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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Bloody Monday Last Season 30

Protect to the end

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on May 31, 2013 13:47 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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File 30 Protect to the end

Fujimaru: "Storyteller" is on the highest // observation floor!! // I won't allow him // to get away!!!

2 (66)
Makimura: You said you want to finish off Mamiya.... // But, Kanou-san! Do you even know where he is?
Kanou: His duty.. // is to protect his superior, who's currently on the top floor! // If we go there // we'll find him!!

Kanou: And // Fujimaru and the others are also heading that way.

SFX: Bleep bleep bleep
Kanou: We of "THIRD-i" are experts on anti-terrorism measures. // We can't just leave it all up to them!
Makimura: Yes!
SFX: Bleeeep

3 (67)

4 (68)
Maya: If he's not in the control room, // "Falcon" certainly is on his way to the top floor!
Hibiki (clone): That hacker is going there in person?

Maya: That conceited boy // wants to condemn the "bad guy" by himself. // That kid // should already be on his way to meet "Storyteller".

5 (69)
Maya: Tch.

Hibiki: Guh.. // As I thought, // I'll have to do this the hard way..

Hibiki (clone): Too bad, // "zeta".

6 (70)
Hibiki (clone): Go!
Maya: You found your target it seems.

Maya: Well // I'll leave her to you.

Hibiki: I'm won't let you leave!

Hibiki (clone): Are you worried about Takagi Fujimaru? // Don't worry about him, sister. // There's no need for you to feel such anxiety.

7 (71)
Hibiki (clone): Soon enough // you won't feel any fear anymore // at all!

Hibiki (clone): You're a worthless traitor who forsook her duty. // To fulfill our duty.. // we'll dispose of you!

Hibiki: ....

8 (72)
Kaname: Oh. // Snow....

Storyteller: Come here, Kaname.
Kaname: Yes, // father.

Kaname: Father, what about that pest bird? // It looks like he's personally coming this way. // Shall I dispose of him?

Storyteller: No need. // If he catches up with us, Delta.. you take care of him.

9 (73)
Storyteller: As soon as the patrol helicopters gets a vision of us, // step out and lay your hand upon the window side. // To them you're the daughter of Japan's prime minister, Kujou Masamune, // so act like "Kujou Kaname" from this point onward.
Kaname: Yes, father.

Kaname: Even though it's only November, // it's already snowing. // I really love snow.

Kaname: It's so beautiful. // It's like the whole world is dyed white.
Storyteller: If I could redraw the world as easy as the snow can, I'd have nothing to worry about.

10 (74)
Kaname: It would be nice // if father could control the snow.

Kanou: Guh..

11 (75)
Mamiya: Looks like you got away.
Kanou: Mamiya....!!

Mamiya: think it's a good thing that you and those hostages escaped. // Yet all those lives you saved will go to waste some day.

Kanou: I'm sorry, but // it's our job to protect this country.

Kanou: And you are a terrorist, // who plans to overthrow the state!!

12 (76)
Mamiya: This country's future will bring nothing but grief. // And you're its pet dog!!!

Kanou: Damn!!

Makimura: At this rate we're at the disadvantage....!! // I have to do something..!

Makimura: Something....!

Makimura: "Falcon" answer! // This is Makimura of "THIRD-i"!! // We found Mamiya of "CRAUNS".. // We're fighting him now!!

13 (77)
Makimura: We're in an extremely tough spot....!

Makimura: "Falcon"// Give.. us a hand!

Fujimaru: Got it!! // They are currently on the emergency stairs leading to the top floor....!

14 (78)
Fujimaru: In that case..!!! // Found it!!

15 (79)
Fujimaru: Makimura-san! // You guys are currently on the emergency stairs between the top floor and the prestige, right!?
Makimura: Yes!

Fujimaru: Move 20 meter in a diagonal line over the iron frame that passes through about 5 meter below your current position. // There you'll find a staircase that was used during the construction work!

Fujimaru: You can use it.. // to get to a higher position!!

Makimura: Amazing....!!

Makimura: This country.... // You really want to protect it, right?

Fujimaru: No.

16 (80)
Fujimaru: I just want to protect // all of you. // That's it.

Kanou: Makimura, // go!!
Makimura: Got it!!

17 (81)
Fujimaru: That's right. // I want things between us all to go back to normal!! // That's true, Hibiki. // Where are you.. // Hibiki....!!

18 (82)
Hibiki: They're coming..!!

Hibiki: I'm sorry, Fujimaru. I'm sure you're worried about me.... // But // I have to deal with this myself. // The time I was just a tool // The time they called me "Zeta".. // I have to break away from it by myself....!!

19 (83)
Hibiki: I'll beat those girls // and break with the fate given to me by my homeland. // Then I'll return to Fujimaru's side!!

Hibiki: I'm sorry. // Having to kill you because of my selfish decision...!

Hibiki: I won't allow them to dispose of me like I'm just garbage....!!

Hibiki: I will // live my life as the human being named Mizusawa Hibiki!!

20 (84)
Hibiki: I won't run away anymore! // I'll settle things // here and now!!!

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