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Bloody Monday Last Season 00

Special Chapter

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jul 2, 2013 09:53 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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1 (205)

Special chapter / File 0

Fujimaru: You look happy today, Anko.
Mako: Yes~~ // I'm looking forward to the party~~♪

Board: Party / Hikage incident & new club members / The one and only (happy) / Anko / Anzai Mako!!

Aoi: Hmm // For such an indecent to happen as soon as you enter school. // We'd better make sure the party for our precious kohai will be successful!

2 (206)
Mako: But it was solved right away~~ // " Falcon"-sama is so cool~~!!
Fujimaru: He he.

Aoi: Why are you so happy, Fujimaru?
Fujimaru: It's // It's nothing!!

Anko: But.... // are you sure it's okay? To this much candy and juice..
Hide: Yeah, maybe we bought too much. // The cashier also gave us a funny look.

Fujimaru: It's alright. // Young master Otoya will pay for the bill!
Aoi: Don't get ahead of yourself!!

Otoya: Fujimaru. // When did I say I'd pay the bill?
Fujimaru: What!? You're stingier than I thought....
Aoi: Of course!! We'll split the costs amongst the upperclassmen.
Hide: Oh?

3 (207)

Boy: sob / sob / sob

Aoi: Hey, what's up?
Mako: He's alone~~

Boy: Mama.. went shopping.. // And then // she was gone. (Eh? / puffy / surprise)

Boy: Booh-hoo!!
Aoi: Wow // Hold....
Mako: Eeh~~ // This goes beyond my control~~

4 (208)
Hide: Come. // Come.
Boy: Ah..

Hide: It's alright. // These brothers // will help you to find your mother.

Boy: Okay..
Hide: Alright. // Good boy, good boy!
Fujimaru: (Wow---) // As you'd expect from an older brother....!

Hide: Do you know where you came from?
Boy: ....that wat?

Hide: I see~~ // Thanks.

5 (209)
Otoya: Hide, take that boy to the police box! // We'll find his mother.
Hide: Got it!

Otoya: ....Fujimaru.
Fujimaru: Hm?

Otoya: Hurry up // and find that kid's mother.

Fujimaru: ....yeah. // The party // is waiting for us!!

6 (210)
Fujimaru: I'll hack into the security service system used by the most popular stores around this area!! // Then I'll search the footage of the security camera's.... // to find that boy's face.

7 (211)
Fujimaru: Found them. // That boy.... and his mother!

Fujimaru: Ah.. // He accidently left the story while his mother was still paying.

Fujimaru: Now.... // send a message!

Message: Discovery! / This is the mother of the kid. Find this person!!!

Boy: (Mama!)

8 (212)
Aoi: Mako-chan! // How did it go? Did you find a clue?
Mako: Aoi-senpai. // No, nothing~~....

9 (213)

Aoi: I see....

Aoi: Excuse me. // Have you seen this woman?

Aoi: We're looking for the mother of a lost child... // so.... // (Oh. Is he a foreigner!? What should I do?)

10 (214)
J: Ah. // That woman?

Aoi: Do you remember seeing her!? (Lucky, Japanese)
J: Yes. // So she was looking for her child? // I saw her in the shopping center over there about 10 minutes ago.

Aoi: Th..thanks....
Mako: Thank you. // Okay! Let's hurry, Aoi-senpai!

11 (215)
J: You're doing.. really great.

12 (216)
Aoi: I'm glad that worked out, but where did you get the picture of the mother? // Did you get it from a shop assistant?
Fujimaru: Hm.. Ah.. Well, yes.

13 (217)
Aoi: Ah.... but // it's already really late now.

Aoi: Even if we go back to school now, it'll be closed before we get there.
Mako: Yes~~ It's really too bad~~

Mako: It's too bad, but // I'm still glad. // We found the mother of that kid !

Fujimaru: That's right!
Hide: Yes! I agree.

Mako: But.. what should we do with all the good and drinks....?
Fujimaru: Well..

14 (218)
Aoi: The party will be postponed. // We'll wind this up for today an just go home..
Fujimaru: Hey?

Fujimaru: Let's have a party!

Fujimaru: At the park!!

15 (219)
Aoi: Wow! // There are still some Sakura trees blooming!
Hide: In the end, I was too busy this year to go out cherry blossom viewing.

Fujimaru: Who cares that you didn't go this year!! // Next year!

16 (220)
Fujimaru: Spring next year. // It'd be nice to // go here again with the new club members.

Aoi: Ah.. I see.
Hide: Sounds good!

Aoi: Sometimes you actually say good things, Fujimaru!
Hide: Right! (ha ha ha)
Fujimaru: You two~~

Otoya: year, // I won't be here anymore.
Fujimaru: Wh..what are you saying? We'll invite you! // That's obvious, right?

Otoya: Obvious.. huh?

Hide: Oh!? // What a rare sight. President Kujou feels embarrassed? Embarrassed!?
Otoya: St..stop it Hide! // I'm not feeling embarrassed! // Hey!

17 (221)

Mako: He he. // I'm looking forward to // Spring next year!

Hide: Next year.. // I'll make sure to buy a new camera before then!

Aoi: Yes! // Let's make this into an annual event for the news paper club!

Otoya: year // it would be nice if there be some more new club members.

Fujimaru: Alright!! // Anyway! For now---

18 (222)
Fujimaru: Cheers!!

File 0 End

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