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Smoky B.B. 4


+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jul 7, 2013 10:18 | Go to Smoky B.B.

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Reserved (Mangaburn)

Title: Smokey B.B. Chapter 4 Snake

Box: Before April

Director: So this is Haimura-kun, the guy you talked about the other day!?
Komado: Yes.

Director: I see. // His throw is certainly amazing...

Director: 5 million yen is quite a large amount of money... // but if that's what it takes to get him on our team, it can't be helped.

Komado: Right!?

Komado: The first time we met, he even kicked the asses of some yakuza!!
Director: Eh, yakuza!?
Komado: Ah, no. It's nothing...

[T/N: yakuza = Japanese mafia/ gangsters]

Director: What's up, Komado!?
Komado: ...um, ah.

Komado: It's nothing!!

Komado: But it really surprised me.
Hayata: What did!? (Ah, I'm tired...)
Komado: Enjiro of course!!

Kamodo: Due to his personality, I thought he would be less serious about this. // But like this, he'll soon be a full-fledged member of Benten.

Komado: Come to think of it, what kind of person was Enjiro in junior high?
Hayata: Hm. No one really liked him... // I was really his only friends.

Komado: I see... // He isn't a bad person though... // !?

Boy: What are you doing!? Did I do something to you, Enjiro-kun!!? // Why are you following me!?
Enjiro: Why don't you ask that question to your footprints~~

Enjiro: See! See! If you keep running on it, it won't be shiny tomorrow!?
Boy: Noooo!
Hayata: Wow, I didn't know Benten had a ground maintenance car. // Komado-chan!?

Hayata: (Ugh!)

Komado: Enjiro!!

Sign: Benten baseball club room

Makino: I'm sure!! // It had a speed of 140 km/h!!

Sakamaki: You know, Makino-kun. // It's only spring. There's no way a first year student could make such a throw.
Box: Benten regular / Third baseman (3rd year) / Sakamaki Tsutomu

Boy: It's because you regulars where all doing running practice... (An exceptional pitcher)
Boy: Coach Muro has them do that whenever they lose a practice match.
Sakamaki: (Wish I could throw it...)

Sakamaki: However // if Makino is speaking the truth...

Sakamaki: None of us will really stay as calm as we seem now. // Our ace too...

Sakamaki: He'll hammer down the stakes that stick out they hit the board... // His jealousy goes deep---

Komada: Stupid! // Idiot!
Enjiro: That was fun...
Hayata: Come, come.

Sakamaki: He's like a snake!!

Komado: Enjiro! // Watch out!

Komado: Are you alright!?
Enjiro: (Nice catch, Hayata-kun!!)
Hayata: (Ouch~~!!)

Kitazato: Aah.

Kitazato: I failed again. // This joke really hurts!!
Box: Benten's ace pitcher / (Vice-captain 3rd year) / Kitazato Ayumu

Hayata: Again!?

Enjiro: So it was him... // Hey... Senpai!!

Hayata: Watch your mouth, Enjiro... // This person.

Hayata: He's the ace of Benten's team... Kitazato-san!!

Kitazato: I see... // So this shoulder is worth 5 million yen!?]

Hayata: Why does he!?

Enjiro: Just shut up and go home. Make a fool of your grandma if you like ...senpai. // Maybe she'll even give you 500 yen!?

Komado: Excuse me, Kitazato-san. // Did Enjiro-kun do something wrong to offend you!?

Kitazato: Hey, manager... I have a job for you... // Pack up his belongings!!

Kitazato: Before the day is over // I'll have Haimura quit the baseball club!!
Hayata: What!?

Komado: Hol... Hold on a second, why!?
Kitazato: You... visited Benten last year, right!?

Kitazato: I accidently overheard your conversation with the director. (while I was running)

Komado: Ah!!

Komada: Back then...

Kitazato: Like I'll let some hired shithead join this club!! // He'll only dirty my pitching mound...

Enjiro: Ah, he found out~~... // You really shouldn't do such bad things~~, Komado-chan.

Hayata: Damn, I have no choice. This is bad... can't let it get any worse!! // Excuse me,...

Hayata: I really don't want to say this // but assuming that it is true // the direct and his daughter are also in on this.
Hayata: So, you are the only one making a stir of this, right!?
Kitazato: Ha ha... // That joke hurts, first year kid.

Kitazato: Are you trying to keep a hold of the initiative!?

Kitazato: This guy was hired... // It's only a guess, but I suspect he's here to make our baseball club stronger, right!? // In other words... // the goal of our director wasn't to make him enter, it was to make our baseball club win.

Komado: What are you trying to say!?

Kitazato: If he doesn't quit // I'll tell the whole club about this!!

Kitazato: If that happens, the team won't wait for the summer. // It'll fall apart right away. // Our director absolutely wouldn't want that to happen, right!?

Komado: Why would he do such a thing? // Is that... a treat!?

Hayata: This guy... a condition that will destroy the club... // Doesn't he care about the club at all!?

Kitazato: Well, you can always baseball on some empty grass field. // I'm sorry, but there's so free space in Benten's mound.

Kitazato: Even if you were to be "Roger Clemens" // I am the ace of Benten!

[T/N: Roger Clemens is a former American baseball starting pitcher who was the most dominant pitcher in the major league history.]

Kitazato: See you.

Komado: To hire a high school amateur baseball player!? // He didn't do anything wrong. He didn't have any other choice. // The one to blame am I...

Komado: I'm sorry, Enjiro...

Komado: Aah, what should I do now!!? // (Aaargh!) // Huh!

Komado: Where's Enjiro!?

Sakamaki: Hey, Kitazato. // Did you see that first year who joined the bullpen today!?
Kitazato: What!?

[T/N: the bullpen is the area where the relief-pitchers warm up before entering a game.]

Kitazato: That guy.

Kitazato: It's possible // he won't came again~~

Enjiro: Ooh... // So this is the shoulder of Benten's ace!?

Komado: Enjiro!?

Kitazato: You bastard...

Kitazato: You want me to reveal it!?

Enjiro: Reveal!? You mean that!?

Enjiro: That they paid me money to join this baseball club!?

Komado: What are you doing!?
Enjiro: Didn't you tell me today!? // My first goal was to be acknowledged by everyone.

Enjiro: In that case, it wouldn't be fair to hide that I'm being paid for this, right?

Enjiro: Hey, Kitazato-san. My family has an immense debt to pay. // Having Benten provide me with financial assistance, I'm finally able to play baseball again. // That's why I came to here.

Kitazato: You really thought I'd come to like you by hearing the story of your life!? // That joke hurts.
Sakamaki: Hey, what about money...
Enjiro: I don't really want your sympathy. Besides... it's not like anyone really likes me anyway.

Enjiro: I just want to be selected. // To find out whether Benten needs me or not // let's compare the merits of money with those of ability.

Enjiro: That includes you...

Enjiro: and everyone else of the baseball club!!

Enjiro: If I'm no good, I will leave this place!!
Box: The next morning 6 AM Benten's ground

Hayata: Was this really the only way!?
Enjiro: Hm!?

Enjiro: Driveling on about this won't change a thing...

Enjiro: The "die" has been cast.

Hayata: Well, you were the one to threw it!?

Komado: Enjiro......

Enjiro: Just accept it already, Komado...

Enjiro: It's somewhat ironic, but...

Enjiro: Our first opponent // on the road to the Koshien tournament...

Enjiro: is Benten high!!

Text: If they don't acknowledge him, it'll all be over!!

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