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Bloody Monday Last Season 29

To the place where it began

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on May 28, 2013 11:10 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

-> RTS Page for Bloody Monday Last Season 29

1 (45)
Kusunoki: Everyone, this way! // If you go down here, you'll be able to get out!! // Don't rush! Take your time!
Man: We.. we have to go down here?
Kusunoki: Yes! About 10 meters below us there's a working emergency elevator!

Man: The elevator is still working!?
Kusunoki: Yes!

2 (46)
Man: But.. there are more than 100 people here. // If we don't hurry, our pursuers will...
Minami: Don't worry.

Minami: Because of the explosion and the closed partitions the terrorists are locked in. // They can't get close to this area.

Man: The explosion earlier was calculated for that much!? // Such excellent work.

Man: I wish to thank you // on behalf of the top of the world.

Minami: ...thanks.

3 (47)

Minami: But // leave those words for later, // and offer them to the real heroes.

Man1: The real...?
Man2: Ex... Excuse me...

Man2: Where is your representative.. mister Kujou? // ....Is he alright?

Minami: ..
Kanou: ....Don't worry. // A different squad it currently looking for Prime Minister Kujou.

Kanou: We'll // definitely find him. // Definitely!

4 (48)
Kusunoki: Everyone, please calm down! // I would like the men and all people who are up to it to climb down the ladder.

Sakaki: We'll ensure // the safety of the drop point // and the emergency passage!

Minami: Got it! // I count on you, commander Sakaki!

Kanou: ....alright. // We can leave it to Sakaki and the rest from here on..

Makimura: Kanou-san.

5 (49)
Makimura: You're going, right?. // Allow me // to come along.

Kanou: Makimura..

Makimura: I was almost killed.. // Besides, I'm also a member of "THIRD-i". // I can't leave things like this.

Kanou: Honestly... suddenly talking like you're a man. // ....let's go!!
Makimura: Wha.... // Y..yes.

Kanou: Minami! Kusunoki, Sakaki! I leave this to you!
Minami: Kanou-san!? Makimura! Where are you..?

Kanou: We can't leave this up to the kids! // And...

6 (50)
Kanou: I have to // take care of a certain man....!

7 (51)
Fujimaru: Storyteller.. // Prime Minister Kujou disappeared!! // He took advantage of the confusion to escape!

Fujimaru: Where.... // Where is he!? // I must not allow him to escape!!

Fujimaru: ....!! // Found you!

8 (52)
Fujimaru: "J",// I found "Storyteller"! // He's on the highest observation floor.

J: This is bad....

Fujimaru: Guh.. // Who is that woman..?

9 (53)
Michael: An emergency helicopter is circling around the highest floor. // And more helicopters of the self-defense forces of Japan are approaching the tower!

J: In his capacity of Prime Minister he called for a rescue team to get him out... // This is bad. // If we allow him to get away and destroy all evidence, we'll lose our chance to expose his true colors!

Fujimaru: Guh.. // I won't let him escape!!
Haruka: Fujimaru!!

10 (54)
Fujimaru: Ha....Haruka!? // And Otoya too..

Haruka: All this time.. Why didn't you give me a call.... // You stupid brother! // You made me worry about you!

11 (55)
Fujimaru: Who's the idiot here!!? // Why did you come here!?

Fujimaru: Otoya!!

Fujimaru: I told you to take care of Haruka....!! // Don't tell me you don't understand // why I left her in your care!!

12 (56)
Haruka: Stop it, brother! // I told him to take me with him!!
Fujimaru: Haruka, shut up!!

SFX: Surprise

Otoya: Then..

Otoya: You too. // Don't tell me that you don't know // why I came here.

Otoya: Are you saying // I should be in a warm and safe place // getting protected by the girl of my best friend?

Fujimaru: But that's because... // I want you to be with Haruka. // After all... // Our enemy is your..

13 (57)
Otoya: Don't look down on me.

Otoya: You said it yourself. // I'm also involved in this.

Otoya: If these terrorists.. No... // If my grandfather... Kujou Makimune... really is the mastermind behind all the "Bloody Monday" incidents...

Otoya: I also have some scores to settle // before I can move on. // Not to mention, I'm also indebted to your girl.

Otoya: And // most importantly...

14 (58)
Otoya: I am // your back up.

Otoya: Right?

Fujimaru: You idiot.

15 (59)
Haruka: Oh...

J: ....if that's your decision, // can I ask you to focus on more pressing matters?

J: The private elevator on the east side will bring you to the place of the final showdown.

J: We must not allow Kujou Masamune to escape from the tower. // We have to expose his true colors right here and now!

16 (60)
Otoya: Yes. // Considering my grandfather's cautious nature, he probably already prepared a scapegoat. // In fact...

J: There's no doubt he prepared a lineup // that'll erase the whole truth.

Fujimaru: ....yeah!

Fujimaru: We have to settle this here and now. // Without fail! // If we fail to reveal "Storyteller's" true identity, this fight will never end! // Then not only the future of Hibiki and me.... but also your future will never come!!

17 (61)
Haruka: No.. No matter what you say, // I'm coming with you! // For our father who lives on inside me.... // I want to see this through till the end!

Fujimaru: Honestly, // why is everyone in our family so stubborn....!

Fujimaru: ....it's for self-protection only.

18 (62)
Fujimaru: Since you're really set on going, // please try to protect // ....yourself!

Haruka: Yes!

Fujimaru: Dad.. // Let's settle this!! // We'll get him!!

19 (63)
Fujimaru: I'm worried about Hibiki..! // Why doesn't she pick up!?

Fujimaru: Please be safe // Hibiki....!

20 (64)
Hibiki: Wait for me, Fujimaru..!!

Hibiki: I'll break with // this fate by myself!!

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