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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Birdmen 2

Prologue 2

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jul 23, 2013 16:39 | Go to Birdmen

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Translated on request of Taka2552 [Not reserved]

Vertical text: They're going to the pier together, but...!? Both parts published at once, chapter 2!!

Eishi: There's no reason to do this.

Eishi: It's only a temporary balm.

Eishi: Rather, it's a handicap


Kamoda: Ei-chan, hurry up!

Eishi: I'm not a sports freak like you!

Kamoda: Here you go.

Eishi: Yipes!!

Eishi: But------

Chapter Title: Chapter 2 Prologue 2

Vertical text: These days // aren't worth changing.

Title: Birdmen

Kanji: Tanabe Yellow

Sign: Municipal Tenkuudai middle school

Kamoda: What are you doing!!
Eishi: It's your fault!! // I almost threw up the curry! // Moreover, my glasses! Glasses!!

Kamoda: Just learn how to jump!
Eishi: Don't ask the impossible!!

Eishi: Oh.

Kamoda: What?
Eishi: Nothing, // For a moment, I saw a person on the roof of the new school building...

Kamoda: Could that possibly be...
Eishi: Of course not.

Eishi: The highest place in our school. // The roof of the new building became off-limits a few years ago, after a student committed suicide.

Eishi: It seems that he jumped during school hours. // A sound like that of a heavy item dropping on the floor of a quiet classroom echoed over the grounds, // I heard that a lot of students were left with a trauma.

Eishi: But in the end they never found a suicide note. // Neither could they find a particular reason why he would've jumped, // like bullying, relationships with friends, or problems at home.

Eishi: Handling it as an accident, they found he left his shoes extremely tidy // and there were also signs he put both his room and his affairs in order, // leaving nothing but mysteries behind. // The case was closed saying he gave in to the exam stress being a 3rd year student.

Eishi: But in fact, there are only few of those who don't want to live anymore, who can easily explain why that is.

Kamoda: Ei-chan, // it was a spirit, right!? // It was a spirit, right!?
Eishi: No, it wasn't. // I've seen it before.

Kamoda: Before!?
Eishi: Hm...

Eishi: It's probably him, our classes' truant freak------

Eishi: I can't really say he's a human though.
Kamoda: Ei-chan, it's the spirit of a boy, right!? // Are you a spiritual glasses-boy!?

Eishi: It isn't a spirit. (Shut up.)


Kamoda: Ei-chan, did you fill out the career survey forms?

Eishi: Well, I want to keep studying, but I don't know where yet. // Since I want to go to university, I'd be best to choose a private school I guess...

Eishi: I've more or less decided I want to enter an all-boys school...
Kamoda: I don't think a private school will take me----

Eishi: Just by thinking about my future, I lose all interest in it... // Even on a co-ed school, I'd remain in this sorry state...


Eishi: A municipal school is fine. (It's co-ed.) // How about a P.E. school close to home, // like Yukigahara or so...?

Kamoda: I'm not good enough... my academic ability, my school grades, anything...
Eishi: You should at least good at something...

Kamoda: You don't understand! // As I am now, I have no other option but to enter a school like Sannouji High!!

Kamoda: You know what they say about Sannouji, right? Their students join forces against the excellent middle school students to beat them up. It's a nest of good-for-nothing Yankees, right?
Eishi: And who's the one who keeps beats them up all the time?

Kamoda: I'ms serious, if I get involved with them... even though I'm not a bad person...
Eishi: Does Sannouji have a basketball club?
Kamoda: Even if they have one, I'll be a good-for-nothing!!!

Eishi: But the way, Kamoda... // How's it going between you and that girl of class C?

Kamoda: I confessed.
Eishi: That's fast!!

Eishi: And...? // I know the answer already...

Kamoda: Ahe was shaking and said // with tears in her eyes...
Girl: What will you do to me if I don't say yes...?
Eishi: Really...?

Kamoda: And I was even talking in keigo all the time... it's really hopeless...
Eishi: Maybe you should just give up on dating small and slender girls...

[T/N: keigo = a polite way of speech]

Kamoda: What's so scary about me!?
Eishi: Your face, large body and atmosphere.

Kamoda: But that's not my fault, right!?
Eishi: Your grip is too strong!!!

Kamoda: I'm going to find a cat. // And then the Birdman.

Eishi: Kamoda is such a good guy. // He's positive by nature and has a lot of energy.

Eishi: Even if he doesn't find that birdman, // someday, // he'll be happier than today.

Eishi: And I------

Eishi: I won't take the entrance exams.

Mother: Why, Eishi... // You've been studying so hard...

Eishi: No matter how well I did // you never praised me, // not even once.

Eishi: After I completely lost it in my last year of elementary school and I didn't take the entrance exams, // I really no longer cared about studying or scholastic abilities, or anything else.

Eishi: But gradually... // I came to understand I have treats that are of no value to others. // Yet in the end, they're indispensable.

Eishi: So uncool...

Eishi: Like this, I'll never dare to confess to a girl... // He's really amazing. It takes quite some courage to confess to a girl you haven't talked to all that much, right? // For me, unless I'm 90% sure she loves me, I'll never confess... // No, probably 95%... // No, for 98%----

Eishi: I'll surely become a very boring adult.

Kamoda: Ei-chan, Ei-chan!

Kamoda: Cat.

Eishi: Don't worry, I'm fine...

Kamoda: I just saw Sagisawa form class A over there.
Eishi: Sagisawa?

Eishi: I see... // I've seen him hanging around before.

Kamoda: Ah! // There's another one♪

Eishi: I wonder why such a large-framed guy like him loves cats that much...

Eishi: It can't be helped. Guess I'll take some photos of those cats later...

Girl: Hey, // are you looking for the birdman?

Eishi: Who is she!?

Girl: Wow, // is that the latest model!? // How nice!

Eishi: Who is she!? // Who is this girl!?
Girl: Hey, that uniform. You're from Tenchuu, right?

[T/N: Tenchuu = Tenkuudai chuugakkou (middle school) ]

Girl: Shouldn't you be in class right now? // You're a bad boy, huh?

Eishi: Her face, // too close!!
Girl: I'm not skipping class. Today's a substitute day off.

Girl: What year are you? (schoolyear)
Eishi: Well, // 3rd year...

Girl: Ah, that's too bad! // I thought you'd be younger than me.
Eishi: So, who are you!?

Kamoda: Ei-chan, Ei-chan...

Kamoda: Who's this girl!?
Girl: Yeey! Cats!!

Girl: Give me one, give me one! // Ah---- It's so cute!!!

Girl: Nora-chan? // Hehe, // you have a nice coat. // You've been eating a lot of good foods.

Kamoda: You're good!
Eishi: At what!!?

Eishi: This girl, who------

Boy: Tsubame!

Boy: What are you doing?

Tsubame: Ah, Rei-kun!!
Eishi: Sagisawa...

Tsubame: Look, look, a cat!
Rei: Aah, it's cute!

Tsubame: Here, feel this pad!
Rei: Wow!
Tsubame: I did it! Finally had Rei-kun go wow!

Tsubame: You are in the same school as them, right? // Are you friends?

Rei: Kurasuma-kun and Kamoda-kun, right? // You two always get along, right?
Box: Municipal Tenkuudai middle school 3rd year class A / Sagisawa Rei (15)

Tsubame: Oh, you aren't friends?
Rei: No, we never actually talked...

Tsubame: Oh, is that so?
Eishi: As I thought... // I knew it'd turn out like this...
Rei: Yeah, // and kind hoped I never would...

Tsubame: Ah, but they are also looking for the birdman.
Eishi: No, we're not!

Kamoda: Yes, I am! Because we want to become happy.
Tsubame: Eh? // I just want to see him.

Tsubame: I mean, he can fly! // That's cool!

Eishi: By the way, why can you become happy when you see him?
Kamoda: Ah?
Eishi: Aren't such urban legends usually made to give you a scare?

Rei: I heard the birdman saves those who are in need. // Isn't that why?

Eishi: Ah, // the birdman is an angel?

Rei: I'm not sure... // The nuance isn't quite right...

Tsubame: Rei-kun, I'm thirty.
Rei: I see, then let's buy a drink.

Tsubame: Thanks for the cat! // I'm Umino Tsubame. Nice to meet you!

Tsubame : (Bye bye.)

Rei: I'm sorry for bothering you.

Rei: Tsubame is a honest and sweet girl, // but that's just because she has almost nothing to worry about.

Kamoda: girlfriend?
Rei: What?

Rei: She isn't?

Both: Then, // what is she!?

Kamoda: I wish I'll get face like Sagisawa's.
Eishi: Impossible, he's too perfect.

Kamoda: Ei-chan, do you think there'll come a day I'll be handsome...?
Eishi: Give up...


Bus: Line 5 Tenkuudai Station

Eishi: Come to think of it, // why did we end up taking the same bus home!?

Eishi: Moreover, we are the only passengers... // I always liked the fact that the park and busses are almost empty on weekdays, // but today it completely backfired!!

Tsubame: (Ah, I love this song.)

Kamoda: Ei-chan, how great is it to listen to music together with a girl who's not your girlfriend...?
Eishi: Shut up...

Eishi: The world is unfair.

Eishi: Even if they don't put in any effort, the handsome guys will always get what they want. // No matter how hard they try, // the ugly ones won't be rewarded.

Eishi: Maybe it'd be fairer if the existence of this dull world would end right now.

Eishi: That's right, just end.




Box: To be continued in No.34

Text: Having his consciousness dimmed due to an unexpected accident, in front of Karasuma appears...!? Read it in the next issue!!

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