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Translations: One Piece 856 by cnet128 , Gintama 625 by kewl0210

Bonnouji 31

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jun 24, 2013 17:16 | Go to Bonnouji

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Translated for EGScans

1 (101)
Shimapon: Hi!
Ozawa: Oh.
Oyamada: Hey.

Ozawa: You came at a good time.
Shimapon: Hm?

Ozawa: We're playing sugoroku, // but it's boring with just the two of us.
[T/N: Sugoroku is a Japanese backgammon]

Shimapon: You are...

Shimapon: Amazing.
Ozawa: What?

2 (102)
Text: Chapter 31

Ozawa: What is?
Shimapon: Well. // You guys are still a strange couple.

Shimapon: In the two weeks I've been going out, // we've been fighting every day.
Ozawa: What!?

Ozawa: You have a girlfriend!?
Shimapon: Miss Watanabe introduced her to me.

3 (103)
Ozawa: Really? // Who is it? // Will you tell me?

Shimapon: Sure.

Shimapon: But you do guys really never fight?
Oyamada: ...hm?

Shimapon: I can tell from this situation.
Ozawa: I see. // I understand.

Oyamada: You want to fight?
Ozawa:...well, just a little.

4 (104)
Watanabe: ...are you an idiot?
Ozawa: I guess I am.

Ozawa: But // isn't it strange for a couple to never fight? (To be frank.)
Watanabe: Maybe. (I guess so.)

Ozawa: So that's why. // I wonder why we never fight.

Watanabe: Did you fight with your previous boyfriends?
Ozawa: The entire time.

Watanabe: Then, don't you two just like the same things?
Ozawa: Oh! // ...I see.

5 (105)
Ozawa: But // Oyamada-kun never complains about my drinking and smoking habits..... (I stopped smoking.)

Ozawa: And he doesn't get angry when I complain about work.

Ozawa: He listens to everything I say.

Ozawa: He also // never loses his patience.

Ozawa: ...yes.

6 (106)
Ozawa: Watanabe?

Ozawa: Eek!!

Watanabe: How dare you even complain // about your love life! (Seriously!!)
Ozawa: ...sorry.

Watanabe: Well. // If you're both happy, it's fine, right?

7 (107)
Watanabe: Don't go on and on about it. // It would be nice if the two of you just got married, right? (Didn't you call it your miniature garden?)
Ozawa: Oh!

Ozawa: I forgot about that possibility. (Yes!)

Watanabe: Ah?

Watanabe: Give me more alcohol.
Ozawa: I'm sorry!!

Watanabe: (Bye bye.)
OZawa: (See you tomorrow.)

8 (108)
Ozawa: Marriage... /// right?

Ozawa: I get the feeling that // my ultimate goal was to get a boyfriend. (though) // But // I'm not really sure.

Ozawa: I just want us to stay as we are now... I guess.

Ozawa: It feels like I want to avoid the vivid truth of being married for just a bit longer. // And also.

Ozawa: I'm always complaining and getting irritated, // while Oyamada-kun isn't.

Ozawa: (Sigh.)

9 (109)
Ozawa: It's cold.

Ozawa: I'm extremely blessed. // I // ...am.

Box (Ozawa): When I go back, there are a warm house waiting for me // and also a partner who's willing to listen to me.

Box (Ozawa): But // What about him?

Ozawa: It's cold.

10 (110)
Ozawa: I'm back...

Oyamada: Welcome home.

11 (111)
Oyamada: What's up? // Are you tired?

Oyamada: Hey.

Ozawa: Oyamada-kun... do I never make you angry // ...or do I irritate you?
Oyamada: Hm?

Oyamada: (Ah) You're still worried about what Shimapon said. (Right?)
Ozawa: Yes...

Ozawa: Well, it's like that. (I guess.)
Oyamada: I see.

Oyamada: mm.
Ozawa: Don't you think I'm complaining too much?

Oyamada: Regarding that, // I understand your complaints.

12 (112)
Oyamada: So, it never // makes me angry. (Really.)

Ozawa: Yes...

Ozawa: Then // you never feel irritated?
Oyamada: I do.

Ozawa: You can actually feel irritated sometimes!?
Oyamada: (Hm?) Yes. (of course.)

Ozawa: Tell me!! Tell me!!
Oyamada: What?
Ozawa: What!! // What irritates you!!?

Ozawa: As I thought. (How boring)

Ozawa: ...so, // Well!?
Oyamada: Hm?

Oyamada: Well... / Fo... For example, when I get a call from a client that there's trouble,

Ozawa: Yes, yes!
Oyamada: and no matter how many times I check, I can't find the cause.
Ozawa: Yes!

Oyamada: While I already suspect it's not my fault, // I check it once more, // but I still can't find the cause. // I unwillingly call that client // and they only tell me "It's not my fault", "I booted my PC as usual.".

13 (113)
Oyamada: So then it's still my job, // so I work all day to find the cause and fix the program.
Ozawa: Yes.
Oyamada: Then I suddenly get a call // everything's already solved. // ...then.

Oyamada: At such a moment I feel a little irritated. (I hate it when people bother me with petty problems.)
Ozawa: ...Oh!

Ozawa: Anything else? // Anything else?
Oyamada: ...eh? // Well...

Oyamada: Once a client asked me: "The language is different from usual, is that okay with you?" // Well, as I can work with most program languages, I accepted.
Ozawa: Yes.

Oyamada: Then, // when I looked through the instruction book I got a few days later // the program language was the same as always.

Oyamada: But it was a German application...
Ozawa: Oops.

14 (114)
Oyamada: When I contacted the client, // they say "But if I told you the truth, you wouldn't have accepted it, right?" and "But I didn't lie!!" // Just like that.

Oyamada: ...well, in other words // I hate it when I can't find the cause // or people are unreasonable... // or when they tell me spiteful lies... I guess.

Oyamada: ...needless to say // ...such things really tempt me to cancel the contract.
Ozawa: I see.

Oyamada: In that respect you
Ozawa: Hm?

Oyamada: are a blabbermouth when you're drunk. // But it's easy to understand. // So that's alright.
Ozawa: ...oh?

15 (115)
Oyamada: Just now // I tried to pick a fight with you.
Ozawa: Oh!

Ozawa: Even though you tried, // it didn't work.

Oyamada: That's right.

Oyamada: Oh?

16 (116)
Ozawa: Oyamada-kun.

Oyamada: Hm?

Ozawa: Well.

Ozawa: Never mind.

17 (117)
Oyamada: I also feel irritated when I don't get enough sleep.
Ozawa: I see.

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