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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Doraemon 130

Becoming a singer sucking candy

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jun 17, 2013 19:09 | Go to Doraemon

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Translated on request of madman freak‎ (MADMAN SCANS)

1-2 (36-37)

Title: Becoming a singer sucking candy

Nobita: What is this?

Doraemon: This is your voiceprint.
Nobita: My voiceprint?

Doraemon: You know how everyone has different fingerprints, right? Every voice also has its own characteristics.

Doraemon: I can capture those characteristics......

Doraemon: and turn them into candy with this machine.

Doraemon: Then, if I suck on it....

Doreamon: Hey, Doraemon. Let's play.

Nobita: You sound just like me!!

Doraemon: I'll just neglect my homework!

Mama: What did you say about neglecting your homework?

3 (38)
Doraemon: Do it quickly! Don't slacken off!
Nobita: He sucked on some candy made of my mama's voice.

Nobita: I'm done. // Let's have some fun with this.

Nobita: Hm, I don't feel like turning Suneo's voice into candy.

Suneo: I've got something for you. It's a ticket to a recital.
Nobita: Eh, who's!?

Paper: A splendid retical // Gian's song // Time & Day: 13 August 3PM // Place: the usual open space

[T/N: Gian spelled "recital" as "retical"]

Nobita: I don't want it, I don't want it!
Suneo: Take it!!
Gian: What are you talking about?

Gian: Oh...... That ticket..... Do you guys......

Gian: really don't want to listen..... // to my song!!

Both: No, that's not......

4 (39)
Gian: I see, I see. // Then I'll also give one to you.
Nobita: Thanks....

Doraemon: What!? You even got one for me!
Nobita: He would kill me if I refused!

Kid: No matter how long we listen.....
Kid: What a great voice........

Nobita: My head starts to hurt.

Nobita: My eyes are spinning and I'm feeling chilly,

Doraemon: This also counts as pollution.

Nobita: Yeey, great, great!
Doraemon: I'm glad it's over.
Gian: Thank you for the big round of applause.

Gian: I don't have many talents, but I have faith in my vocal skills.

5 (40)
Gian: I'm so happy that you like to listen to my songs.

Suneo: We are happy that you can sing so well.
Gian: Ah, thanks for the compliment.

Gian: Well then, I'll do an encore!

Kid: Don't flatter him!
Doraemon: If I have to listen any longer, I'll die.
Gian: Everyone's laughing and crying, because of my songs. // Alright! I'll sing on, until my voice grows hoarse.

Doraemon: Ah, that's right!

Doraemon: Why don't you suck on this candy for a bit?

Gian: Because it's good for my throat?

Kid: Wow, what a nice voice!!
Kid: Just like a real singer.

Doraemon: I'm glad I recorded the voice of that singer on TV.

6 (41)
Doraemon: Nobita-san! I love you. // Love, love, love you!

Nobita: When you say that to me with Shizu-chan's voice, I feel a thrill of happiness. // Say it again.
Doraemon: Just really, I feel ridiculous.

Doraemon: Kyaa, Nobi-chan I love you!
Text: bean-jam pancakes

Mama: Nobi-chan.
Nobita: Why now?

Mama: Gian-san told me to give you this book.

Nobita: He gave it to me!?
Doraemon: Well, miracles will never cease I guess.

Nobita: Hold on, isn't this the book I lend to him a long time ago?
Gian: Eh, is that so? I'm sorry.

Gian: Anyway... Let's be friends. Okay! Nobita-kun.

7 (42)
Gian: You're a good boy. // You're smart and manly. Be my friend......

Nobita: This feels weird.
Gian: Don't say that. Come on, Nobi-chan.

Suneo: Trying to catch Nobita? Let me help.

Gian: Don't you dare touch him, I won't allow it! // Right!?

Nobita: Gian wants to have more of that candy.

Gian: On TV there's this program called "Become a star". I want to participate.

Gian: And I want to win. // I want to become a real singer!!

Doraemon: But..... to become a singer without real talent.
Gian: Don't say that, please help me.

8 (43)
Nobita: It's starting.
Papa: Eh, Gian will sing with the voice of Amachi Mari?

[T/N: Amachi Mari is Japanese female singer and actress of the 1970s.]

Papa: I would be nice if he won.
Doraemon: There's no doubt about it, he sings with the voice of a professional.

Doraemon: Wait.

Doraemon: I forgot to tell him about that!
Nobita: About that?

Doraemon: The effect only lasts for 30 minutes.

Doraemon: If he took it too early.
Nobita: His terrible voice will be broadcasted in all of Japan!

XXX: Alright, here's our next contestant.
Nobita: Who's voice will it be?

Gian: Nu.. nu.. number 3! // Go.. Go.. Gouda Takeshi!

Both: It's Gian's voice!

Both: Quick! Cover your ears!

9 (44)
Shizuka: Due to that broadcast quite some TVs broke down.
Suneo: I also heard many people fainted, and ambulances in the whole country had to work without a break.

Suneo: But on the other hand, Gian won't hold any more recitals.

Shizuka: He's boiling with rage now. // He feels humiliated.

Shizuka: If he finds you and Dora-chan, he won't go easy on you.

Doraemon: Cheer up! // I prepared some emergency candy.

Nobita: There he is!

10 (45)
Nobita: Qu...Quick! Suck on the emergency candy!

XXX: Takeshi! You'll be in trouble if you dare to use any violence.

Doraemon: I'm glad I recorded the voice of Gian's mother.

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