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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bloody Monday Last Season 26

Destined Partner

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on May 20, 2013 11:01 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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File 26 Destined Partner

1 (165)
Maya: Hmm.... // Were you listening, Fujimaru-kun? // It's been a while. // It's Maya-sensei, remember me?

Fujimaru: Orihara Maya!!! // And... three clones of Hibiki as well!!

Mamiya: What's going on, Orihara!?
Maya: Don't you get it, Condor? // This cell phone is also being tapped by Falcon.

Mamiya: What? No way...

2 (166)
Maya: Calm down. Don't make it look like Wizard "Falcon" already got us. // Or else you'll get burned. (Ha ha) // Right now, there are no cell phones other than yours in use on this tower. // So, it's easy for him to tap them, right?

Maya: But I do think "Storyteller" already took that into account...

Fujimaru: Orihara Maya and.. // three clones of Hibiki..!! // The.. They are here...!?

J: After the last terrorists... // No,.. they've had connections to Kujuu all along. // But it's not surprising. // Now the whole cast is here.

SFX: clack clack clack

3 (167)
Maya: Stay alert, Condor. // Information leaks out easily. // Therefore, you need to put our counter plan into action.. // Can you do it?

Maya: Listen, // boys.

Maya: From here on // things won't go as they did until now. // Ha ha.

4 (168)
Fujimaru: You damn bitch! // What are you planning!?
J : Calm down.

J: Whatever she does, it's always to make more money. // It's not like she knows what we are after.

Fujimaru: Even so, it'll only be a matter of time before she finds out. // I've let Orihara Maya get to familiar with my methods...!

Fujimaru: If she walks around and notices the fire prevention walls have been closed without reason... she'll know it was me who did that. // So, her next question will be "Why did he do that?". // Even that // won't stay a secret to her for long.

5 (169)
J: That's right. // Even you slack off sometimes, but you're a soldier with a good sense of balance. // The strategy that got us till here... // I have no intention to let her get in our way.

J: We too. // We will be fine if we change our strategy on the assumption of Maya being here.

Fujimaru: Ah..!!

J: More important... // Those clones of Mizusawa Hibiki. // Their existence bothers me.

Fujimaru: Ah.. // Feathers flock together, I guess. They are probably familiar with Hibiki's methods. // These are like troublesome twins...

Hibiki: "Twins". // You're wrong, Fujimaru.

6 (170)

Hibiki: We were only granted the same body and education. // So we are "clones".

Fujimaru: ..three Hibikis. // Damn, that's some absurd fighting power for sure. // But why did she make them?
J: Isn't it obvious.

J: Their aim is // to kill "your Mizusawa Hibiki".

Fujimaru: What!!?

Hibiki: It's as "J" says. // These girls... they came to kill me, who betrayed the country. // Fujimaru, I assume you'll interfere, but I think they were ordered to join this terrorist group.

Fujimaru: ....by that country?

J : ....yes.

7 (171)
J: Mizusawa and those girls are battle agents created by that country with concerted efforts. // They know a lot of top secret information. // Because their whole being is already one of the country's top secrets.

Hibiki: Yes. // It was easy to leave, but I didn't have // permission.

J: Of course that's not all they're after. // The higher ups agreed to do business with "Storyteller", but // for those girls the elimination of Mizusawa has priority // without doubt.

8 (172)
Hibiki: I expected my own "clones" to come after me. // I knew from the moment I used the elevator. // It was obvious from the way the security guard kept looking at my face. // He probably went up in the tower earlier, // and felt uncomfortable meeting "women with the same face" again and again.

Hibiki: I got a hunch // ....that they'd come again.

Hibiki: "J".

Hibiki: I cannot sever with or change my past. // If I do not end the existence // of those girls, // no matter how much I wish for happiness, // fate will one day catch up with me.

9 (173)
Fujimaru: As if // I'd let them do that!

Fujimaru: No matter what.. // I'll protect you!!

Hibiki: If that were possible.

Hibiki: Fujimaru.. // Get back alive.

Fujimaru: Yes! I will. // When I get back,....!

Hibiki: I want to // wear a wedding dress // with you.
Fujimaru: Yes....!

10 (174)
Hibiki: And, and! // If possible I'd like to hold our ceremony together with Haruka-chan ♡
Fujimaru: What!?

Fujimaru: Ah.. // Haruka.. too?
Hibiki: Yes!
Fujimaru: Well.. // Su..re..

J: Can you keep the lovey-dovey talk for later? // We're // short on time.
Fujimaru: Shut up! // I was just trying to cheer myself up!

Fujimaru: When humans set their sights on a bright future.... // When they have a goal, they become living beings that can show incredible power!!

J: But still.
Michael: Well. // When this is over, shall we go out for dinner or something?

J: Ah, sure. // That's fine with me. // If possible, I would like to visit an all-you-can-eat shop.

11 (175)
Michael: ..sounds good. // Let's invite Cain and Jacob too.

Michael: When they're starving their stomach is like a black hole.
J: So is yours, // right?

Fujimaru: "J"! // Hibiki! // Preparations are done!

J: Are you ready?

Michael: Whenever you are.

12 (176)
Fujimaru: Let's go, Hibiki. // ..let's finish this up.
Hibiki: Yes.

Michael: I'll inform everyone // that the fifth phase of our plan.. the final phase // is put in motion.

J: Give it your all.

13 (177)

Hibiki: Got it!

Fujimaru: To end this once and for all!!!

14 (178)
Maya: My, my. What's this? // So many people have gathered.

Man: ....! // She's a friend?
Maya: So // Who gave you instructions?

Man: Condor did, // why?

Maya: ...really.

Maya: Is that all the advice he gave? // I can't believe he gave such foolish instructions.

Man: What?

15 (179)

Maya: Didn't he tell you about the uncertain factor? // Our enemy is a hacker allied to that Wizard group. // What happens here already leaked out. // If you stay in this enclosed space any longer, you'll be locked in soon.

Man: Im.... Impossible..!

Maya: The Tokyo Neo Tower is a masterpiece of intelligent architecture on the world's highest level. // You might as well call it the Wizard's garden.... // With one click "Falcon" could make this entrance...

16 (180)
Maya: ....close automatically, // so you wouldn't be able to leave this room anymore.

Man: ....!! // No way.... For real..!!
Maya: If you get it, allow me to show you a better meeting place. // Please follow me!

Hibiki (clone): In the end even CRAUNS... // is an armed force that is ignorant of war.
Maya: Don't be too hard on them, // Delta. // They can't help it. They are soldiers of a lax country.

17 (181)
Maya: Can you hear me, "Storyteller"? // It's Maya.
Storyteller: .. // Yes.

Maya: I'm contacting you via a building you can see in the distance, using a black light laser communication device that was inside a bag left in the party room. // As long as we don't use radio waves, it'll be impossible to tap it, even for "Falcon".

Maya: But, that means that while we move the equipment to a location he cannot monitor, I won't be able to communicate with you.

Maya: Oh, and I'm sorry, but Condor was really a good-for-nothing. // His record makes him look like a capable person, but he's useless on the battlefield. // At this rate "Falcon" and "J" will get on to us in no time.

Storyteller: I get it. // He was just a fool. // I still have another // right-hand man.

18 (182)
Maya: You have another trump card? // I see.... // If it was me, I'd be worried about his plans now. // His right-hand man.... right? // I wonder how many more sacrificial pieces he has?

Maya: Excuse me.... Please tell me? // If the American dollars become nothing more than paper scraps, the American government and citizens won't be able to buy anything even if they have a truckload of banknotes. It'll become the greatest act of economic terrorism ever.

Maya: After America loses its status as King of the World. // What'll happen then?

Storyteller: The seeds to start a fire are already planted in America. // If those take flame, many states will declare their independence from the United States. // Using that as a start, we'll encourage them to dash into a civil war. // Under the pretext of "Defend the country", even the occupation forces in Japan will be compelled to return to their own country.

19 (183)
Storyteller: This is Japan's war of independence. // The collapse of America and the true independence of Japan are connected!

Maya: But.... // You really want to bring America down? // If so, // many will die, right?

Storyteller: ....the Great Tokyo Air Raids and // Hiroshima, Nagasaki. // About that many will die.

Maya: ....shouldn't you just let // the bygones be bygones?

20 (184)
Kaname: They're not // bygones.

Kaname: Not to my father that is. // Right?

Storyteller: .. // Kaname....

To be continued in volume 4


Text: The extra 4-frame comics will start from here!
pawn: boobs

Title: Lack of passion

TV: Kaitou Sentai Kamenger!!

Box: Pink? // Yellow? // Green?
Michael: Wow, you guys are up early.

Box: Black?
Jacob: Eating breakfast.....
J: Stayed up late
Box: ...blue?

Abel: It can't be helped.... Because I'm the boss here, I'll be red. // You'll be pink, because of your pads.

Cat: ..meow.... // *yes

Title: A make-believe game

Abel: Let's play a game, specs. // Me and the others are the terrorist rangers. Specs is our enemy.
Michael: No thanks. You'd instantly kill me with just a knife.

Abel: Then I'll be a rider. J, lend me your bike.
J: You'd better stay here at Ca●eye.

Cain: I know you raised your cute little sister with great care, // but there's one thing I'm worried about.... (sigh)
Michael: Only one thing?

Cain: As she only imitates things for boys.... // we should recommend her some things for girls.
Abel (imagination): I'll punish you with my magic knife!
Michael: I don't think that'll change a thing.

Title: The brain is pink

Box: With this and that (chapter 11) the protagonist couple appears.
Fujimaru: Hibiki!
Hibiki: Fujimaru!
J: Because they stand out so much, we'd better quickly move as soon as they are done.
Michael: Because we're still being chased, right?
XXX: Me too!

Box: Second Honeymoon
Fujimaru: Stop it, Hibiki. I'm busy..
Hibiki: Come on, Fujimaru. It won't take long. I just want a kiss. Well, I can't be helped. It wouldn't have taken long though. You can make it up to me tonight with some sex.

Box: Compulsory girls talk
Hibiki: Fujimaru. Fujimaru. I would like him to ○○○ more. Fujimaru. He'll visit this week. Fujimaru. Who do you like? Tell me, tell me. Which one of the boys. Tell me. Who? Who? Come on, tell me. Tell me.

Abel: You're pink.

Title: Standing height - Sitting height

J: Lately.... my clothes fit tighter... (and my body hurts) // (It keeps me from working properly....)
Michael: Did you gain weight?

Michael: Ah... what's this. You've grown taller, J. I have to stand on my toes. (When did he?)
J: Ah. // You're right. // Our eyes are on the same level.

J: I would like to become 178cm.

J: Hey Michael, do you know a way to grow even taller?
Michael: Kneel formally.
J: Eh?
Michael: From now on, let's kneel down formally as often as possible, J.
J: Eh?

J: As expected, I couldn't surpass you.

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