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Smoky B.B. 6


+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jul 23, 2013 11:15 | Go to Smoky B.B.

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Reserved (Mangaburn)

Sakamaki: Batter out!

Sakamaki: Batter out!

Sakamaki: out!

Sakamaki: Strike, batter out!!

Kaburaya: 6 strike outs... in a row.

Kaburaya: That damn cheater. // Kitazato-san... at this rate!

Kitazato: Calm down...

Text [lower right]: An overwhelming start!!

Kitazato: Even this guy... // has a weakness.
Text: Kitazato remains calm...!!

Title: Smokey B.B. // Chapter 6 Someday... // Author: Komiyama Kenta // Manga: Kawada Yuuya

Kaburaya: What!? (a weakness!?)

Kitazato: The ones who can attack it are Sakamaki, I, // Ikki and Toratani. // Only the four of us.

Sakamaki: Time. // I'm sorry, someone change with me!!

Sakamaki: Next... I'll give a try.

Hayata: It's finally starting!! The "7th" batter. // In 9out you save the best batters for last.

Enjiro: It's starting // the clear up!!

Kitazato: Sakamaki... come here for a sec!!

KItazato: You'll go down... Haimura Enjiro!!

Sakamaki: Bring it on, Haimura! // It's be bad if you didn't feel a little fear, because that's also a part of the assessment, right!?

Sakamaki: I, Sakamaki Tsutome a.k.a. Benten's buzzing ball, will be your opponent now.

Enjiro: Is that a positive nickname!?

Enjiro: Or is it a negative nickname!?

Hayata: It's a positive nickname. // Seriously.

Hayata: He hit Enjiro's pitch at the first try!!
XXX: Foul!

XXX: Hey, Haimura. This isn't a regular game! We have to re-use each ball, so go get it!! (Hey!)
Enjiro: Tsk. What a poor school.

Enjiro: Hm, damn. Today my pitch... is really no good, huh!?

Ikki: No, it' s really good!!

Ikki: But, you... // will lose at this rate!!

Enjiro: Glove oil!?

Enjiro: I think you're doing the right thing. // My mother always told me to take good care of my tools.
Ikki: No.

Ikki: This is hair wax!! // This hairstyle is awesome, right!?
Box: Benten Regular (2nd year) / Short stop / Bonda Ikki


Enjiro: Yeah... your hairstyle is great. // Tell me the name of your hairdresser some other time.

Kaburaya: Hey... isn't that Ikki!? // Did he come along!?

Kitazato: Never mind him!!

Enjiro: You... are a regular, right? Shouldn't you sit on the bench of Benten!?
Ikki: Hm!?

Ikki: I don't like Kitazato's way of handling things, it's like bullying. // So I passed. // By the way.

Ikki: That doesn't mean I like you. // Haimura.

Ikki: You're overoptimistic. // Thinking you can defeat Kitazato and Sakamaki without any preparations, // and expecting you can force your way into Benten by winning a game of 9out.

Ikki: I like baseball freaks, but // I hate shitheads. // I don't like guys who join a high school baseball team, because they are being paid a lot of money.

Ikki: Tell me... Why do you play baseball!?

Ikki: You... Don't you like playing baseball!?

Ikki: Ignoring me!? // Answer me!!

Enjiro: It's complicated...

Sakamaki: Damn... being the chief umpire, I saw the direction of his pitch, // but I'm still late with my swing...?

XXX: Weakness!?

Kitazato: Yes, he has a weakness. // One I created in advance.

Kitazato: That battery // can only throw the ball at a one-sided course.

XXX: A one-sided course!?

Kitazato: Listen!? If you are the defender, it's fundamental to avoid any risks. // Because these guys are unprepared, they have two weaknesses!! // Because of the unmanned outfield, they are prone to RH...... and

[T/N: RH = Running Homerun]

Kitazato: having a ball being hit to the left side!!

XXX: Ah!

Kitazato: Assuming the ball rolls to the right side. Even if they sprint towards the runner if it's a weak grounder, they'll make it in time, right? // But if it goes to the left side, there's no chance they'll be in time. The moment we hit the ball, it's guaranteed we'll get on base.

Kitazato: So, if you want to make it hard to hit the ball to the left side, you have to throw it to the inside*.

*In the case of a right-handed batter

Kitazato: With your talent it's possible. // You have to aim for the in-course!!

Kitazato: If you can hit it to the left side // by using all your power...

Kitazato: It'll be game-set!!

Kitazato: Tsk. // Another foul...?

Hayata: Enjiro!! // Damn, even though the pitch was a little to the outside of the plate...

Hayata: They noticed the lack of variation in his pitches!! // Catch it!
Enjiro: (Tsk.)

Enjiro: Leave it to me, Hayata!!

Enjiro: Damn...

Ikki: Hey, hey, a right-handed pitcher shouldn't charge with his right shoulder. // Isn't the shoulder like the life of a pitcher!?

Ikki: You... didn't answer my questions yet. // Tell me... Why do you play baseball!? // You... Don't you like playing baseball!?

Ikki: Why do you play!?

Enjiro: You're persistent... // I had... // no other choice but to come to Benten if I wanted to continue playing baseball.

Enjiro: My reason to play baseball... // was probably the same as yours. // I'm sure it was...

Enjiro: But a lot has changed since then. // Simply because I'm paid money now.

Enjiro: I can no longer say with pride that I love playing baseball......

Enjiro: But that's fine, // because someday I'll be able to say it again!!

Hayata: What now, Enjiro?

Enjiro: It doesn't matter. // If that's what they want to do.

Enjiro: I'll take them down with an inside pitch!!

XXX: A fat pitch!!

Hayata: To the left... moreover this power...

Hayata: It'll go into the outfield...

Kitazato: One point!!

Kitazato: You lost! // Fa- re- well...

Kitazato: Haimura Enjiro!!

Enjiro: Why...

Enjiro: Did you...

XXX: Ikki!!

Ikki: I'm sorry, Kitazato-san...

Ikki: I wanted to enjoy this a bit longer. // This guy // isn't only a shithead, but also a baseball freak!

Enjiro: You're really good!!

Text: Receiving help from a great guy! The last phase!!

Chapter 6 / End

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