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Birdmen 1

Prologue 1

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jul 23, 2013 12:28 | Go to Birdmen

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Translated on request of Taka2552 [Not reserved]

Left text (yellow/black): Tanabe Yellow presents
Left text (purple/blue): SF ×the heydays of youth!!
Yellow circle: Starting with a 65 page special!!

Title: Birdmen
Text: I never thought I would want to fly through the sky.

Upper white text: Boys who feel depressed, and are discontent with their daily life. When they are given the power to drive all of it away, the story takes an unexpected turn!!
White/yellow title: Birdmen

Vertical text: These boys // get their hands on it!! // A method // to change // the "supposedly unchangeable" // world-------!!
Lower center text: Tanabe Yellow

Yellow title: Chapter 1 Prologue 1

Vertical text: It all starts on a normal day with a normal guy...!!

Text: Annoying.

Text: Don't happily hum a song.

Text : While you can't even make a proper meal.

Woman: Eishi!

Woman: Eishi-----?

Woman: Eishi!!

Woman: Wait!! // What about breakfast!? // You're not eating!?

Woman: Aren't you hungry!? // What a waste!?

Woman: Gee-----I give up!! // And I even tried my very best // to make you breakfast!!

Eishi: Made?

Eishi: A piece of toast and a fried egg? // You expect me to be grateful for that? // I could've made that myself. // I never tried it though.

Eishi: The yolk of that fried egg got hard because you baked it too long. // Have you never heard of the word "half-done"? // On the whole, only a small minority likes a hard yolk.
Woman: Ah, Eishi!

Woman: I am free this morning, so I'll be preparing the curry already. // I'll be late tonight, so please eat it by yourself. // Okay?

Woman: Eishi, // is that okay!?

Eishi: Yes, // that's fine, mom.

Text: It's much nicer to be alone.

Eishi: Sigh

Text: Why do I have to go to school every morning?

Text: Because it's compulsory education? // Why is it compulsory? Who decided on that? // I'm sure someone said that for kids playing is the same as having work.

Text: In the end, the adults decide everything. // Anyway, it's almost always like that. // They're like idiots who only complain.

Eishi: Like idiots.

Girl: Good morning!!!

SFX (white txt): whump
Girls: Aha! // Eek! // // Hi!

Girls (white txt): Ahahahahaha!
Girls(black txt): Eek! // That hurts! // Stop it! // Eek! Eek!
Eishi: Shut up!!

Eishi: What was that about!? I don't understand girls at all!! // Can they squeal over anything!? // How can they be this energetic so early in the morning!?

Craw: Caw

SFX: Glare

Eishi: Craws shouldn't croak // early in the morning.

SFX: flap // shocked



Eishi: As I thought.

SFX: shake

Eishi: It kept bothering me, so I checked the menu chart as soon as I entered the classroom, // but as I feared, today's lunch will be curry.

Eishi: Even though I'm already in my last year of middle school, the illusion of adults that children like curry keeps increasing my encounter rate with curry... // It's not that I dislike curry, but there are limits. Only idiots can eat their favorite food without limit.

Eishi: No, wait!

Eishi: What's more important, the way I checked the menu, // it totally looked like I'm one of those people who looks forward to lunch... // No. At school anyone looks forward to lunch, so...

Eishi: Well, // it's not like anyone pays any attention to me.

Eishi: I don't know why, but // they seem to be having fun.
Student: Hey, look at this shocking video.
Student: Eh, is it a nasty person?
Student: No, nothing nasty.

Eishi: Somehow it turned out like this. Looking like you are carefree seems to be the standard to become a winner. That's just strange. // On the whole, we are all test takers. Is there a reason why the status of those who don't feel nervous is so high? // No, there isn't. (ironic)

Student: Hey, // this flying thing. // It's a bird, not an UFO.
Student: No, no.

Student: Look, right here it looks like a person. // See the legs?
Student: Eh----- // I can't tell.

Student: The scene is too dark.

Student: Boring.
Student: No, it could become an neo urban legend.
Student: Then, shouldn't you first upload it to a video site?

Student: After I rig the number of views, and it becomes a widely spread topic of conversation...
Student: There are better videos on the internet.

Eishi: Worthless. // Even if the media listen to you, it won't make you into a hero. // They'll just quickly confiscate that mobile phone.

Eishi: Those who believe in the media are idiots. // They're all idiots.

Student: Well, then, // what about this video?
Student: Are you serious?
Student: Wow!
Student: Boys are gross!
Student: Eh, // what, what!?

Eishi: No. // I'm wrong.

Eishi: To get a girl, they (probably) talk about all those nasty things. // To feel inferior to those flashy guys who smile to hide their true feelings, // there's no need to. (And I am not interested in that so-called video.)
Student: Even so, you want to see it?
Student: Well---

Eishi: What's up with that ridiculous hair style!? // I'm obviously much smarter than them. // There's no doubt they'll have a hard time as soon as they have to enter the real world! // Or should I say, have a hard time!! // Feel despair---------

Eishi: Come to think of it, (concerning that standard), the moment I came to this public middle school located in the capital that is Tokyo, // I was already losing to all of them------!!!

Box: Municipal Tenkuudai middle school 3rd year class B / Karasuma Eishi (15)

Student: What's that?
Student: That's gross.

SFX: Yawn

Boy: Hey, wait up Kamoda. // How dare you use this road.
Boy: Properly apologize, // for what happened last time.

Boy: Hey, Kamoda... // Don't make me repeat myself. // You're not a bad guy, so about our group, want to...

Boy: joi...

Boy: His head!!!

Kamoda: Don't bother me.

Boy: You bastard!!! // Don't screw with us, baldy!! // Wait, you!! // Don't get ahead of yourself. // Do you listen!!! // Hold him down!!


Boy: Wait, Kamoda... // Is that all you've...

Kamoda: I told you not to bother me.

Text: It's frustrating.

Eishi: What now? Second period only just ended // and I'm really hungry already...

Eishi: Why!! // This isn't funny! I'm not going to resort to drinking water!!

Eishi: Damn, damn, damn-----!!


Kamoda: Good morning, Ei-chan!!
Box: Munecipal Tenkuudai middle school 3 year class D / Kamoda Mikisada (14)

Eishi: Third period is about that start, idiot.

Eishi: By the way, Kamoda, // you're not bleeding at all.
Kamoda: (I'm not hiding them.)
Eishi: Eh, serious?

Eishi: Hey Kamoda, // you overslept again.

Eishi: Because of that you used the alley in front of the station, as it's a shortcut. // If you keep doing that, you'll get caught up in the schemes again.
Kamoda: You know, those high school kids are really strange. // They aren't smart like you are, Ei-chan.
Eishi: Neither are you. // I told you not to go there and just take a detour.
Kamoda: I did that a few times.

Kamoda: But, // I'm sleepy in the morning!!
Eishi: How come you are always getting up late, even though you go to bed early?

Kamoda: Wait! // Don't drink all my pocari!
Eishi: You don't need any sports drinks!!

[T/N: Pocari (Sweat) is a popular Japanese soft/sports drink.]

Eishi: You had to quit both karate and basketball due to fighting incidents, right? // So be a man and stop wearing those basketball shoes already!

Kamoda: It's not like I want to fight!!!
Eishi: Ad! // Adadada!! // I'm not a basketball!!!
Little text: Image

Eishi: Let's skip class.

Kamoda: I only just got here!
Eishi: Only because you were late.

Kamoda: You're smart, so you'll be fine...
Eishi: I'll help you study when it's time to do the tests.
Kamoda: But-----
Eishi: What?

Kamoda: I haven't talked to a girl in 3 days.
Eishi: Like I care!!!


Eishi: Let's go to the pier. // I'll pay for the bus.

Kamoda: Alright, let's go.

Kamoda: Let's look for the birdman while we're there.

Eishi: Birdman?
Kamoda: Huh, you don't know?

Kamoda: Recently the witness reports at Tokyo Bay increased, right? // About a man with huge black wings who perched down on the rainbow bridge...
Eishi: What's about that...

Kamoda: They say you'll become happy if you spot him!
Eishi: Are you a girl! // It's just an urban legend.

Kamoda: But, // nothing good happened yet! // In our middle school life!!

Text: Sure enough, from here on we,

Eishi: Kamoda.

Eishi: Let's go after we have lunch...

Text: Is it impossible for anything to go as I want?

Text on left: Two boys who have doubts about their unchangeable daily life... will their turning point arrive!? Read the second part right after this!!

Box: Chapter 1・End.

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