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Translations: Gintama 616 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Bloody Monday Last Season 28

Secret plan

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on May 24, 2013 11:40 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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File 28 Secret plan

1 (25)
Maya: "Falcon"... // Where did he go?

Fujimaru: Now! // "J"!

2 (26)

3 (27)
Maya: Close the door! The blast is coming!!

Maya: ....guh.. // They did it. // "J" // and "Falcon"!!!

4 (28)
Man: What? // What happened..?

SFX: crack crack

Men: Yipes! // Aaargh! // Argh!

5 (29)
Man: Wha.... // The floor!! // What on earth happened....!?

Man1: Don't move, if you don't want to die!! // Stay down and don't make any unnecessary movements!

Man2: Tha.. That's right! If you try to get away, I'll kill you all!!

6 (30)
Man: What....!??

Man: Bastard. // What are you up to!!?

7 (31)
Kanou: I'll tell you what we're up to. // This cheap performance is over!

8 (32)
Minami: We got the masks. // So you can stop the pretense, Makimura.
Makimura: ....okay.

Makimura: Did something happen? Minami-san, Kusunoki-san..
Minami: It's nothing, just take care of your wound and put on a mask.

Makimura: Got it? // Right now we'll put the plan to rescue the hostages into action. // For that reason, // "THIRD-i" will swap places with the terrorists!

9 (33)
Kanou: I'm sorry.. // Minami already told me that "CRAUNS" was siding with the enemy. // Besides I only worked together with Kurata // to foil their counter plan.

Kanou: That was close.

Mamiya: Did you get rid of him?
Kanou: Yes.

Mamiya: ....I see. // Then join the main force as planned.
Kanou: Got it.

10 (34)
Mamiya: ...Kanou // Farewell....

Kanou: ....yes, Mamiya.

Kanou: Farewell. // You idiot...!! // Dear hostages! We are Japan's task force against terrorism. // We are "THIRD-i"!! // We came to save you!! // Please follow our instructions.

Hostage1: Really....?
Hostage 2: They aren't real terrorists....

11 (35)
Man: Don't worry, they are really agents of this country. // I guarantee it. // It's as they say! // Everyone who can stand should help those who can't.. Let's all get away from this place!!

Woman: Let's go. // Let's leave!!

Minami: Thanks for your help..
Man: Ha ha.. No, no.

Man: In an emergency like this, // I can't sit down and wait, while a lady is fighting.
Kanou: He called you a LADY, Minami. // Looks like you're getting as popular as Kusunoki...?
Minami: Kanou-san // In movies the type of character who makes lame jokes is usually killed off.
Makimura: Please stand up. // This door....

12 (36)
Terrorists: "THIRD-i"!!
Makimura: Not good. // The hostages will be in danger!
Kanou: Makimura!!

Terrorists: Ow..!!

13 (37)
Jacob: Hurry up!

Kanou: You are..
Fujimura: Kanou-san, // Kanou-san!

Kanou: Fujimaru?
Fujimaru: Relax. // They are on our side.

Fujimaru: Hurry up! // The next unit will get there soon.

Makimura: Alright.... Hurry up, go to the hall!!

Kanou: Madame, // hurry up!

14 (38)
Madame: I'm not going. // My husband.... he was one of the 12... killed to serve as an example. // He protected me....

Madame: I'll rest here // with my husband..!
Kanou: N..No, Madame. // That is.

Terrorist: ....die..!!

15 (39)
Kanou: Dekabutsu....!!

Kanou: Guh....
Kanou: Hey, Dekabutsu! Are you alright....?

16 (40)
Jacob: Go now. // Everyone's alive.

Jacob: Your husband // is waiting for you.

Madame: Aah. // Thank god....!

17 (41)
Minami: This way! // Go to the right.. // Hurry!!

Minami: Kanou-san!
Kanou: Minami! // These were all the hostages.

Minami: I didn't see him. // He disappeared right after the blast....

Kanou: Tch....

Kanou: Fujimaru! Did you hear that!? // We were able to rescue all hostages!
Fujimaru: Got it!

Kanou: I was surprised when Minami told me you were working together with Kujou's son.... // But even though it's been a year, your skills are still incredible!
Fujimaru: Same goes for you.

18 (42)
Fujimaru: ....thanks a lot. // For trusting me // under these circumstances.

Kanou: I'm sorry we couldn't give you a call. // "THIRD-i" is a task force under the immediate control of the Ministry of Justice. // Kujou Makimune is our founder. // And he's "Storyteller".
Kanou: But // Fujimaru.. I've got bad news for you. // Prime Minister Kujou has disappeared!!

19 (43)

Kanou: He was in a place unaffected by the blast // and took advantage of the confusion to get away!!

Kanou: I'm sorry....! We let him escape...

Fujimaru: We can't let "Storyteller" do as he pleases. // If we don't make sure to reveal his true identity, // this fight will never end. // Then the future where Hibiki and I can be together will never come!!

20 (44)
Fujimaru: "J" // The hostages are safe!

Fujimaru: Now we have to find "Storyteller"!! // That bastard.. / He's not getting away!!

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