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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Mou Ii Yo 2

Who's behind me?

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jul 22, 2013 10:39 | Go to Mou Ii Yo

-> RTS Page for Mou Ii Yo 2

Reserved (Raindrops scanlation)

SFX: Ring

Konno: Wait!

SFX: crinkle

Sign: news paper club

SFX: rustle

SFX: sprint

Title: Who's behind me?

Box (Sato): Soon summer break will start. // At our school you can volunteer to help to clean the gym after the closing ceremony.

Student [r]: I'm also not sure about that other thing?
Student [l]: So, shall we participate?

Student: ah, the bamboo grove thing?
SFX: chatter chatter chatter

Box (Sato): But right now, the topic of conversation is the event that will take place after the cleaning.

Sato (FT): I wonder if all this talking bothers him...
SFX: glance

Sato: As I thought.
Kataoka: So // noisy…

Sato: It sounds like it’s going to be a pretty grand event: “The test of courage”… (It's our first time)

Sato: But, that’s not all. // It’ll be in the bamboo grove at the foot of the mountain park.
Kataoka: I know. // Our whole class is talking about that rumor… it's somewhat interesting though.

Box (Sato): This guy has extremely good ears.
Sato: (That’s right.) // ……he sounds indifferent.

Box (Sato): Anyway, as his childhood friend that cold attitude worries me...
Kataoka: He’s coming. (Ugh!)
SFX: clatter clatter

SFX: clatter clatter

Konno: Sato-san, Kataoka-kun!! Do you have a moment!?
SFX: Bang!

SFX [above Konno]: Already excited
Konno: I've decided on our next topic.
Sato: Is this about the school's newspaper?
SFX [next to Sato]: unhesitant

Konno: As expected, you have a quick mind! // Believe it or not, our next news item will be // the said "test of courage"...
SFX: Botch

Sato: Senpai, will you participate in the test of courage?
Konno: Hm? // I will. // But that's not the point... It's hard to talk in here.
SFX: noise noise
Student [right lower corner]: (What? What?)

Sato [next to head]: (Mm.)
Konno: Don't you think?

Konno: Let's go somewhere else.
SFX: tap

Konno: Come.
Kataoka: Eh? // I'm not a member of...
SFX: pat

Konno [under chin]: (Oh ♥)
SFX [around Sato]: Smile
Sato: Let's go. (somewhere else)
Kataoka: Guh.

Sato: Another "test of courage"?

Sato: You mean the one in the bamboo grove where that female ghost appears...
Konno: Yes. // Every year dissatisfied students would take things too far and go there. // You heard the rumors, right?
Konno: But this year it's different. (especially for the boys) // Why do you think that is?

Konno: Because last year there was a student who said he actually met the girl of the bamboo grove.

Konno: According to him she was a real beauty of flesh and blood.

Konno: I'm not sure when this ghost rumor came into being, but // it probably originates from the story about a man living nearby, who locked up a girl in his house. // Now people say that it's the soul of that girl that haunts the grove.

Konno: I heard storied about people seeing her, but it's the first time that someone actually met her...
SFX: excited
Sato (Ehm!) ...is it possible that.

Konno: Our next special feature will be "The true identity of the bamboo grove girl"!
SFX: Turn
Sato: Ah, I thought so. (Where are you looking?)

Sato: You want to try it again? We don't even have a clue... (True identity?)
SFX: rustle
Konno: He // He he.

Konno: Look. // I found this in the club room. (By the way, no one else knows about this)
Letter: To the news paper club.

The Bamboo grove girl is one of the students of our school.
She's not a ghost.
Please confirm this.
Sato: This... Why? Who wrote this...?

Konno: Morio already gave me permission to investigate it. [under head] (Go ahead)
Kanji [next to bubble]: counselor

Konno: I also want to find out who wrote this, so please help me.
Sato: Hmm......

Sato: Kataoke, what do you...
Text: Gone.

Sato: Kataoka. (abrupt)
SFX: Quickly

Sato: Wait! At least listen to what people have to say!
Konno: But he's always saying the same thing.
SFX: tug tug tug

Konno: You're too nice to him. // Why is he so enthusiastic about this?

Sato: Eh? Tha.. That is...

Konno: You don't want to? Too bad, your help would be much appreciated. (For your ears)
Kataoka: With only that clue... aren't you pushing things?

Konno: If we try and it doesn't work out, that's too bad. // But giving up before we even try is just wrong if you ask me.

Sato: That's right, Kataoka. // Help us. It's more fun with the three of us. [in bubble] (A lot more.) [above head] (Right)

Konno: Right? // Come on, Kataoke. Please lend us your power.

Sato: I didn't know // that senpai had such a high opinion of Kataoka. // This could be easier than I expected...

Sato: Kataoka could enjoy a normal school life too!! // If he helps senpai and they become friends. // It's the ultimate strategy to have them participate in the test of courage together.
SFX [left/right of head]: dreaming

Konno: Kataoka-kun's hearing power is certainly amazing. // Even if he didn't have that skill, I would be at a disadvantage, but it's precisely for that reason. (hm.)
Note [arrow]: He knows it.

Sato: (You're amazing!!)
Konno: If I try harder than Kataoka, // I can show Sato-san my good points!! [above head] (No, it's nothing)
SFX: fist

SFX: glare

Box (Sato): With a mixture of motives... // the search for the "Bamboo grove girl" started.
Nakaya: She wasn't like this at all.

Nakaya: I told you already she was an incredible beauty.
Kataoka: Heh.

Sato: Elbow!?
Nakaya: Guh!
Konno: How dare you!

Nakaya: [above head] Sorry. [Next to face] Heh heh heh [bubble] (Well) Because Konno said the girl is a student of our school // I jumped to wrong conclusion.

Konno: I'm sorry, Sato-san. // Come on, Nakaya already apologized.
Nakaya: (ouch.)
Sato: It's okay. I don't care. (Gee.) // So, even after one year you still know exactly what she looks like.

Sato: Ah. // But that means you could actually help us find her.
Konno: That's right! Nakaya! What about her characteristics? Like her voice...
Nakaya: Hm. // Only because I also want to know who she is.
SFX: sudden

Nakaya: I was supposed to guide those who got lost to the roadside... // It was half-dark as only the street lights of the park above were on and she was pretty fast... (Let's see.)
Sato: What?

Sato: You really don't remember anything!
Konno: Nakaya, can't you remember anything!?
Nakaya: I can't remember, but I would know if we met. (I'm sure) // I've been wanting to meet her really badly for the past year.
Kataoka: Somehow that reasoning...

Konno: Are there any other people who saw her?
Nakaya: Eh? Well...
Kataoka: Excuse me... // If you're only going to talk, I'm going home...

Sato: Alright! // Then, let's walk around the school!
Konno: (Right) That's right! Maybe she's still in the school!

Sato: Kataoka... I can't have him go home now.

Sato: Alright.

Konno: And?

SFX: Peek

Nakaya: Not her.

Nakaya: Not her.
Girl: (Ooh!)

Nakaya: Nope...

Konno: Aah. We can't find her! // And we don't know more than the rumors say... or the letter does.

Konno: Nakaya, don't you have any hint at all?
Nakaya: Somehow, her image was different, she was more like...

Nakaya: Cute, quiet, and she looked really kind-hearted?
Sato: We can still check the first years. (Maybe they are still here)
Kataoka: ...it sounds like there are still people in our class...
Kanji: Not listening.

Sato: Ah, you're right.
SFX: chatter chatter

Sato: Hanamura-san, // did something happen?

Hanamura: It's about the cleaning of the gym after the closing ceremony.

Hanamura: Morio-sensei forgot to put up a recruitment sheet...
Sato: Ah, I still have to put my name on the list.

Sato: Will you also help, Hanamura-san? (I will.)
Hanamura: Yes, well... // Ah, you're from the newspaper club...
Konno: Yes! // Do you know me?

Konno: Looks like I'm getting famous. // Actually, we are looking for the rumored "Bamboo grove girl". (End of story.)
Hanamura: Huh? // Is she a student here? It'll be hard to find her.
Konno: (I think it's because I come here too often.) // This guy her actually met her once.

Hanamura: Eh? // You...

SFX: stare

Hanamura: It's probably hard to find her.
Nakaya: ...yes, but even so.
SFX: rummage

SFX: grab
Nakaya: I have to keep looking for her.

Kataoka: Just now... the tinkle of a bell...? // Sato and the others didn't hear it...?

Kataoka: ...is that...?
Sato: Eh, senpai! The people around us... (are you okay with it?)
Konno: Eh?

Konno: Ah!
Student1[r]: The newspaper club again?
Student2[l]: What about the bamboo grove?

Sato: Well, see you later, Hanamura-san.

Hanamura: Yes...

Nakaya: This is the said Bamboo grove.

Nakaya: The usual course would be to cut through here to the lower road. // It's easy to get lost though.
Sato: It's pretty dark and creepy in there... // It's a good thing I brought them with me.
Konno: Brought what?

SFX: Sudden
Sato: Good-luck charms, what else? (I have one for each)

Konno: Ah, Sato-san is scared!
Sato: It's just a precaution!

Kataoka: Nakaya-senpai. // Earlier in the classroom... weren't you holding a good-luck charm like these. One with a red string? // There's probably a bell or something on it...
Nakaya: Eh? // Yes.

Nakaya: You're talking about this? // To be honest, I found this in the bamboo grove.

Sato: Here?
Nakaya: Yes, but how did you know about the bell?
SFX: excited
Konno: Aah, Kataoka-kun has extremely good ears.

Kataoka: Something's // coming.

SFX: rustle rustle rustle rustle
SFX: rustle
All: Tch.

SFX [head]: Suddenly
SFX [l]: glance
SFX: [r]: Rustle rustle

SFX [under Morio]: rustle
SFX[Above head]: casually
Morio: Oh! // I already thought you'd come.
All: Morio-sensei!?
SFX: rustle rustle

Morio: Hamanishi-san, these are the students I told you about.
All: It's nice to meet you.

Hanamura: Little girl, you are a first year, right?
Sato: Eh, well, yes.
Hanamura: Do you like your school?
Sato: Ah, yes!

Hanamura: ...I see.
Sato: A good-luck charm...

Hanamura: Well, I'll leave the rest to you.
Morio: Yes, thank you very much.

Konno: Scary... / Sensei, who was that old man? (weird gramps, only questioning Sato.)
Morio: (Aah) He's the owner of the bamboo grove.

All: What!
Morio: I already thought you'd be surprised, because the park upstairs is public property. (The bamboo grove is like his backyard.) // Every year around this time I receive reprimands, because "my students are...." // Being a student guide really is hard.

Morio: I got you permission to come here, under the pretext that you're taking new measures. // Because it's dangerous to trespass.
SFX: Strict
Sato: (Ooh.)

Morio: If he'd find you, he'd yell at you. // He was like that, even before his wife died // That old man is just scary. (He yelled at me in the past.)
Sato: ...eh, does that old man live alone?

Morio: Yes, in the past he lived together with his daughter, but... they got in a quarrel...
Sato: That's why he looked a bit lonely.
Konno: But, what is that measure you were talking about? (Nothing hard I hope.)
Morio: Ah.

Morio: You guys are already at it. (grin)

Sato: Ah. // I see... that's why Sensei gave his permission this easily.
Kanno: Eh? // Eh?
Kataoka: I see, that's it.

Sato: In short. // Publish an article about the true identity of the rumored girl. // The student's interest shifts to the real person. // Less people will trespass on the bamboo grove. // Is what you expect to happen.
Morio: (Oh) You got me.
Konno: Um...

Morio: It'll also decrease the work of the teachers. // It'll also deal with the complaints of that old man. // Thanks to your good work, the teachers will kill two birds with one stone!(Ha ha ha)
Konno: That's dirty! (Shock)

Morio: So you quit? Then what will you write about?
Nakaya: (Hm?)
Konno: I'm not quitting!
Sato: Kataoka?
Kataoka: I'm going home.
Sato: Eh, but you promised senpai, and he hasn't given up yet.

Kataoke: In the end, he's only making use of my ears. // I can't be friends with him.

Sato: (Well...) Senpai is just a clumsy person. // About your ears... you're probably right though.

Sato: I think... you should rely on him more...?

SFX: rustle rustle

Box (Sato): A few days passed since then, all our speculations went stray // and our investigation reached an impasse.
Sato: (Hm...) Like this nothing will...

Hanamura: Ogawa-san. // Can I talk to you for a bit?
Sato: Eh? // Ah, sure!

Hanamura: There... // is something I want to ask you...

Hanamura: It's... about that good-luck charm.
Sato: Good-luck charm? // Mine? // Oh! Did I show it to Hanamura-san...

Kataoke: What // good-luck charm?

Hanamura: Forget it.
SFX: turn
Sato: Ah.

Kataoka: What is her name again...?
Sato: Eh. You mean Hanamura-san? // Kataoka?

Sato: Did he find something?

Konno: Sato-san, Kataoka-kun!!
SFX: bang

Konno: Yes. // The last few days I've had the feeling someone's been following me.
Nakaya: (Doctor?)

Konno: On reflection, it's been like that since we went to that bamboo grove. // The more I think it's impossible, I get the feel that by any chance...? [under bubble] (And I even had that good-luck charm.) [On head] What now?
SFX: tremble!
Kataoka: (Shut up.)
Sato: (Eh!) Don't come near me! (You have to believe in good-luck charms!)
SFX: [arrow] Harsh

Konno: But... (So cold...)

Konno: I feel at easy when I'm around you two. (Help me.)

Sato: (Hey, hey) Did you hear that!? (You heard that, right!?)
SFX: Turn away
SFX: Pat-pat

Kataoka: Ah.

SFX: quickly

Sato: Aah!
SFX: sprint

Sato: (Right) He's trying to hide his embarrassment.
Konno: Well. // I don't think he's too fond of me.

Sato: Senpai.

Sato: Kataoka...

Sato: It looks like he went after Hanamura-san.

Sato: Damn, Kataoka. You idiot.

Sato: I really wanted to discuss with you what senpai said about being watched.

Sato: Being on my own, this kind of thing really feels pointless.
SFX: Peek
Arrow: Keeping an eye on his surroundings for the time being.

Sato: I just can't make Kataoka appeal to senpai in a positive way... // The atmosphere right now is... // But he's showing interest in other people, so... (Guess it's alright like this...?)
SFX: sprint

Sato: (But it's still) HAZY.

Sato: (No) According to my plan... I have to act as a go-between for Kataoka and senpai!
SFX: mutter // mutter
Kataoka: I knew something was up.

SFX: panicky!
Kataoka: So that's it... (You dare...)

Sato: Ka-ka-ka // Kataoka, why are you here!? (Eek!)
Kataoka: If you're tailing them, you'd better stay quiet. (You know...)

Sato: By any chance, are you also... for senpai's sake---
Kataoka: No, I'm not.

Kataoka: I was following someone else, that's why I'm here. // I'm not doing this for senpai.

Sato: Someone else...

Konno: Aaargh!

Sato: That was senpai's voice!?
Kataoka: Upstairs!
Sato: Senpai!
SFX: clatter clatter clatter

SFX: grab

Konno: There.

Nakaya: Hey, hey.
SFX: Nuoo!

SFX: Wha ha ha ha
Nakaya: Did we scare you?
Student: (Hi.)

All: Hm?
Sato: (a horse?)

Sato: What's going on?

Sign: Home economics room
Nakaya: We're making preparations for the "test of courage" here.

Nakaya: Yes, we got permission to store the clothes and such in the corner. // The students who play the monsters can borrow them from here.

Nakaya: Last year I also was one of the monsters.

Nakaya: Then, because Konno also wanted to talk to the others. (Right?) // They exist, huh? People who love ghost stories, but are easily frightened.
Sato: (Yes...)
SFX: ashamed

Boy: Anyway, we didn't notice anything strange in the bamboo grove.
Boy: Yes, but.

Boy: Nakaya was so excited about it, he actually scared us.
Boy: That's right! Because he jumped out like that. (It was pretty funny though...) // (Even though we were the ones who prepared his clothes.)

Sato: Like that?
SFX: rummage
Boy: Ah. // I have a photo. Wanna see? (On my phone.)
Nakaya: No, liar. Stop!! (You have one!?)

Boy: Here, look.
SFX: click

Sato: ...um // Couldn't this be the cause of the rumor?
Konno: Sato-san, what do you mean?

Sato: Well, it's possible that another student saw this, right? // So, it's also possible that Nakaya-senpai is the cause of this ruckus, right...?
Konno: But still, Nakaya said he met her, right? // So there should be another person involved.
Kataoka: Well, he only said it...

Kataoka: That letter // was just a prank as well... (A crime for the fun of it!?}
Konno: (Eh!) // You wrote that letter!
Nakaya: (Huh!) // Why did things turn out like this!

Nakaya: Sure enough, maybe I caused the rumors, // but I really met somewhere there last year!

Nakaya: Look. // This good luck charm was dropped by that girl. // She exists! And I want to meet her.
SFX: tinkle

Nakaya: I have to meet her!!
SFX: shake shake
Konno: I // I // I get it!

Sato: But what should we do.... // If the letter is a prank, we have no lead anymore.
Kataoka: ...we do have a lead.

Kataoka: I have an idea who owned that good-luck charm. // But I think that so long as she isn't exposed, she'll keep avoiding the subject...

Nakaya: (What!) Kataoka, for real? (Who is it!?)
Kataoka: pretty much...
Konno: (Really?)

Kataoka: The problem is // how we make her reveal herself.

Morio: Oh, you're doing well. // So, one of you dropped this there. // But I have no idea who...

Student: (Ah, but...) // (But like this...) // (It's not ours)
Morio: Hey?// Eh, guys...

Student: Yes?

Morio: Ah, well. If you have an idea who's it is // please see me after class, okay? [in bubble] (I'll have it in safekeeping) [next to face] (This isn't working.)
SFX (hand): flap flap

SFX: sudden realization

Konno: That's it! (Great!)

Morio: This is all for today...
SFX: Ding-Dong

Morio: Ah, I almost forgot.
SFX: Squeak squeak

Morio: Didn't any of you drop a good luck charm? // I have it in safekeeping.

SFX: Noise noise
Student: I'm hungry. // Let's go home.
Morio: Please see me in the staff room if you know who's this is.

Teacher: Morio-sensei? // He's in the home economics classroom.

SFX: rattle

SFX: Quick

SFX: quick
SFX: tinkle

SFX: clatter clatter
SFX: rattle

SFX: Empty

SFX: tinkle

SFX: tinkle

Konno: wait.

SFX: quickly

SFX: Inhale

Nakaya: I'm sorry for stealing your luck!!
SFX: Sudden

Nakaya: Please listen, as you can see, I took it out of the paper bag. // I'm sorry for that.

Nakaya: I picked it up while leaving the forest, but then I lost sight of you... // Thinking it could give me a clue, I opened the paper bag.

Nakaya: Inside was a good luck charm // to pray for a long life.

Nakaya[thoughts]: A good luck charm praying for someone's long life. // Not something a ghost would carry.
Nakaya [bubbles]: It was inside a bag, so I guessed you wanted to give it some someone. // Thinking we'd meet again someday, I always kept it with me.

Nakaya: It's not like I felt that somewhere, someone // would unexpectedly die, because I had it with me though. (But it belonged to someone, so I couldn't just throw it away.)

Konno: You!

Nakaya: Anyway. // I'm sorry. // Thanks for back then. // That's all I wanted to say.

SFX: sudden

SFX: rattle

Hanamura: ...I am // I am the one who should apologize.
SFX: abrupt

Hanamura: Yes. // Mr. Hamanishi, who lives there on his own.

Hanamura: He is // my grandfather.

Hanamura: I never really met him. // Since my mother ran away from home with her lover.

Hanamura: But because I did meet my grandmother. // We would draw at school, right? // I also wanted to give my grandfather some sort of present... like a drawing on Respect for the Aged Day.

Hanamura: But then my grandmother died.

Hanamura: At the funeral, my mother met him again, but they didn't grow any closer. // So I mustered up my courage and I came over to see my grandfather, bringing the souvenir I bought for him on our school trip. // But my grandfather----

Hanamura: He didn't look like I had imagined him at all.

Hanamaru: Being small and weak, I didn't dare to speak to him and I went home just like that.

Hanamura: However, it bothered me and occasionally I would come here // just to peep. // I would always find him sitting on the veranda next to the bamboo grove... day and night.
Nakaya: That's when you met me, right?

Hanamura [bubble]: Yes. // When I noticed I dropped this // I decided I'd better give up on coming here. // It was not like I would ever find the courage to talk to him, I thought.
Hanamura [thought]: Without telling him my true feelings---

Sato: But that didn't happen. // I mean, you couldn't help but worry about that the good luck charm, right?

Hanamura: ...yes.
SFX: creak

Hanamura: That's why I should thank you. (My feelings---) // For picking it up.

SFX: push

Nakaya: I hope he'll get really old. // Your grandfather.
SFX: smile

Sato: Whoever they are // anyone hides away and broods over all kinds of thoughts.

Box: Each thought will be complex and make us stray out of course.

Box: But it will always become summer in the end.
Sato: Hanamura, you were the one who wrote that letter!?

Hanamura: Yes. // I wanted to veer away the interest from the bamboo grove. // Because I knew it caused trouble for my grandfather.

Hanamura: Because that senpai is always loud, I thought it would be alright.
Konno: (How dare you! / easily used)
Sato: (Wow.) She thinks the same as Morio-sensei.

Sato: Then why didn't you reveal your identity?
Hanamura: Isn't that obvious!?

Hanamura: I'm not a beauty. (squeak)
Sato: [in bubble] (So cute) // [next to head] (Ahaha...) // There's no reason to feel ashamed!

Hanamura: Besides, for that person to dress up like that.
Sato: Ah, yes. This, right?
Hanamura: I first through he was a girl. I was so surprised when I heard his voice.

Hanamura: I thought he was a pervert!!
SFX: [r] shudder // [l] Yikes~
Sato: (Yes...)
Text: frail guy
Nakaya: (Ah.)

Hanamura: I ran away as fast as I could. (I was afraid he'd follow me.) // You already know what happened after that.
Sato: The rumors about a ghost lingering there didn't scare you?

Hanamura: ...because I wasn't a student here yet, I didn't know the rumors. // As for that ghost // it was probably modeled after my mother.

Sato: (Eh? Eh?) ......a new fact!?

Konno: Sato-san!
Kataoka: Are you done posting them up? (the newspaper)

Sato: Ah, yes. // They are together!!
SFX: quick

Sato: So Kataoka followed Hanamura-san for senpai's sake after all.
SFX: Smile
Kataoka: What? (You're creepy.)

Sato: (Eh?) Ah. // Did you help us posting up the newspaper?

Karaoka: Why would I want to do that... (I'm not a part of the newspaper club.)
Konno: That's right, we just happened to head the same way.

Sato: (All right!) Ah. // That's right. The "test of courage"!!
SFX: clap

Sato: ...huh? // Why don't the two of you join together... (Right? // How about it?)

Konno: I'm sorry, that's impossible.
Kataoka: I refuse.
Sato: Eh?

Sato: Why!?

Konno: Well, // I wonder why that is.

Konno: (It wasn't all that interesting this time.)
Sato: Ah. // Wait. (Why!?)

SFX: Miin // Miin
Kataoka (Ugh, cicadas...)
Konno: (It's summer.)

SFX: Miin // Miin

Board: The Bamboo Grove girl is a guy?

Hanamura: (Eh!) You're wearing it again this year...... (You like it after all?)
Nakaya: Eh? (No, this isn't...)
XXX: Just wear it.

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