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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Bonnouji 29

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jun 19, 2013 16:08 | Go to Bonnouji

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Translated for EGScans

1 (65)
Ozawa: Throw your book away! // Let's go to the city!!

Oyamada: Hm? // You're quite dressed up today, aren't you?
Ozawa: Not at all. // I just want to go outside.
Oyamada: Really?

2 (66)
Oyamada: How unusual. // Did you grow tired of spending time here at Bonnouji?

Ozawa: No.

Oyamada: What's up?

Ozawa: Don't you ever think we feel at home too much?

Ozawa: Isn't that because we just idle each weekend away here? (We even took the kotatsu out.)
Oyamada: That's true. // It's cold outside lately.

Ozawa: That's the problem. // When people spend their days staying inside drinking sweet alcohol and eating snacks... // What do you think will happen?
Oyamada: Ah.

Ozawa: ...they gain weight. (I did)
Oyamada: ...oh.

3 (67)
SFX: bleep

Ozawa: (Ah) It's been some time since I went out in the city.
Oyamada: Indeed.

Ozawa: At work I also sit down the whole time. // The only exercise I get is when we go on a trip. (Right?)
Oyamada: I see.

Ozawa: ... // Oh?
Oyamada: Hm?

4 (68)
Ozawa: Isn't this the first time // we go out together?
Oyamada: ...oh. // Now that you mention it.

Ozawa: It's refreshing.
Oyamada: Ha ha

Ozawa: Aah!?
Oyamada: Hm?

Ozawa: (Eh...)
Oyamada: What's up?

Ozawa: I accidently went to the platform of the train that takes me to work. (It's a habit)
Oyamada: Aha ha. (Let's go back?)

5 (69)
Oyamada: Wanna sit?
Ozawa: No. // I'm fine.

Oyamada: Are you sure?
Ozawa: Yes. (Let's stand there.)

Ozawa: I'm on a diet!!
Oyamada: OH!
Ozawa: I'll be strong till the end!!

Ozawa: Alright. // Well, shall we walk around a bit?
Oyamada: Sure.

6 (70)
Ozawa: Can we go there for a bit? (That shop)
Oyamada: Sure.

Ozawa: I think this would suit you.
Oyamada: Ah. // It looks nice.

Shop assistant: If you like, you can try it on before the mirror.
Ozawa: Yes. (Thanks.)

Shop assistant: We only received these today.
Ozawa: Eh.
Shop assistant: We have them in three different colors.

Shop assistant: We also have these // You currently holding the navy colored one, right?
Ozawa: Oh.

Ozawa: Excuse me. // Which one do you think that'll suit him?

Shop assistent: Hm, let me think.

7 (71)
Shop assistant: What kind of clothes does he usually wear? // What color for instance?
Ozawa: Hm. // ...in the winter, he wears just plain shirts, right?
Oyamada: Ha ha.

Ozawa: They are all brownish or monotone and have this casual feeling to them. // They're too safe to be frank.
Oyamada: Ha ha.

Shop assistant: The girls often say that about their boyfriend's clothes.
Oyamada: Ha ha ha.
Ozawa: So, // I'd like him to wear some more color.
Shop assistant: I see.

Shop assistant: Then // do you have any other preferences? // ...a specific color?
Oyamada: I leave that to Ozawa-san.

Ozawa: Maybe green, or purple // or pink.

Shop assistant: Understood.
Ozawa: Thank you for your help.

Ozawa: We found a lot of nice clothes!
Oyamada: Yes. (Let me carry that)

Ozawa: Next... // We could go to a book shop, or another clothes store. (or a general store) // Where would you like to go, Oyamada-kun?
Oyamada: A belt, bag or glasses shop. (or something)
Ozawa: Alright!

Ozawa: OK!! // Let's go!!
Oyamada: Go.

8 (72)
Oyamada: What would you like to eat?
Ozawa: A set meal.
Oyamada: (Oh.) Sounds good.

Oyamada: I'm quite hungry.
Ozawa: Me too.

Ozawa: I want to drink miso soup.
Oyamada: Yes.

Oyamada: What's up?

Ozawa: I don't really care // but because miso soup is a liquid,... you can drink it, right?
Oyamada: Hm?

Ozawa: On a similar note, because broth has the kanji for "sip" in its name, // you should be able to sip it, right?
Oyamada: Maybe you'd with broth, // but you wouldn't sip miso soup, right?

Oyamada: Or maybe, // I don't think you sip broth either.
Ozawa: That's right.

Ozawa: (Well) It doesn't really matter.
Oyamada: Indeed. // Let's ask Google-sensei when we get home.

9 (73)
Shop owner: I'm sorry to have kept your waiting.

Ozawa: This miso soup has a lot of solid pieces...

Ozawa: In this case

Ozawa: it should // be // eat, right?
Oyamada: I have no objection.

10 (74)
Ozawa: The portion was just big enough. // And had plenty of cereals too! (Let's go there again!!)
Oyamada: And the boiled fish and baked fish were also delicious, right?
Ozawa: Yes.

Ozawa: Today I // savor the ultimate happiness of having my boyfriend with me.
Oyamada: Eh!?

Oyamada: She means this date, right...? // What do you mean...
Ozawa: To be more specific!!

Ozawa: Because we can split the side dishes, // I can enjoy the taste of many more things in one visit!!
Oyamada: (Oh) ...I see.

Ozawa: Alright! // Let's burn the calories off!!
Oyamada: Yes. (giggle giggle)

Ozawa: Oh.

11 (75)
Ozawa: Do you mind if I go in?
Oyamada: Go ahead!

Shop attendant: Are you looking for something?
Ozawa: No. // Not really.

Ozawa: Somehow // I really just liked the atmosphere of this shop.
Shop attendant: Thank you very much.

Ozawa: You have a lot of accessories.
Shop attendant: That's right. // A lot of people come here for the accessories.

Ozawa: Oyamada-kun, // you have long fingers, so I think it would suit you.
Oyamada: You think?
Shop attendant: We also have a lot of couple rings.

Ozawa: Huh?
Shop attendant: We sell a lot of rings.
Ozawa: Huh?

Ozawa: If I buy it... will you wear it? (Oyamada-kun)
Oyamada: ...well, if you do.
Shop attendant: Just really, you two. (Ahaha)

12 (76)
Ozawa: Which one do you like?
Oyamada: Anything's fine.
Shop attendant: We have plenty of rings.

Ozawa: Miss, // are these all the rings you have?
Shop attendant: No, // I'll go get the others for you.
Ozawa: Thank you.

SFX: Serious
Shop attendant: Here is the rest.

Ozawa: How about this one?
Oyamada: Well...

Ozawa: This one?
Oyamada: Maybe.

Ozawa: And this one? (No good?)
Oyamada: Ah. // Well.

13 (77)
Shop attendant: Young man, didn't you say anything was fine?
Ozawa: Right?
Oyamada: Ah. // Well.

Oyamada: (I) I have no experience with this.
Shop attendant: That's alright!

Shop attendant: You'll get used to it within 3 days. // You'll even get used to this skull head within no time.
Oyamada: What!?

Oyamada: No, I don't like the skull head. (I doesn't suit me)
Shop attendant: (Oh?) Is that so?
Ozawa: Ahaha!! Oyamada-kun and a skull head!!

Ozawa: (Thank you very much.)

Ozawa: (Thanks.)
Shop attendant: (Goodbye.)

14 (78)
Oyamada: Ozawa-san...

Oyamada: You've been talking a lot with that shop lady.
Ozawa: Ah. // Yes.

Ozawa: I used to work part-time in the apparel branch. // I feel that making some small talk is also part of the job. // To reach your quota, you soon enough learn to recognize the people who want to talk and who don't.
Oyamada: (Huh?) There exist something like a quota.

Ozawa: Yes. // I once worked in s shop that did. // It was really too bad, but after discussing it with my superior I quit immediately. // Since then I would always ask during the job interview if there was a quota. If there was, I would decline right away. (Though)
Oyamada: Oh.

Ozawa: (But) working in a shop that doesn't have a quota, // where you only need to put the clothes back in order // and go around the warehouse to inventory the stock is quite nice and easy, right?
Oyamada: I guess so.

Ozawa: If shop attendants, who works in a shop without quota or bounties, start a conversation, // they just want to talk about how they like the shop or the clothes. (with people)
Oyamada: I see.

15 (79)
Ozawa: Also // If you slack off, you get yelled at by a senior or the boss.
Oyamada: I see...

Ozawa: Ah, but // having a quota doesn't really change the work itself, // I just didn't work for me.
Oyamada: Yes.

Ozawa: ...so // that why I like to talk to the shop attendants. (If they are nice that is)
Oyamada: Hmm hmm.

Oyamada: Well, // I just can't do that.
Ozawa: I know.

Oyamada: Also, // this old man's legs are tired. // Let's have a drink somewhere.
Ozawa: Okay!

Ozawa: Ah // We really walked a lot today. (satisfied)
Oyamada: Yes. // I was fun. (We've seen a lot)

16 (80)
Ozawa: This is // ...yours, right?

Ozawa: Here.
Oyamada: Oh...

Oyamada: ...this feels weird.

Oyamada: Hm? // How about you? (You're not wearing it?)
Ozawa: Wait a moment.

17 (81)
Ozawa: Look! // I attached it to my necklace!
Oyamada: Oh!!

Ozawa: This way I can wear it to work. // Like this even Shimapon and Watanabe won't notice, right?
Oyamada: Oh, that's clever.

18 (82)

Ozawa: Somehow // ...I feel really happy.

Oyamada: ...me too.

Ozawa: We are really couple of idiots, right?
Oyamada: Yes, we are.

19 (83)
Oyamada: Sip, eat and drink. All of them are correct.
Ozawa: Huh?

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