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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Ikoku Shoujo to Sumire no Hanataba 10


-> RTS Page for Ikoku Shoujo to Sumire no Hanataba 10

Translated on request of barling

1 (81)
Petal 10

2 (82)
Rose: This girl's name is Bluebell. // I just call her Bell.

Rose: She's the younger sister of Lily, she comes over to play once in a while.
Bell: I'm not here to play! // Please don't say weird things!

Bell: I'm just checking if my sister isn't getting herself into trouble. // I'm not here, because I want to...

3 (83)
Box: Eyes that have seen something bad.

Rose: Oh. // It's already 9 o'clock.

4 (84)
Rose: Excuse me. // I have to go. // I'll tell Lily you're here, so you two play quietly until then.

SFX: Plop!

Sumire: Alright, let's play...
Bell: Wha.. What's up with those hands...

Bell: You... what will you do to me?
Sumire: I wonder, not sure yet.
Bell: Don't screw with me!

5 (85)
Bell: Back then, why did you..
Rose (flashback): You know her?
Sumire (flashback): I don't know anyone with such a huge forehead.
Bell: ...such a thing.

Sumire: You're still worried about that forehead thing?
Bell: No, of course not! It's about the stealing!

Bell: Why didn't you tell her I am a pickpocket! // Why did you pretend you didn't know me!

Sumire: Nothing special. // Just that it wouldn't be fun if it came out now.
Bell: That girl... what a weird person.

6 (86)
Bell: ...Hm. // Whatever.

Bell: Anyway, // I'll give it back to you.
Sumire: Eh?
Bell: That accessory.

Bell: Back then I stubbornly fought with you... // but you're a friend of Rose, so that changes the situation.

Bell: She's always taking care of me... // If you promise not to tell her, I'll give it back.

Bell: Look. // It's a pain when two of your friends have a fight. // I'm the one to blame for this.

7 (87)
Sumire: Maybe... she's trying to apologize. // It doesn't sound like it though. // ...but.

Bell: I... I'm sorry, I don't have it with me right now...
Sumire: That's not it.

8 (88)
Sumire: A greeting.

Sumire: I didn't introduce myself yet.

Sumire: Shake hands.

9 (89)
Bell: What do you mean, shaking hands?
Sumire: What?
Bell: Shouldn't you say "Nice to meet you"!?
Sumire: I misunderstood the English.
Bell: Liar!

[T/N: Sumire thought that "ote" (Shake hands) meant the same as "yoroshiku" (nice too meet you).]

Lily: Excuse me. // You seem to be having fun.

Lily: Can I be of any help?

Lily: To either of you.

10 (90)
Bell: Tsk.

Bell: I... am going home.
Lily: Eh... // Bell?

Lily: Wait. // Bell.

Lily: Wha... // Why are you running away? // Tell me.

Bell: Same for you. // Why are you following me?

11 (91)
Lily: ......Hey, Bell.

Lily: Did you give it back to Sumire-sama? // You stole something from her, right?

Bell: ...why do you know about that?

Lily: I heard it. // ...from that person.

Lily: Hey, don't you ever steal again... // If there's something you need, just tell me. // Please stop doing such...

12 (92)
Lily: Hey, // I've been thinking about you all this time.
Bell: Shut up!

Bell: Don't act like my sister only whenever you see fit! // This is all your fault anyway!

Bell: I already sold that accessory. // You're too late.
Lily: ......Bell.

Lily: Why.

Lily: Why do you say such things?

13 (93)
Lily: Telling lies // is bad, right?

Lily: Please. // Tell me the truth. // Bluebell.

14 (94)
Lily: You // still have it, right?

Bell: Tsk.

Bell: Shut up! // Shut up! // Shut up!

Bell: How dare you call me your sister // while Rose is more important to you than I am!

Bell: You, you!

Lily: Bell.

15 (95)

Bell: You! // I hate you!

16 (96)
Bell: Lily, // I don't even care if you get fired!

17 (97)
Masaki: I'm sorry. // That.

Masaki: I didn't mean to eavesdrop.

Masaki: Do you need... a broom?

Lily: Please don't... misunderstand.
Masaki: What?

18 (98)
Lily: Bell is actually a really nice girl. // But // Because of me, something like this...

Lily: We... are from a poor family. // And only I... was hired as a maid here. // Now, we also have fewer opportunities to meet.

Lily: She feels like I'm always ignoring her // and that made her really bitter.

Lily: She really isn't a child who'd do such things. // So, please don't hate her.

19 (99)
Masaki: Lily...

Rose: ...what?

Rose: What's going on, father?
Father: Hm. // It's only a guess.

20 (100)
Father: It's possible that Lily plans to leave this mansion.

Rose: Why...
Father: The other day she asked whether any of my acquaintances was looking for a maid.

Father: Did she talk about this to you by any chance?
Rose: No... nothing.

Father: Just now I also got a report that she broke a vase. // Something could be troubling her.

Father: Lily is your friend. // Could you talk to her?

21 (101)

Box (Rose): Lily...

Box (Rose): For something like that to happen.

Rose: Ah,... Masaki. // Have you seen Lily?
Masaki: She just went out together with Bell.

Rose: Thanks! I'll be going out too.
Masaki: Eh? // Ah, okay.

22 (102)
Masaki: That's // fine, but...

Masaki: The sky has been looking threatening since yesterday... // Will you be alright?

Rose: Lily.

23 (103)
Rose: Why didn't you tell me. // It's not true, right?

Rose: You promise me // we'd be together forever.

Rose: Ah!

24 (104)
Rose: To disappear from my side. // You wouldn't... do that, right?

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