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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Doraemon 125

The mystery case of the village deep in the mountains

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jun 12, 2013 13:23 | Go to Doraemon

-> RTS Page for Doraemon 125

Translated on request of madman freak‎ (MADMAN SCANS)

1 (175)
The mystery case of the village deep in the mountains
The great efforts of Doraemon's sister, Dorami-chan!

2 (176)
SFX: Da da da // Ga ga ga ga

SFX: Doka doka doka // Da da da

Nobita: It's too noisy, I can't hear you.

Nobita: What did you say?
Dorami: I said I couldn't hear you.

Nobita: I wanted to discuss something with you. // Today is the wedding anniversary of my papa and mama.

Dorami: So, you want to give them a present?
Nobita: I want to give them something really special.

Dorami: Hmm..... // That's hard.

Dorami: Wouldn't it be easier to ask them what they want?
Nobita: Hm, maybe.

3 (177)
Nobita: Papa! I want to ask you something..... // Where did he go?

Papa: Yes....., what's up?

Mama: Sleeping in the closet doesn't work either?
Papa: No, that noise is splitting my head.

Mama: Really. // All that noise, I feel like I'll have a nervous breakdown

SFX: Da da da da // Ga ga ga ga // Dosun Dosun // Do do do do

Papa: I wish I could at least get some rest.

Papa: And it's even a Sunday.

Nobita: That's it! // I've got a good idea.

4 (178)
Nobita: I take them to some quiet place. // A quiet place with a nice view where they can properly rest.
Dorami: I wonder if such a place exist.

Dorami: Let's ask the computer.

Dorami: Sounds like it's difficult.

Dorami: Found it!!

Nobita: It's a village deep inside mount Takai.
Dorami: Never heard of it.....

Dorami: Let's take a look.

Nobita: That door allows you to go anywhere you want, right?

Nobita: To the village deep in the mountains.

5 (179)
Nobita: Wow, so much snow!
Dorami: It's a village deep into a high mountain.

6 (180)
Nobita: There's no one here. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

Nobita: Good afternoon...... // Looks like everyone went off somewhere.

Nobita: I'm coming in.

Dorami: Watch out.

Dorami: Kyaa!!

Nobita: No, I don't want to. // A ghost may appear. Let's go home.
Dorami: Don't be silly.

7 (181)
Dorami: If we clean up a bit, it'll be beautiful.

Dorami: Let's go!

Dorami: We have to take lots of things with us. // Because there's nothing there.

SFX: stamp stamp

SFX: stamp stamp

SFX: stamp stamp

SFX: stamp stamp

8 (182)
Papa: What are they doing?
Mama: Could you two keep it down a bit, please.

Nobita: Look, this is our present to you.

Nobita: Please come in and take a rest. // You can sleep here.

Mama: Wh... Where are we?
Papa: No, we can't just enter someone else's house without permission.

Dorami: This is a village deep inside Mount Takai.
Nobita: We searched the whole village, but couldn't even find a cat.

Mama: B... But, why...... // doesn't anybody live here?

Nobita: I don't know the reason. // But it's nice and quiet here.

Papa: I once read about it in a magazine.

9 (183)
Papa: The people who lived here left about two or three years ago.
Nobita: Eh, why?

Papa: It was too hard to live here. There's no electricity or running water.

Papa: The school is far away and they don't have a doctor.

Papa: In the winter there falls so much snow, no one can leave the village for months.

Papa: It's really quiet here......
Mama: I feel revitalized again.

10 (184)
Mama: Somewhere it's becoming spring.

Papa: Somewhere I can hear the sound of sprouting buds.

Papa&Mama: Somewhere the skylarks sing.

Nobita: They seem happy.
Dorami: That's good.

Nobita: Let's make them some ramen.

Nobita: This is the kitchen, right?

Nobita: It my first time to boil water on a cooking stove.

Nobita: The fire won't start.

11 (185)
Dorami: cough cough
Nobita: Let's play until the water is hot.

Ghost?: Uu.....

Mama: This is so relaxing.

Nobita: Let's have a snowball fight.

Papa: Alright then, it's been some time!

TV: Then, our next news item.

TV: Kanehara-san, who went missing on Mount Takai // still hasn't been found after a full week.

12 (186)
TV: Due to the risks of an avalanche, the search makes little progress.

Kanehara: Som...Someone.....

Kanehara: Fo...Food.....

Kanehara: I can finally talk again. // I got lost and didn't eat or drink anything for a full week. // Now I finally found a village....

Kanehara: I was sure the people here could help me // but every time I came close to the village, I somehow got lost again.

Kanehara: Ah, I hear the voices of other people. // I'm saved!

13 (187)
Nobita: Papa, you're pretty good at this.
Papa: I was a baseball pitcher in my secondary school years!!

Kanehara: Hey. // Help me.

Dorami: Wait! Did you also hear that voice?

Papa: It's only the snow that fell from the tree branch.
Kanehara: Uu.....
Nobita: Really?

14 (188)
Nobita: Let's make a snowman!
Papa: Okay.

Nobita: Let's make a big one.

Nobita: Yeey, it's done!!
Mama: In Tokyo we can't make such a big one.

Nobita: I want to show it to everyone.

Dorami: Can't we take it home with us and put it in the garden?

Mama: We can't move it, it's too big.

15 (189)

Dorami: Let's put it in the garden.
Nobita: Will it fit through the door?

Dorami: Of course it will, it's a special door after all.

Nobita: Ah, I totally forgot about the hot water.

Nobita: Let's make ramen. // I'm hungry.

16 (190)
Kanehara: Som...Someone.... // Help me!

Nobita: Someone ate our ramen!

Mama: But there's no one here. // It was probably a tanuki' s or an ape or field mice.

Mama: I'll make us a nice meal.

Mama: Eating around the hearth is pretty nice too, right?
Nobita: It's my first time.

Papa: Aah, this was such a great Sunday.
Mama: And the noises of the construction site are also gone.
Nobita: Oh, our snowman.....

17 (191)
TV: Today Kanehara-san, who went missing on Mount Takai, was found lying unconscious on the street in Tokyo.
Mama: Hmm, that's a strange story, right?

<End of Volume 7 - Will be continued in Volume 8>

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