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Bloody Monday Last Season 33


+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jun 18, 2013 15:26 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

-> RTS Page for Bloody Monday Last Season 33

1 (125)
Elevator: Top floor. // The Observation floor.

2 (126)
Fujimaru: I knew you'd ambush me. // Inside this tower there's nothing I can't see.

Otoya: Pull the trigger in one breath. If you take a second breath, your doubts will show. // It could prove to be fatal. // The rest // depends on your determination to pull the trigger....

3 (127)
Otoya: Guh....
Haruka: Eek!
Fujimaru: Otoya-san! // Otoya.

Fujimaru: A voltage.... rise.

4 (128)
Hibiki (kloon): Ugh....!!

Otoya: Gu....

5 (129)
Otoya: My... arm..! // Raise it..

Otoya: Rais..

Hibiki: I can do the dirty work by myself. // I don't want you to kill anyone. // I'm sure Fujimaru is thinking like that.

Otoya: I'll return the favor. // The chain that binds you....

6 (130)

Otoya: At least this once // I'll take action!!

Fujimaru: So, I called you using a sample of Hibiki's voice // and send Otoya and Haruka to you. // I used the ventilation shaft to get to the roof of the observation floor.. // and waited there for the moment that you would reveal your plan!!

7 (131)
Fujimaru: You tried to convince Otoya, // your successor.... // as I predicted!!

Fujimaru: Your schemes. // Everything! // It was broadcasted live in the whole world.

Storyteller: Wha....!!?

8 (132)
Storyteller: Fool! // Do you understand what will happen to Japan now!?

Fujimaru: If the world were to discover that Japan's Prime Minister plans to overthrow America // and is the leader of a terrorist organization, // everyone would lose their faith in Japan!!

Storyteller: You // traitor..!!

Fujimaru: Don't make me laugh. // How dare you even say that!!

Otoya: The cat's out of the bag.

9 (133)
Otoya: That claim.. // You feared that the whole world would know of your acts // and said countless times that those acts of terrorism are justified. // Doesn't that mean you know really well that this was all a criminal act!?

Storyteller: ....so what?

Storyteller: I don't care if you call me a terrorist. // From the moment I decided to lead the "War of independence" // I prepared myself to become a criminal!

Storyteller: For this country.. // For this world // ....that's all!!

10 (134)
Otoya: You.. // Still. // Such a thing..

Storyteller: Those who change the world can turn even an obvious crime into a heroic act. // Look at Staling, and look at Truman, who was the first to use nuclear weapons. // Whether something's good or bad, it's a question asked many times throughout history! // As long as there are people with strong minds, revolution will be carried out!!

Otoya: Grandfather!

Storyteller: I won't give up. // No matter what trouble I find myself in // I'll get through it!!

11 (135)
Storyteller: Even if I have to run away now, // I'm not done yet!!

Storyteller: Where is the helicopter of the Self-Defense Forces!? // It should've been here already....!!

J: Too bad. // That helicopter won't come to your rescue.

12 (136)
J: I hijacked the communication system and told them to pullback.

J: The help you were waiting for // won't come to you!

Storyteller: Wh...at // did you..!!?
Maya: "J"..!!

Kaname: Jun..?

Fujimaru: "THIRD-i" is already on its way here. // And all the hostages escaped safely!

13 (137)
Fujimaru: It's already over // for you. // "Storyteller"!!

Maya: Really.. // You are always, always, always getting in my way.... // Fujimaru!!!

Maya: I won't allow you // to drive me crazy anymore!!!

14 (138)

15 (139)

Fujimaru: ....Hi..

Hibiki: I'm glad.. // Fujimaru. // I'm sorry. // Even though those girls.... are gone, I.. // I also....

Fujimaru: Hibiki!!!

16 (140)
Fujimaru: Liar. // That.. Hibiki. // Hibiki....
Hibiki: Fuji..maru.. // ....get away..

Maya: Don't worry, "Falcon". // I'll send you both // to the same place!

17 (141)
Storyteller: Move. // Otoya.

Storyteller: ....oh, that's right. // You didn't want to be my successor. // That's too bad, Otoya. // My grandson.

18 (142)
Fujimaru: Otoya!!!

Maya: How.... // Why....!??

19 (143)
Kaname: I won't allow it, Maya-chan. // Do you understand who you were pointing // that gun at?

Otoya: ....Mo..ther

Storyteller: ....what are you doing, // Kaname!?

Kaname: What I do, // Father?

20 (144)

Kaname: Does a mother need a reason // to protect her children? // Father.

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