoto?

Sakamoto: I'll be joining the club from today on.
Kaneko: Is that so? // What about basketball?

Sakamoto: To be honest...

Box: One day earlier // After school

Sakamoto: Bastard! Don't play dirty tricks on me just because you are losing!

Boy: Sakamoto, that's no way to talk to your senior! // I don't know how good you were in Junior High, but // you are a bit too bossy for a first year.

Sakamoto: Does me being a first year student even matter in basketball? // If you are my senior, then act like one and play fair!
Coach: Sakamoto, that's enough!

Sakamoto: Coach Kamon!!
Coach: I agree, Nitta's play isn't right, but // your attitude is the real problem.

Coach: I have no need for players who disturb the harmony of my team.


Sakamoto: But I didn't do anything wrong!
Coach: You're on a two-week suspension.

Coach: In those two weeks // I want you to join another club to fix that attitude.

Sakamoto: Another club?

Coach: A club that's even stricter about hierarchical relationships. // That is...
Kaneko: I get it.


Sakamoto: You do?
Kaneko: I joined, because my dad said I have no guts and should join the cheer leading club.

Sakamoto: Really?
Kaneko: But I'm happy you're here. Now I'm no longer the only first year student. ^o^

Sakamoto: Going that far, are they really that strict about practice here?
Kaneko: Ah, that's right. You'd better not tell them it's just for two weeks.

Sakamoto: Why?
Kaneko: They'll get mad for sure.

Sakamoto: Right.
Miki: Oh?

Miki: Who are you guys?

Miki: Do you want to join the club?

Sakamoto: Why are there two girls in this place? // Ah, yes. // Who are you?
Kaneko: Wait a moment, Masami-kun.

Kaneko: By any chance...

Kaneko: Are you two Miki-senpai and Sakurai-senpai?


Miki: I'm Mikity ♡

Sakurai: I'm Cherry.

Box (Sakamoto): Dra...
Kaneko: I knew it!

Sakamoto: Drag!!?

Sakurai: In the past we used to be an outstanding cheer leading club, but the sports clubs at that time were weak.


Miki: This person came with a solution.

Miki: Miss Monro, the legendary leader who started our tradition of drag. // But it seems he disappeared after creating Miss Boys.

Sakamoto: Hold on! Why drag!!? (What's Miss Boys!?)
Miki: Shut up and listen!!
Sakamoto: But...


Sakurai: At first the goal was to disturb the opponent's teamwork, but // in the end our own sports clubs became stronger as well.

Miki: As expected, boys become stronger if they are cheered on by girls. (Right?)
Sakamoto: Oh...

Sakamoto: You're kidding me, right!!? // Why are they wearing such clothes!?

Sakamoto: I'm not going to wear that... // So...

Sakurai: Here are your cheer girl outfits.

Sakurai: Try them on.

Sakamoto: Well...
Kaneko: OK!!

Sakamoto: Kaneko!?

Sakurai: What's up, Sakamoto? // Why aren't you changing?

Sakamoto: I can't.
Sakurai: What?

Sakamoto: I can't wear such clothes!
Sakurai: Sakamoto!

Kaneko: Here is your strawberry milk. And Yamamoto, you wanted a melon bread, right?
Sakamoto: Ah?

Kaneko: I'm sorry, the yakisoba bread sold out already.
Boy: (What?) I was counting on you, Kaneko!
Kaneko: I'm sorry, class ended late.

Boy: Damn it, try again tomorrow.
Kaneko: Sure.

Box (Sakamoto): Kaneko? // What's he doing?

Kaneko: Ah, Masami!

Kaneko: Masami, you'll come back to the cheer leading club, right? // You won't quit, right?

Sakamoto: You joined the cheer leading club, because you have not guts, right? // Yet you let them humiliate you.
Kaneko: Eh?

Kaneko: You're wrong. // I really want to do this.
Sakamoto: Really?

Sakamoto: Because you look like a girl anyway, right? // You really have no guts.

Kaneko: Aren't you the one without guts!?

Kaneko: If you really want to play basketball, dressing up as a girl shouldn't be a problem, right?
Sakamoto: But...

Sakamoto: That doesn't mean I want to dress up as a girl!
Kaneko: Oh...

Kaneko: Masami!

Sakamoto: Why are they doing this? // I really don't get it.

Chihiro: The cheer leading club?

Sakamoto: Yeah, but it's just for two weeks.
Chihiro: I know, but... // I heard cheer leading clubs are really strict.

Chihiro: They wear long coats... // and gloves?

Sakamoto: Yes, they are really strict. // But...

Sakamoto: I'm going back to the basketball club for sure! // And I'll be sure to win the tournament this year!

Chihiro: You're just acting tough! (Give me the ball...)
Sakamoto: Shut up!


Sakamoto: (Why don't you try to take it?)
Chihiro: (Meany!!)

Sakamoto: That's right. // I don't want to give up on basketball yet. // So...

Sakamoto: So I'll...
Sign: Seishuu gakuen cheer leading club

Miki: You think we are disgusting.


Sakamoto: You aren't.
Miki: You think we are fools.
Sakamoto: You aren't fools.

Miki: What's up with that way of talking!!
Sakurai: Calm down.

Sakurai: He came back after all.

Sakurai: Today you two won't have to dress up as girls. // You'll be in charge of the flag and the drum.
Both: Yes!


Miki: Ah, Ojo. Good morning.
Jo: Hey, who are they? New members? // And even two of them?

Sakamoto: Ojo?
Miki: This is Moroboshi. He's a third year. // Say hi.

Sakamoto: Good morning!
Kaneko: Good morning!
Miki: Ojo, this is Sakamoto Masami and that's Kaneko Shun.

Jo: Masami and Kaneko...

Jo: Nekochan and Masamin! (It's decided)
Sakamoto: What!?
Kaneko: Nekochan! ☆

Sakamoto: Why does he...!!
Miki: Ojo, what do you think?
Jo: That looks pretty good. // Compared to someone else you look pretty cute.


Sakurai: Who are you talking about? // I don't want to be told off by a person who hardly comes to practice.

Jo: Ah, you have sharp ears.

Jo: I joined this club on the condition that I didn't have to come to practice. // So, don't start complaining now.

Jo: Anyway, I'm going to change.

Kaneko: They don't seem to... get along, right?
Sakamoto: Yes, looks like it.

Sakamoto: I wonder if it'll be okay like this.

Sign: Seishuu High VS Meiou High Basketball match

Sakamoto: Wow!
Kaneko: (Wow!) Moroboshi looks really pretty!


Sakamoto: ...he does.

Sakamoto: Oh?

Sakamoto: What's that? // They are Meiou's cheer leading club, right? // Why are they in drag too?

Kaneko: I heard they started to copy us about five years ago.
Sakamoto: Copy us?
Kaneko: I also heard we'll have a drag showdown with Meiou High next week.

Sakamoto: What!? (Isn't today enough of a showdown?)
Kaneko: They call it a showdown, but it appears to be some kind of tradition.


Sakamoto: Seriously? (A tradition?)
Kaneko: It's on the last day of your two-week suspension.

Kaneko: So, I guess you'll have to take part too.

Sakamoto: I won't!

Sakurai: We lost...
Miki: We did.

Sakamoto: If I had played...!!
Tamaru: Good job~!

Tamaru: It's our win, also in basketball.

Miki: Tamaru...

Miki: Shut up, stupid copycat!
Tamaru: There's just no place for two drag cheer leading clubs.

Jo: I agree. // So how about this, the club who loses the drag tournament has to give up on it.

Jo: Fine with me.
Miki: Ojo!?

Tamaru: Ah well, with our secret weapon, we won't lose anyway. // I wonder what kind of performance you guys, who suffered four consecutive defeats, are going to put up. // See you.

Sakamoto: Secret weapon...?

Sakurai: This appears to be Meiou's secret weapon!

Sakurai: "Popular Idol group 5teens..." // "Because I am cheering for everyone, I'll also cheer for our clubs..."

Sakamoto: So, he's with Meiou's cheer leading club?
Sakurai: That's why they were so confident...
Miki: Going up against an idol...

Kaneko: It's because you said those selfish things!
Jo: Why are you only bringing this up now?
Kaneko: If we lose, our precious tradition of drag will come to an end!

Jo: Lose... If you're serious about this, then face the challenge. // Are you serious about this?
Kaneko: I am, how about you!?
Jo: I am, somewhat. // It's still just a hobby.

Jo: Well, as I'm looking forward to the drag tournament, I'll be there to help. // But whether we win or lose, will be up to you guys in the end.

Jo: See you.

Miki: Cherry-senpai, what now?
Sakurai: ...even if Moroboshi wins, we'll have to take care of the rest...

Miki: Right now, we have the disadvantage...
Sakamoto: This doesn't mean we've lost already!!

Sakamoto: Instead of crying, you'd better make an effort to win! // It's the same with basketball. You'll lose, if you give up before the end!

Miki: Basketball?

Sakamoto: Well... // That's how it is! // Damn, I said too much.

Sakamoto: But still


Sakamoto: I don't want to lose from such people...

Sakamoto: Oh! That person......
Kaneko: Now that you mention it, I have a feeling I've seen that Monro person before.
Sakamoto: Eh!?

Kaneko: There is "Come on!" written on that flag...
Sakamoto: Kamon... // Kamon...?

Sakamoto: Coach Kamon!!?


Sakamoto: The coach's name is Tetsurou. // Kamon Tetsurou. // Monro!!

Sakamoto: Maybe we have a chance to win...!!

Coach: Leave.

Sakurai: You are that Monro, right!? // We beg you, please coach us!
Coach: I told you already I'm not related to that person. // Leave already.

Sakurai: Coach!!
Coach: I have no time for this.
Sakamoto: Eh?

Kaneko: I was so sure it was him.
Sakurai: So did I.
Miki: That was our last hope...


Sakurai: I guess we have no choice but to beg Moroboshi to help us.
Kaneko: What's up, Sakamoto-kun? (Going somewhere?)

Sakamoto: I'm going to see the coach once more. // Please go ahead.
Kaneko: Eh!?

Sakamoto: Something is bothering me.

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