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Smoky B.B. 5


+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jul 10, 2013 20:00 | Go to Smoky B.B.

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Reserved (Mangaburn)

Enjiro: Our first opponent // on the road to the Koshien tournament...

Enjiro: is Benten high!!

Text: A wall he has to overcome... to get on his way!!

Title: Smokey B.B. / Chapter 5 9out

Box: Yesterday.

Kitazato: Compare the merits of money with those of ability!?

Enjiro: Yes... let's try it out... // Whether you need me or not...

XXX: (Whee Whee)

Enjiro: Who was it? Who honked just now!?

Kaburaya: It was me, // Benten's Road Runner. // I'm Kaburaya Chouji.
Box: Kaburaya Chouji (2nd year) / (nickname: Kabuchou)

Kaburaya: If it's true that you're hired by the school, // how do you intend to make us acknowledge you!?

Enjiro: 9out. // I would like you to assess me!!

XXX: 9out!? (What's that?)
Enjiro: It's a game I often played. // It's a match between a pitcher and the batters that lasts one inning. // The inning won't end with 3 outs like it usually does.
Komado: (shake // shake)

Enjiro: The inning ends... with 9 outs. // All 9 regular player of Benten... // will be my opponent!!

Sakamaki: So, on the count board it would be like this... // We'd have a huge advantage!!

Enjiro: If I give away one point, it'll be my loss... // In that case I'll quit the baseball club // and you can open the kusudama to a blizzard of confetti.

[T/N: kusudama = an ornamental (scented) ball (made of imitation flowers).]

Kaburaya: What shall we do... Kitazato-san?

Kitazato: We have no choice. // What an idiot...

Kitazato: Let's get rid of that pest with this!!
Box: Benten's Ground / (6:10 AM)

Kaburaya: You really think accepting this challenge was the right thing to do!?
Kitazato: Don't worry... There's no way we'll lose!!

Kitazato: To make 100% sure we'll win...

Kitazato: we'll give ourselves an even greater advantage.
Komado: Enjiro...

Komado: What should I do!?
Enjiro: Don't do anything. // Or do a victory dance holding a bonbon, if you like.

[T/N: He probably means pompon, not bonbon.]

Komado: ...I'm sorry, Enjiro... // This is all my fault.

Enjiro: Don't worry about it. // From here on it's my fight!!

Hayata: I'm here too, though... // Ah!

Hayata: Escuse me , Kitazato-san!! Anyone will do. // But at least lend us some people to be in the field!!
Kitazato: Hey, hey.

Kitazato: That joke hurts.

Kitazato: Is there anyone in this baseball club... // who would want to protect their backs?

Hayata: No way,... playing 9out...

Komado: They have to do his without fielders!?

Hayata: How are supposed to play baseball without base covers!? // If you're also intend to bunt and steal bases, even for Enjiro it's...
Enjoro: Hey, Hayata.


Enjioro: That guy is just afraid... // that I'll snatch away the number 1 his uniform.

Kitazato: I would give you the number one of the friendless any day, Haimaru. // But, well... // Fine, we won't bunt or steal bases...

Kitazato: Get going already... bum head!!

Hayata: I didn't expect anyone to take our side, but...

Hayata: Hold on... Then our umpire is also...
Sakamaki: Hm!?

Sakamaki: I won't resort to such shameful things. // Until the game ends... I'll be a fair umpire.
Box: Chief umpire / Sakamaki Tsutome (3rd year)

Hayata: He's a good person. // I wish we would've met under different circumstances...
Sakamaki: (yes) Play ball!

Kaburaya: Sakamaki-san is too nice~~ // That bastard who's a disgrace to all high school amateur players.

Kaburaya: I will give them a taste of this Iron Hammer.

Sakamaki: By the way, you look pretty serious... why do you hang around with that guy!?

Hayata: Ah... about that.

Hayata: You'll find out soon enough!!

Enjiro: Well... // Do your job... umpire.

Sakamaki: (Oh!)

Sakamaki: Strike!
Hayata: That guy's really into this.

XXX: ...what was that? (so sharp)
XXX: A 1st year shouldn't be able to throw such a ball!
XXX: So Makino didn't lie after all.

Kaburaya: Damn, I didn't get the timing right.
Sakamaki: He's a Smokey guy, huh?

XXX: Smokey... // what does that mean, Kitazato-san?
Kitazato: To put it simply, it means that the pitcher hides the ball behind his body... until the instant he throws the ball. // It makes it hard for the batter to get the timing right.
Circle (right): <Normal>
Circle (left): < Smokey>

Sakamaki: ...well, it's not an uncommon technique these days. // It was really fast though.

Kaburaya: But Sakamaki-san, even though he hides the ball until the instant he makes the throw... // it feels like there is no release point...

Sakamaki: There is no... release point!? // That quick!?

Sakamaki: No, that's impossible...

Sakamaki: Sure enough, his form is nearly perfect!!

Sakamaki: He hides the ball really well behind his body.

Sakamaki: But you can't throw it while it's hidden. // So it's impossible to have no visible release point when you throw the ball.
Box: release point

Sakamaki: Whatever pitcher you are... // right here the ball should...

Sakamaki: be visible...

Kaburaya: I have no idea when he let go of the ball...

Kaburaya: When I see it, it's already right in front of me...

Enjiro: Call.
Hayata: He's really into it...
Sakamaki: St.. // Strike!!

Kitazato: That guy!!

Enjiro: Hey... you too. // Do you job, first batter.

Kaburaya: Sure, I'll show you. Stupid first year. // My running boomerang that strikes like lightning!! // What... What is going on!?

XXX: Hey, Kitazato... Kabuchou said there's no release point... what's going on!?

Kitazato: It's easy...

Kitazato: That guy... // The swing of his arm is unusually fast!! // So fast the ordinary eye can't see it.

KItazato: That form // is a mixture!!

Kitazato: He hides the ball behind his body // and masks the release point with a ridiculous fast swing.

Kitazato: He combined "technique" and "power".......


Kitazato: It's a "hybrid form"!!

Sakamaki: Strike! Batter out!

Enjiro: Hey... you did a great job, first pitcher.

Enjiro: Crying. // Are you?

Box: But... even so

Box: we will win, Haimura.
Kaburaya: Damn it!
Enjiro: Run like lightning!!
Text: Crushed! And Kitazato's mind will!?

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