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Doraemon 137

Hard-Working Money bees

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jul 11, 2013 15:01 | Go to Doraemon

-> RTS Page for Doraemon 137

Translated on request of madman freak‎ (MADMAN SCANS)

1 (100)
Title: Hard-Working Money bees

2 (101)
Doraemon: You really love cat's cradle, do you?

Nobita: It's not that I really love it. // I just don't have any pocket money left.

Nobita: Regardless of money, this is the only game I can play without getting tired.

Mama: Nobi-chan, if you have nothing to do, you can clean the gutter for me.

Nobita: I have to study. // Ah, I'm so busy.

Doraemon: She'll never believe such a flimsy act.

3 (102)
Nobita: I don't even earn one yen with this. // It's useless. // And useless work makes me really tired. // Mutter, mutter.

Nobita: It's 10 yen!

Nobita: I got money! // This wasn't useless after all.

Nobita: I just thought of something really amazing.

Nobita: If you'd search for all the money that is gathering dust in inconspicuous places all around Japan, you'd make quite a large sum.
Doraemon: Probably.

Nobita: And if you spend the money you've gathered, that'll be really good for the Japan.
Doraemon: Possibly.

Nobita: I want to work for the sake of Japan! Give me the tools I need.
Doraemon: That's actually a nice idea.

4 (103)
Nobita: What's that?

SFX: Click
SFX: Bzzzzz.

Nobita: B, Bee! Bee!
Doraemon: Don't worry. // This is a Money Bee.

Nobita: A Money Bee?

Doraemon: They collect fallen money and bring it to their beehive.

Doraemon: Hey guys, this family is short on money, but outside the house there's lots and lots of it. // Please go out and search it for us.

Doraemon: They are hard wokers.

Nobita: I want to see how they work.

5 (104)
SFX: Bzzzz. // Bzzzz

Nobita: Ah, he has money with him.

Nobita: Good, good! // Keep it going!

Nobita: They are finding a lot over there.

Nobita: Ah, he even found 1000 yen. Great, great!

Doraemon: They already found this much!
Nobita: And it hasn't even been 30 minutes.

Nobita: If they keep this up, I may be able to save up 10.000 yen...... // No, maybe even 100.000 yen..... or even a 1.000.000 yen!

6 (105)
Nobita: Let's rebuilt the house and go on an overseas trip.

Mama: We can't do that. // If you don't bring everything you find to the police box, you'll be guilty of "embezzling found objects".

Nobita: We found this money here and there.

Policeman: I don't know what to do with such found objects.

Policeman: Unless you can tell me how you found at what place, I can't take it.

Nobita: How are we supposed to know that.
Doraemon: What should we do?

Doraemon: Hey, you guys. // Please bring this back to the place where you found it.

Nobita: Looks like the bees also don't know what to do.
SFX: Bzzzz

SFX: Bzzzz // Bzzzzz


7 (106)
Doraemon: You'd better not piss them off by putting them in a fix. Run!

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