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9 no puzzle to mahoutsukai 1

Where is the wizard?

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jul 14, 2013 21:49 | Go to 9 no puzzle to mahoutsukai

-> RTS Page for 9 no puzzle to mahoutsukai 1

Translated on request of DarkDooM

In the near future, a BCI controller that reads your brain signals and makes you conscious dive into the virtual world of the internet has become extremely popular. Katsuro, who was arrested for a certain crime, was adopted by police officer Yumeji and serves his prison term while living with his sister-in-law, Rin. However, at the request of his adoptive father, Katsuro investigates internet crimes in exchange for reduction of his punishment.

SFX: clack clack clack

Box: The riddles from which one can draw a solution by reason of thought // are an all-encompassing puzzle.

Box: For me, the internet is.

black text: An immense land of puzzles
Yellow text: The Puzzle of 9 and the Wiseman
Red text: Wiseman
Blue text: Q1. Where is the wizard?
grayish text: Miura Jun

Orange dots: Puzzle
Green text: Tackling the riddles hidden in the network!
Pink text: A near-future cyber story!!
Green dots: Brain action

Girl: Welcome back, master Kazuhiro! // Welcome to the Digital Library!

Girl: The e-book corner is over here.

Kazuhiro: Wow! // It's "12 stairways" from Takada Kazuhiro!! // It' s digitalized!!

Kazuhiro: I want this one!

Girl: Please select your preferred terms of payment.

Girl: Thank you for your purchase! // You can download it over there.

Book: 12 stairways / Takada Kazuhiro

Kazuhiro: I don't really like e-books... // but impossible to get a paper copy nowadays.

Kazuhiro: That's right. // I haven't visited the chat room for a while.

Kazuhiro: ...a new face?

Kazuhiro: Oh. // She's pretty!

Kazuhiro: Am I a fool? // The fact that her avatar is pretty doesn't mean anything. // It's nice to meet you, I'm Kazuhiro.

Girl: It's nice to meet you too.

Kazuhiro: I wonder what she really looks like...
Girl: I'm so happy. // I finally found someone who has the same hobbies as me!

Box: Whether it's in online games or on SNS, // by now the BCI-controller that reads your brain signals and makes your conscious dive into the virtual space that is the Internet // has permeated even into ordinary households.
Girl: You know, I'm not good with any kind of electronics. // That's why I can't get used to e-books either.
Kazuhiro: Ah. // I understand.

[T/N: SNS = Social network sites, BCI = Brain Computer Interface]

Box: In other words, we're moving around // as our self-designed avatars right now.
Girl: I even have trouble using my mobile phone // so I didn't take any precautions // against viruses either...
Kazuhiro: I see...

Kazuhiro: ......because there are too many of these idiots // it's easy to do my job.

Kazuhiro: Even though I don't look like it, I'm actually a professional hacker!!

Kazuhiro: By repeating its self-propagation, a worm virus is able to invade the server of the target. // Using one of those, I recently attacked "OFD", a major electronics maker.

Kazuhiro: There's even this rumor that the police asked some wizard-like expert hacker for help...

Kazuhiro: Well, it's not like I'll be captured!!

Girl: Kazuhiro-san.

Girl: Who is your favorite author?
Kazuhiro: Eh? // Ah, aah... Well... // Takada Kazuhiro......
Girl: Me too!

Kazuhiro: Eh, really?
Girl: Though I didn't read "12 stairways" yet.

Kazuhiro: I just found a digital copy of it!
Girl: Eh! // It was digitalized!?

Kazuhiro: I found it at the digibra. // Shall I send you a copy?
Girl: You sure? // Thanks!

[T/N: Digibra = digital library)

Girl: ......damn!

Girl: My lunch break is over!

Girl: I'll probably be here again tomorrow around this time. // How about you?
Kazuhiro: Aah... well. // Maybe if I come too...

Girl: That's great. // Let's talk again tomorrow!

Kazuhiro: Ah... // Sure... // See you... // Is she a student? // Or maybe an OL...

[T/N: OL = Office Lady]

Kazuhiro: ...I'll come again tomorrow...

XXX: Kaa-kun. // Kaa-kun?

Girl: Kaa-kun. // Excuse me... // It's almost time to go to school. // If you miss any more days......

Kaa: I quit yesterday.

Girl: ...wait... why!? // Why didn't you discuss this with me?

Girl: Why did you quit school!? // Did you have a fight with your friends!? // Do you hate to study!?

Girl: Anyway, open up already!!

Computer: ----Due to the damage done by hacking incident at the electronics maker OFD----

Computer: ----The MPD which has yet to confirm the source of the virus----

[T/N: MPD = Metropolitan Police Department]

Girl: ...all right.

Girl: Kaa-kun! // Kaa-kun!!

Girl: Dinner is ready!! // Let's eat it together!!

Girl: Kaa-kun!

Girl: You can hear me, right!?

Girl: I'm not bringing it to your room!

Girl: If you don't get out, there's no dinner for you!!

Screen: Can you solve this? / Kaa-kun // Number 14 and 15 are swapped. Fix it by sliding the frames.

Girl: Wai... Wait a minute! I'm having dinner right now!

Girl: Like this, or like that...


Girl: I can't solve this!

Girl: Ah! // My homework!!

Girl: Ah.

Girl: You came!

Kazuhiro: Well... // I was free, so...

Girl: Only because you were free?
Kazuhiro: Of, of, of, of course not. // I al, al, also wanted to talk to again, right!?

Girl: Ooh. // So you're a programmer.
Kazuhiro: Well... // Yes.

Girl: Isn't it hard to be a programmer?
Kazuhiro: Close. // Well... // Really close...

Kazuhiro: As soon as you get used to it, it's just like a puzzle.
Girl: That's amazing!

Kazuhiro: Ag... // Aggressive~~~...

Kazuhiro: ...her lunch break is almost over, right?

Kazuhiro: ...I wish we could talk like this forever... // Come to think of it, I don't know anything about her yet...

Kazuhiro: Tha.. That's right! // I recently found this community called Logic Land. // Sorry for changing topics. // Unless you solve the puzzle they give you, you're not allowed to join.

Kazuhiro: Look... number 14 and 15 are swapped. right? // You have to fix the order by sliding the frames.

Kazuhiro: It looks easy, but it's actually quite hard. // Maybe you could solve it...

Girl: ...if you don't solve this, you can't join the community?
Kazuhiro: Yes.

Girl: In that case there's no need // to solve this puzzle.

Kazuhiro: Eh...

Kazuhiro: Wh.. // What do you mean...
Girl: I have 2 reasons.

Girl: First. // I really love solving puzzles.

Girl: In 1878 Sam Lloyd created a puzzle. // He published it in the newspaper, offering a reward of 1000 dollars. // This puzzle looks a lot like the one he made.

Girl: In this puzzle the numbers are swapped only in one place... // In other words, in case of an odd number // it's theoretically impossible to return it back to normal! // Lloyd knew this, and that's why he offered the reward.

Girl: You also knew that and set up this problem from me, huh? // Humans are bad beings.
Kazuhiro: ......I'm surprised... // You really know a lot......!

Girl: Thank you.

Girl: ...but this is just // common sense for a puzzle addict.

Kazuhiro: You said you had two reasons. // What's the other one?

Girl: Recently OFD became the victim of a hacking incident, right?

Kazuhiro: ......eh?
Girl: Oh, you didn't know? // It's quite a big issue in the news.

Kazuhiro: Ah, no.. I knew. // But it isn't related to the puzzle, right?
Girl: It actually is.

Girl: I analyzed the virus // and trapped it in a counter software.

Kazuhiro: ...counter software...?? // Analyzing the virus...? // Didn't you say you were an analog person.....

Kazuhiro: ...ah. // Is this your daydream? // In that case, it's quite interesting...?

Girl: The virus that's entrapped in the counter software I made // takes a certain action.
Kazuhiro: A certain action...?

Girl: It returns to its sender.

Girl: Of course, // I can track the whereabouts of the virus. // Well? // In this way, I can identify the criminal, right?
Kazuhiro: ......Oh. // It's sounds interesting, but...

Kazuhiro: But it's not really realistic. // You know, a virus....... // it's always send through the servers of a lot of other people, right!?

Kazuhiro: So... // how can the virus return to the criminal's server? // A hacker who attacked the OFD // wouldn't allow his own server to be invaded by a virus...

Kazuhiro: The possibility of making such a blunder...
Girl: To be honest.

Girl: I set up a trap // on every possible Internet site.
Kazuhiro: ...what?

Girl: You downloaded it, // didn't you?

Girl: You put it on a shelf

Girl: of your server, right?

Girl: "12 stairways".

Girl: ...there's no way // it would be digitalized.

Girl: Ah, don't worry. // Even though you downloaded it, // I can't turn you PC into a zombie. // If I went that far, I'd be scolded.

Girl: But // when the counter virus reaches the server of the criminal // it'll become a back door to enter it.

Girl: However, doing this is actually illegal. // So, don't think of copying me.

Kazuhiro: Yipes!? // What happening!?

Kazuhiro: Y.. // You....... // are a cop...!?

Girl: I'm not. // I'm just helping them out.
Kazuhiro: Then who are you!? // How on earth did you..... // You're like a wizard......

Kazuhiro: .........Ah........

Kazuhiro: ...a wizard-like hacker......?

Girl: ...you're right, analyzing a virus... // is almost the same as solving a puzzle.

Girl: ..........but...

Girl: Your puzzle was boring.

Girl: ...hey? // I told you I didn't need to solve it, right?
Kazuhiro: ...............what...?

Girl: That' s because it wouldn't appear on the internet for a while anyway.

Kazuhiro: Why on earth would a girl be a hacker!?

Girl: ......ah, that's right.

Girl: I didn't tell you yet,......

Girl: I'm a boy.

Kazuhiro: ...........a boy......?

XXX: You.

Police: Please come along to the police station.

Kazuhiro: .....you're kidding me......

Police: ......yes, it's me. // We got him.

Police: Thanks for your help.

Girl: ...yoshitaka-san. // Don't forget to reduce my sentence.

Agent: ......that's enough, how about you call me dad for once? // Katsuro.

Kaa: ......don't want to.

Kaa: ...... my term of imprisonment. // Only 124 years and 7 months to go......

Girl: Kaa-kun! // Kaa-kun!

Girl: I really can't solve this! // Give me something easier! // By the way, let's go cancel your decision to drop out of school! // Right?

Girl: I'll go there together with you!!

Kaa: ......get lost.

To be continued

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