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Doraemon 132

Bad luck diamond

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jun 21, 2013 13:35 | Go to Doraemon

-> RTS Page for Doraemon 132

Translated on request of madman freak‎ (MADMAN SCANS)

1 (57)
Title: Bad luck diamond

2 (58)
Nobita: I fall down quite often.

Man: Ah, sorry.

Nobita: Even if I don't fall down, I still get hurt.

Nobita: Ouch!

Mama: I dropped some pushpins.

Nobita: Everything goes wrong today. Why me......?
Doraemon: You really have some bad luck, right?

3 (59)
Nobita: What is that?

Doraemon: The bad luck diamond! // It looks beautiful from the outside, but holds some frightening power.

SFX: scrub scrub

Doraemon: Hold this for a bit.

SFX: clang

Nobita: Ouch, ouch, ouch!!
Doraemon: I'm totally fine.

Doraemon: With this diamond you can transfer everything bad that happens to you to another person.

4 (60)
Nobita: This will help me out.

Nobita: Let's transfer my bad luck to someone else.
SFX: scrub scrub

Nobita: So, to whom should I give this?

Doraemon: Not to me!!

Nobita: Let's look for someone outside.

Mama: Stop playing already and do your homework.

Nobita: If you get mad at me, I'll give you this diamond!

Doraemon: Who will you give it to?
Nobita: When the moment arrives to give it, I feel sorry for that person......

5 (61)
Doraemon: Well, let's do it like this.

Doraemon: We drop it here.

Doraemon: The one to find it will get your bad luck.
Nobita: I see.

Nobita: I wonder who will find it.

Shizuka: Now, that's pretty!!
Doraemon: This is bad!

Both: Don't touch it!

Doraemon: Ouch!
Nobita: Even though I fell, I don't feel any pain at all.

6 (62)
Shizuka: Is this yours?
Nobita: Well, I wonder who's it is.

Suneo: What? This is where I dropped it?

Suneo: This is mine. I've been looking for some time now.

Doraemon: Sure, sure.
Nobita: Just take it.

Doraemon: That went well.
Nobita: No matter what happens now, I won't feel any pain.

Nobita: Now that I'm finally safe I don't fall down anymore.
Doraemon: You really have some bad luck, right?

Nobita: I really wanted to try out its effect.

7 (63)
Nobita: Gian is an idiot.

Gian: What!?

Gian: I'll give you a good beating!!
Nobita: That's what I want.

Suneo: In the end, my conscious doesn't allow it.

Suneo: Here, it's not mine. You can have it back.

Nobita: I'll be in trouble if you return it now!

8 (64)
Doraemon: Really, whatever you do, // nothing goes right.

Doraemon: You know, it only works if someone else holds it.
Nobita: I know that......

Nobita: I wonder if someone found it yet.
Doraemon: I'm not sure about that, but you should relax already.

Nobita: Let's stop this!

Nobita: It's bad to have someone take my pain.

9 (65)
Doraemon: Well, // I guess it's not good, so we'd better stop this.
Nobita: You dropped it somewhere around here.

Nobita: Sir, did you find a diamond?
Man: No, I didn't see anything like it.

Nobita: Really? If you hide it, something bad will happen to you.

Man: Don't say such foolish things!!

Nobita: It doesn't hurt at all.
Doraemon: Then someone found the diamond.

10 (66)
Doraemon: Ah, I thought of a good way to find it.

Doraemon: If we walk around, while I hit your head // and we look for someone who's in pain, we'll find the diamond.
Nobita: Let's do it.

Nobita: Anyone here suffering from a headache?

Doraemon: That's what happens if you look away.
Nobita: Oh, my clothes are still dry.

Gian: Damn!

Gian: I don't know what's going on, // but my head hurts a lot, // and all of a sudden my clothes are drenched, // it's pissing me off!!

11 (67)

Gian: There you are, I wasn't finished with you yet! // Uoo!!

Nobita: Yipes! Stop it!

Nobita: I'll be fine, but someone else will be in pain.
Gian: Stop saying nonsense!

Gian: Ouch, ouch!!
Nobita: So Gian had the diamond.
Doraemon: In that case, let's have him keep it for a bit longer?

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