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Translations: Bleach 645 by cnet128

Bloody Monday Last Season 34

Parent and Child

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jun 26, 2013 11:01 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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1 (145)
Title: Parent and child

Storyteller: For that. // What was the cause?

Storyteller: Was it the book I read that day? // Was it the noise of the singing cicadas? // Was it the steaming hot summer day that reminded me of "that day" ?

Storyteller: The box // inside me // was opened.

2 (146)
Storyteller: August 1945. // Six days after the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. // Japan became a defeated nation.

Storyteller: In the country that was ruined by the burning flames // everyone desperately fought to stay alive.

Storyteller: I, who lost both his parents, wasn't an exception. // I didn't have the free time to stand still in despair. // To stay alive // I had to study foolhardily.

Storyteller: As the world kept turning, I made numerous friends. I got myself a fortune and a status. I worked hard for the sake of the country.

Storyteller: I understood. // Japan and the world... Japan and America had to cooperate. // I'm sure // I understood that.

3 (147)
Storyteller: That day // without prior notice, the lid of the box I hid away deep inside my heart was // barely // but irrevocably opened.

Storyteller: What I had kept inside // and allowed to concentrate over time // was pure hatred.

4 (148)
Storyteller: Why.. Kaname. // You.. my ideals.. // You understood my ideals.. // Right....!!?

Kaname: Yes. // I lived with your hatred for more than ten years. / But---

Kaname: Just like once happened to your former self, // just now, // the box inside me was opened.

5 (149)

Kaname: The truth that was hidden by your thoughts.

Kaname: That's right. // The one who took my children from me // wasn't this world. // It was you, father.

Kaname: It was always you.

Kaname: After all the practice I went through, I understand your hatred // more than anything.

Kaname: But even if my heart // is running on hatred, I also understand really well it won't // restore anything.

6 (150)
Kaname: That's why // it hurts. // That's why // I will end this now, father.

Storyteller: Do..n't // talk nonsense!!
Maya: I will // This hatred, here and now....

Otoya: Mother!!

Kaname: Otoya // ....Jun. // Make sure you never fail to see // what you want // and who you care about.

7 (151)
Kaname: ....even thought I never said it // all this time // I probably knew it already.

8 (152)

9 (153)
Otoya: Mo..ther.... // ....grand // father..!!

Maya: Are you.. // kidding me....!!

10 (154)
Minami: Fujimaru! // Hibiki..

Fujimaru: Hibiki.... // Pull yourself together, Hibiki....

Hibiki: But it's already over for me.
Fujimaru: Already over....

Hibiki: ....sorry. // I'm.. sorry, Fuji..maru. // Now that.... I'm finally // free.... this..

11 (155)
Minami: That....!

J: It's too early // to give up.

J: At the moment, in this tower. // Organs with the same genes as hers--- // The fresh corpses of her clones are left lying on the floor.

J: If one their hearts is unhurt, // it could be transplanted.

12 (156)
J: The chances.. aren't too high // but // it's the only way to save her.

Makimura: We..Well // But // That is..

J: Or // will the dogs of this country // keep quiet and forsake those two people // who fought for the same country?

Kanou: ....tsk.

Kanou: Always saying whatever you like....! // Minami. // Makimura! We'll do it!!

Minami: ....yes!!

Haruka: Eek....

13 (157)
Otoya: Haruka-chan!!

Maya: Now the tables are turned. // You let your guard down, dear prince. // It's time to make a deal. // If you forget you saw me here, I'll let this girl go. // It's that simple.

Haruka: Let go!! // Don't worry about me! Quick, take of Hibiki-san!!
Maya: My, my! // How brave.

Makimura: We'll never forget we saw you here! // How many of our friends do you think you've killed!!?
Maya: So, you want me to kill her too?

Haruka: Do what.. you want, I don't care! // Shoot me..! // If you can't get away from here, just shoot me!!

Maya:'re really annoying. // I told you before. // You'd better watch your words.

14 (158)
Kanou: Go!

Minami: Kanou-san!?

Maya: Oh. // As you'd expect from an agent with a lot of international experiences. // You're quick to understand the situation.

Kanou: You're nothing but an abandoned mercenary. // It's not like you were carrying through your own convictions, right? // Right now we have more important things to do, //than going after the neck of someone, who's driven by money.

Kanou: Get lost. // We don't have the spare time to deal with someone like you.

Maya: I'm happy to hear that.

15 (159)
Maya: Well then, everyone. // Maybe // we'll meet again // somewhere, someday.

Hibiki: ....what beautiful snow // It's not cold.... at all.. // Hey, Fujimaru. // Just now....I went to a church.

Fujimaru: ....a church?

16 (160)

Hibiki: In that church.... // I want to hold.. // our wedding. // Okay? // Fuji..maru..

17 (161)

18 (162)


19 (163)

20 (164)

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