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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Bloody Monday Last Season 27


+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on May 22, 2013 11:29 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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File 27 Mother

1 (5)
Kaname: They're no bygones. // Not to my father that is.. // right?

Maya: Father? // You....

Kaname: From now on, // my code name will be "Toki".

2 (6)
Kaname: I'm Kujou Kaname. // It's nice to meet you, Maya-chan?

File 27 Mother

Michael: "Falcon".

Micheal: Our team successfully dealt with the partitions of area B6.
Fujimaru: Got it!

3 (7)
Fujimaru: I count on you to keep following the scenario of phase 5! // Hibiki! // What's your status?

Hibiki: I also completed my mission! // Fujimaru! Area B23 is OK.

Fujimaru: Alright!

Fujimaru: Phase 5 has started without any problems.. and // The partitions are all clear!

J: Another 20 minutes till they reopen the foreign exchange market again....

J: It would be nice if we could finish this before anyone interferes. // Right?

4 (8)
Fujimaru: Yes..! // There's also no guarantee that "Storyteller" hasn't more tricks upon his sleeve....!! // Everybody, follow the plan! // If we stick to our schedule, everything should be fine!!

Maya: Storyteller's daughter.... // She's the mother of Kujou Otoya?
Kaname: That's right.

Kaname: I'm the mother // of Otoya and Jun.

Maya: Jun....?
Kaname: Oh. // I heard you two worked together once before.

Kaname: To forget about that child, // how cruel.

5 (9)
Kaname: Ah. // But he goes by another name now. // He presents himself as "J" now.

Kaname: Haha.. I'm looking forward to it. // We'll meet soon. // I wanted to meet him all this time, but my father wouldn't allow it....

Maya: ....what's this supposed to mean, // "Storyteller"?
Storyteller: There was no need for you to know. // That's all.

Storyteller: That woman is my daughter for sure. // She met with Kamishima Simon in my study group and they got together. // But his power attracted a lot more attention than expected, so I allowed him to bide his time in our retreat in Karuizawa. // As a result of thought practice over a period of many years, // Kaname is now able to completely synchronize her thought pattern with mine.

6 (10)
Storyteller: Don't bother asking me for instructions. // Because soon enough I won't be able to frequently give out any orders anymore, as I am one of the people held hostage.
Man: Mister Kujou....

Maya: Ah. // Wai.. // Wait!!

Kaname: Hm. // Let me continue. // I'm supposed to be father's back up after all.

Kaname: ..but first. // Something's bothering me.

Maya: You're right. // The fire-prevention walls are closed all over the place.
Kaname: On the other floors they are also closed in several places.

Hibiki (clone1): With so many people using guns and flash bullets, // it's possible the smoke caused the fire prevention walls to close, right?

Hibiki (clone2): No, Epsilon. // No weapons have been used in this area. // There's a high change this is the result of human intervention.

7 (11)
Kaname: My father gave no orders to close them. // So this...

Maya: "Falcon" and "J". // This is the work of those kids....!! // But why!?

Kaname: It looks like they are up to something. // According to the information I received from my father, the whereabouts of Takagi Haruka are unknown...

Kaname: That man who was with her... Jacob... he took the shape of a shrike..

Maya: ....to save the hostages? // To defeat the terrorists..? // But why..

Kaname: Hey, // Maya-chan. // By any chance....

Maya: ....!!!

8 (12)

Maya: That's impossible!! ....there's no way those kids thought of doing that!! // In that case, it would have to happen before the foreign exchange market opens again....! // There's not enough time for that!!

XXX: It's inevitable we're being tapped.. so I'm contacting you using wireless communication!! // Prestige! Search every nook and cranny of the places where Takagi Haruka passed through!! // If you discover any suspicious items, throw them out of the tower! // ASAP!!
Man: Leave the hostages to me. // You two go and search the place!!

Man1: I count on your team to watch the entrance!
Man2: Got it!
Man3: Wha.. What happened? They are suddenly in a flurry..
Storyteller: Yes.

Man: Shut up! // I want you hostages to quietly huddle together even closer!! // If you make a sound, I'll shoot you!! Just like I did with the other 12!

9 (13)

Maya: The control room! // Using the place that will bring out the best of his abilities as a nest.... "Falcon" is there!!// I won't let him do as he pleases!

Hibiki (clone): We'll come with you. // I'm sure our target, code "zeta".. will be close to Takagi Fujimaru. // If she's not, we'll make him tell us where she is.

Maya: And, // what will you do? // It's too bad we can't talk more. // But, it can't be helped. We reached the final phase.

Kaname: I'll be going upstairs. // I want to see the climax my father and my husband // dreamed about.

Maya: I see.. // Delta, please go with Toki. // It would be bad if our client would die at the last moment. // That's also included in your orders, right?

Kaname: I'll be fine on my own.... // but thanks, Maya-chan. // You're really nice.

10 (14)
Kaname: More important, // I have a request, Maya-chan. // I would like you to kill that noisy bird, // who messed up our happiness.

Maya: That's the best friend of your cute son. // Are you sure?

Kaname: I wonder why he's friends with that kid. // Did he turn into a kid who can't choose the right friends? // It's so sad.

Kaname: If I can't stop him from seeing bad friends, // I'll have to get rid of the pest birds.

Maya: ...I can't read her at all....
Kaname: Hm.. It'll all go fine.

11 (15)
Maya: Hm.. // She's just as strange as her husband and son.... // So to "Storyteller" his whole family is just a nuisance..

Maya: Well... // My upbringing was probably not really different from theirs...

Maya: Let's go!!

Fujimaru: Ugh.... // Those terrorist didn't only start to move. // They are definitely heading to point 1! // Damn.... How much to they know already!?

12 (16)
J: Truth is, I don't know how much of our plan they anticipated, // but we already predicated this would happen the moment we had your sister to recover point 1.

Michael: "J"! That's no good!! // We cannot pull out now. // If we change our plan, all our calculations will become useless!!

J: "Falcon", // we have no choice but to boot them.

Fujimaru: Don't ask the impossible! // If we boot them now, what'll happen to the hostages!? // It's too dangerous!!

J: That's my line. // Didn't you hear what Michael said? // If we don't follow the simulation, we'll be in trouble too!!

Fujimaru: ....Ugh.

13 (17)
J: 3 minutes.

J: I'll give you 3 minutes. // If you succeed to reset the deployment, // we'll go with that alternative plan. // Is that alright with you?

J: Michael-kun, // start count down.
Michael: ....180 // 179.. 178..

Fujimaru: That will do!! // I'll create a 100% safe simulation to // complete the deployment!!

14 (18)
J: You'd better hurry up. // You're no longer in a safe zone.
Fujimaru: I know....!!

Man1: The signal came from the toilet over there. // Hurry....
Man2: Wait!!

Man2: This trail of blood.. // It's weird // There weren't any reports about a gunfight in this area!!

Man1: Search the area!!

15 (19)
Fujimaru: The redeployment simulation is complete!! // I'll send each of you the data! Get moving!!

J: ....47 seconds, right? // As expected of you.

Hibiki: Hibiki here. // "J" can you hear me?
J: ....yes? What's up?

Hibiki: I // There's no reason for me to go there anymore. // Please tell.. //Abel and the others take care of the rest?

J: No way..
Hibiki: Please don't // tell Fujimaru yet.

J: ....! // Wai...

16 (20)
J: Why.... // She..
Michael: ....

Michael: "J"!! //They are on to us!!

J: "Falcon".
Fujimaru: Not yet!

Fujimaru: Not yet....! // I decide when it's time to go!!

J: For god's sake! // Do you want to ruin everything!!

17 (21)
Man1: ....hm?
Man2: What?

Man1: This cafe's foliage plant.. // I'm sure I removed it earlier.

Man1: No way....!

Fujimaru: Just // a bit longer....!!

Maya: This is the end! // "Falcon"!!!

18 (22)
Maya: Guh.. // He.. He's not here!?

Kanji [on screen]: Idiot ♪

19 (23)
Fujimaru: Now! // "J"!!

Maya: Where.. did he...

SFX: click

20 (24)
SFX: Ring ring ring

SFX: Boom!

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