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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bonnouji 28

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jun 19, 2013 16:06 | Go to Bonnouji

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Translated for EGScans

1 (47)
Announcer: Now, // the bridal pair will enter.

Announcer: Everyone, // please welcome them with a round of applause.
little SFX: clap clap clap clap

SFX: Clap clap clap clap

2 (48)
Kanji: Chapter 28

Girl [with cam]: Look this way!!
Woman: You look so cute!
Bride: Thanks.

3 (49)
Ozawa: How many people makes that?
Watanabe: Ah? 4... or 5?

Announcer: Watanabe-sama, a colleague of the bride, // will now honor us with a speech.
Ozawa: Oh. // It's your turn.
Watanabe: Tch.

Ozawa: Drinking alcohol, because we let our Kohai steal a march on us...

Watanabe: ...that's bad, right? Seriously.

Announcer: Watanabe-sama, please enter the stage.
Ozawa: Good luck.
Watanabe: Easy for you to say. (bastard)

Watanabe: Hello. // I am Watanabe. // The bride, Sakura, // was assigned to my department right after she started at the company and we've been working together since.

Watanabe: She quickly understood her work.

Watanabe: You know, that girl. //I told her over and over again // but she still doesn't check her notes for digit errors.
Ozawa: (Ah.)

4 (50)
Watanabe: She works hard.
Watanabe: If I tell her to get me the requirements , she makes this annoyed face right in front of me...
Ozawa: Jeez... That's troublesome.
Ozawa: Hmm?

Watanabe: She does the work that no one else wants to do without any complaints.
Watanabe: If I give her a slightly hard task, she casts glances at the people around her, like she's saying me: "Can't you ask someone else?".
Ozawa: Wow...
Ozawa: No, no...

Watanabe: She's like the mood maker of our department.
SFX: Bright smile.

Watanabe: She really spoils the atmosphere of the place.
Ozawa: Yes. // She does, she does.
Ozawa: Scary!

SFX: blabber blabber blabber
Ozawa: Watanabe... you. (It's like a public execution...)

5 (51)

Watanabe: That's all. To sum it all up, // I would like to congratulate these two. // Sakura-san, Yuuki-san // I wish you the best!

SFX: clap clap clap clap

Ozawa: ...You're scary.

Watanabe: Don't make me hold a speech at your wedding too. // Because then I'll only speak the truth.

Watanabe: ...What? // I'm just joking.

Watanabe: I said it's a joke.
Ozawa: Ah, no. // That's not it.

Watanabe: (Then) What is it?
Ozawa: Well... actually.

Ozawa: I'll tell you later. // Okay?
Text: Festive mood

6 (52)
Ozawa: What about the after party?
Watanabe: I'm not going. // Ha ha.

Ozawa: Then, when we leave, // got some time for me?
Watanabe: Sure.

Both: Cheers!

Ozawa: Good job on the speech.
Watanabe: (yes, sure) Thanks.

Watanabe: (Well) I only browsed the internet for a bit to find some nice sentences.
Ozawa: (Wow) Considering that, wasn't there a lot of venom in your voice?

7 (53)
Watanabe: Aahah. // Next time it's your turn.
Ozawa: Hm?

Watanabe: What's up? // Back then too.
Ozawa: Ah... // Yes. // Actually... // I...

Ozawa: I don't want to // marry Oyamada-kun.

8 (54)
Watanabe: Huh? // What? // What's wrong with him?

Watanabe: A debt? // Gambling? // Criminal record? Illness? // Ore maybe something more delicate, like religion?

Ozawa: No, no, no. // That's not the problem.
Watanabe: Then what is?

Ozawa: Well, you know.
Watanabe: Hm!

Ozawa: It's really just.
Watanabe: Hm!

Ozawa: It's so serious. // Getting married. // In a way, // officially becoming part of your partners family means you get more "family", right?
Watanabe: That's right.

Ozawa: That means that things won't stay the same as they are, right?
Watanabe: That's right.

Ozawa: You know, Bonnouji... // came into being under miraculous circumstances. // ......to me it's like a miniature garden.

9 (55)
Ozawa: If a big change would happen,...... like us getting married, // I'm afraid it'll cause that fragile place to fall apart right away.

Watanabe: But // it's only the right thing to do.

Ozawa: That right. // I hate to do the right thing!! (I know it sounds stupid!!
Watanabe: What!? // It's impossible to wish nothing will change if you get married.

10 (56)
Watanabe: (...I see) To have a lover, // It's rather troublesome, right...?
Ozawa: Ah!

Watanabe: Even though you have a chance to sit at the main table. // But I guess happiness is something you must engrave in your heart, right!?
Ozawa: Guh.

Watanabe: What do you mean it's a "miniature garden"! // Are you drunk or something!?
Ozawa: It... it's a rule amongst grown-ups to not talk about statements a person made when they were drunk!!
Watanabe: That has nothing to do with this!!

Watanabe: From tomorrow on, I'll be saying it every day. (Miniature garden! Miniature garden!!)
Ozawa: Meany!

Ozawa: Please... // forget about it......
Watanabe: Oh.

Watanabe: Then don't tell me you don't want to marry // your lovey-dovey boyfriend// ever again!!
Ozawa: ...sure.

11 (57)
Ozawa: As an apology for what I've said, // please allow me to pay the bill. (Please let me pay...)
Watanabe: (Sure.) Go ahead.

Ozawa: Well. // I'll see you Monday, at work.
Watanabe: Hm. (See you)

Box (Watanabe): If Ozawa got married // I'd get really jealous. // Does it annoy me how the number of singles of my age gradually declines? // If so...

Watanabe: Even if you two would decide to get married, // I don't think anything would change between you.
Box (Watanabe): But words of encouragement...

12 (58)
Watanabe: I'll never say anything like that.

Ozawa: Marriage,... right? // Someday... we will I guess.

Box (Ozawa): They looked happy for sure. // And I'd be lying if I said I don't feel envious every time I'm invited to a wedding.

Box (Ozawa): I always have a feeling // that something is holding me back?

13 (59)
Ozawa: But talking about it with Watanabe really made it clear for me. // Yes, I really don't want things to change between us.

Ozawa: When I confessed...

Ozawa: Even though I already made up my mind...

Ozawa: Too serious...!! // Marriage is too serious...!!

14 (60)

Oyamada: Ever since she returned from her kohai's wedding... // This mood...

Oyamada: She wants us to marry , but she don't have the courage to mention it. // ...or, anything related to it.

SFX: murmur

Oyamada: ...Ozawa-san.
Ozawa: Hm?

Oyamada: In time. // Well.

Oyamada: In... In time // It would be nice if we got married too... // Right?

15 (61)

Ozawa: Too light...
Oyamada: Hm?

Ozawa: Telling me... // It'd be nice to in time... // it's too light.
Oyamada: Sorr...

Ozawa: Haaaa

16 (62)
Ozawa: You're right.
Box (Ozawa): It feels like all the weight I put on this matter
Ozawa: It'd be nice to get married in time!
Box (Ozawa): suddenly disappeared.
Oyamada: Ye... // Yes.

Ozawa: How about getting married on April 1st?
Oyamada: Haha. // You sure about that?

17 (63)
Watanabe: Miniature garden! Miniature garden! Miniature garden!
Ozawa: Aaaaaaa

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