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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bloody Monday Last Season 32


+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jun 13, 2013 17:07 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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File 32 Successor

1 (105)
J: Looks like you wasted some time with a matter that didn't concern you, // Falcon. // If Kujou manages to get away now, // all respect I gained for you, including the matter of the hostages, will become nothing more than a joke.

Fujimaru: I know! // Stop complaining about everything. This elevator will take us to the observation floor where "Storyteller" is! // How about you? How did the escape of the hostages go!?
J: They're safe.

2 (106)
Fujimaru: Until I fulfill my promise with you, // I won't leave him alone!! // Kujou Masamune---- The crimes of "Storyteller".... I'll expose his ambitions to the public eye! // I'll end this here and now!!

J: I'm looking forward to it, // "Wizard". // Do what needs to be done to put an end to this bloody farce. // Okay?

Otoya: ....Absolutely. // That person // -----has to be stopped.

3 (107)
Otoya: Fujimaru.

Otoya: Believe in // Hibiki. // That girl // will come back to you for sure.

Fujimaru: I know!

4 (108)

Fujimaru: We're here. // The top floor....!!

Elevator: Top floor. // Observation floor.

5 (109)

6 (110)

7 (111)
Hibiki (kloon): I got rid of that annoying "Falcon". // I'm now resuming my actual mission. // I left Kujou Otoya and the girl alive. They are heading to you now. // Do with them what you want.

8 (112)
Otoya: Grandfather..!

Storyteller: Come in. // Otoya.

9 (113)

Maya: Ah. // Long time no see, right Haruka-chan?

Haruka: You're.... // actually the leader of the terrorists, right? // Old man Kujou..!

Haruka: Why.... Why did you do this!? // You were such a great person. // Why.... // Why....

Storyteller: ....sure enough, // I have to apologize to you. // You lost not only your father, but also your brother. // Because of me, you're all alone now.

10 (114)
Storyteller: But.. I'd like you to understand. // It was what I had to do for the future of this country. // And I would like you to support Otoya, who'll succeed me one day.

Otoya: What are you.... // How dare you say such things! // To my girlfriend!!

Storyteller: She was chosen to become your companion. // There's no time. // I need you to understand, Otoya.

Otoya: What the hell are you saying!? // Do you think this foolish terrorism is justified!!?

Storyteller: I do.

11 (115)
Storyteller: It was all to gain true independence for this country.

Storyteller: August 1945. // They dropped two new kind of bombs on this country. // It became an indiscriminate massacre of civilians caused by the new weapons that violated all laws of war. // My father, who just left for Hiroshima for his new post, and my mother, who came along for support, were both burned alive. // Because I was ill, my nanny and I went to Hiroshima at a later time, but even though I was still young, I can remember it clearly. // The place where my parents lived was covered up // in a distorted and ugly demon-shaped cloud!!

12 (116)

Otoya: So that means.. // You're just taking revenge?

Otoya: To get your revenge! // You sacrificed so many lives! // Moreover, you are throwing many people into confusion and despair!!?

Storyteller: ..I'm not such a petty person. // I forgot about my personal hatred a long time ago already.
Otoya: Then why!?

Storyteller: Because the world is still keeps repeating the same tragedy.

13 (117)
Storyteller: For their own interests, they drag many countries into war. // To maintain their own ideas of justice, they rule over other people and get rid of everyone who disagrees. // Like that, they behave like they make the laws in this world, using a system that is only convenient for their own country. With that cruel history....!!

Storyteller: That's why I made up my mind. // First I had to save this country form America. // If I could do that....! // It would save the world so to speak. // It's a war of independence!

Otoya: That's foolish....!!

14 (118)
Kaname: But // father could change the world. // I do believe that.

Otoya: Mother...!? // Why!? // Why are you here....!?

Storyteller: Kaname is my back-up, an exact copy of me. // She completely understands all my thoughts and will act accordingly.

Storyteller: Otoya, join our side. // I don't want to have to get rid of // my successor too.

15 (119)
Storyteller: With the support of Kaname, I'll teach you how to be my successor. // Give it some time. // I'm sure you'll be able to understand me some day, just like Kaname.

Kaname: Otoya, you'll be fine. // If you and I... and Jun join forces, // we could do anything.

Otoya: ...all of this. // You want to make me into your copy too..

Otoya: ....I see. // We're all the same. // I am, // and you guys too..!

16 (120)
Otoya: ....it is as you say. // There are always things that look like they can't be saved.

Otoya: But // people change. // People can change.

17 (121)
Otoya: It saw it. // When people care about each other // they change!

Otoya: Ideals that are forced upon us. // I don't believe they can really change our hearts!!

Otoya: Like the history of mankind showed // how we recovered from the oppression, // people changing----

Storyteller: ...how naive. // To say such a thing.

18 (122)
Fujimaru: Well said, Otoya!!

Fujimaru: "Storyteller". // No, Kujou Masamune!!

19 (123)
Fujimaru: You whole scheme! // It was broadcasted live in the whole world!!

20 (124)
Fujimaru: Your selfish views or Otoya's words... // Let's see which one of you will gain the support of the world.

Maya: "Falcon".. // He is still alive!??

Fujimaru: It's over. // "Storyteller"!!!

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